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Chelsea lodge Clattenburg complaint

Referee Mark Clattenburg sent off two Chelsea players in a stormy clash at Stamford Bridge

Referee Mark Clattenburg sent off two Chelsea players in a stormy clash at Stamford Bridge

Chelsea have made a formal complaint against referee Mark Clattenburg after accusing him of using "inappropriate language" to two of their players in the controversial defeat to Manchester United.

The European champions confirmed they have reported Clattenburg to the Premier League match delegate after the fiery 3-2 loss at Stamford Bridge.

A club spokesman said: "We have lodged a complaint to the Premier League match delegate with regards to inappropriate language used by the referee and directed at two of our players in two separate incidents in today's match. The match delegate will pass the complaint to the Football Association. We will make no further comment at this time."

Clattenburg insisted he would co-operate with any investigation.

Professional Game Match Officials (PGMO), the body which represents Premier League referees, released a statement which read: "PGMO is aware of the allegations and they are being treated with the utmost seriousness.

"Mark will co-operate fully and welcomes the opportunity for the facts to be established. No further comment will be made until this matter has been properly investigated."

All four officials - the referee, his two assistants and the fourth official - wear microphones and ear pieces that allow them to hear what each other is saying throughout the match. What is said between them is not recorded.

The revelation that Chelsea had made the complaint rounded off a dramatic day which saw the nine-man Blues lose their unbeaten top-flight record after Javier Hernandez struck 15 minutes from time.

29/10/2012 01:03
So it's Ok for players to use foul language to an official, but when it's given back the little baby goes crying for his mama. If Players "give it " to the Ref then they shoiuld expect to take a bit back...............................oh no they can't can they!!!
28/10/2012 22:36
absoulate disgrace, what we saw at everton and chelsea today was incompetance,at the highest extreme and dare i say it, what about the linesman at everton on the disallowed winning goal when he put his flag up well well late, very ify indeed, officalls are killing our game but moyles and fergie will not be complaining will they!!!
28/10/2012 21:55
Clattenburg was awful today, but when has he been any different? 

It's all about me me me with Clattenburg!
28/10/2012 23:26

Clattenburg will probably use the john terry defence and say he didn't use inappropriate language he only repeated what the players said to him  and whats the betting cole heard every word this time

29/10/2012 00:56

joker hes helped u lot in the past!


overall with both sendings off they got justifed in the end dont u think especially after torres in the first half with his kick on cleverley!


just a little mention about cleverely, that is how u play fair and not try and get a player sent off! 

terrible dangerous foul and he got up straight away when a number of other players would of stayed on the dec rolling around!  



28/10/2012 21:53

I've heard it all now. Poor Diddums ... did their delicate ears hear some naughty words from the referee??


From the team with John Terry as it's captain ... you couldn't make it up.


But then again, should we be surprised at anything this club with no class do?

29/10/2012 00:59
Chelsea you are sad!. If the ref booked people every time inappropriate language was aimed at him or his assistants, the pitch would be empty before half time.
28/10/2012 22:17

Well I hope they do something about Mark Clattenburg he was awful, FA just need to get rid.

29/10/2012 01:23
'Did he intend to dive? I thought he went down,' said the Scot. 'I think Jonny may have just caught him a little bit but he can either carry on running - which he could have done - but he chose to go down.

What would Ronaldo have done in his pomp, need we ask just look at You Tube and would Fergie have backed him up for going down as he so often did, need we ask again.

Double standards from Sound bite Alex Ferguson yet again.
29/10/2012 00:52
How is this clown still working in the football league, let alone the Premier League. He has been the cause of some of the worst decisions ever made in the Premier League, and it doesn't matter what game he is officiating, he is just simply terrible. 
You could see in the game today, the look on his face through out the game was the look of a man that thinks he is the dogs ****
Even if these allegations are not founded, I seriously think it is about time the FA looked at this joke and banished him to non-league. 
28/10/2012 21:52
I don't blame them, clattenburg hasn't took charge of a Utd game since sending off Evans last season when City hammered them 6-1, he was really poor, I don't think ivanovic could help the contact, Torres was fouled by Evans and that Mexican geezer was offside!!! 
29/10/2012 04:21

The FA are in United's pocket,simple as that.

29/10/2012 00:51

Clattenberg had a mare of a game today,I would like to say it was a one off but unfortunately he is one of the worst refs around.

The standard of refereeing has dropped alarmingly over the last few years,all teams have become victims of their ineptitude.

Unless something is done about the situation the game is going to lose all credibility,they should be made to explain their decisions and when they have clearly made a game changing mistake should be banned from officiating for a period like players are.They should also be demoted to the lower leagues until they prove their competence and mental ability to handle the big games without feeling intimidated.

28/10/2012 23:07
they were happy enough with terry using inappropriate language though..didnt lodge no complaints against him! did the ref use a naughty word in front of the so called grown ups? aww did we get offended by this did we? or would it be..lets get clattenburg guys..he sent our torres off for diving..he got a wee touch!!!! we'll get him!  grow up lads
For Colin Macartney and other arm chair lip readers : Fergi smiled knowingly as he said his team’s (United) third goal was off side and Torres (Chelsea) was clipped before he was sent off for diving. On a more serious note the Chelsea manager has submitted an official complaint to the referees association alleging that the match referee Mark Clattenburg used racial language on two occasion’s. reference his players. Several things should happen here' unlike in the racism case against Terry. In the first instance the police should step in immediately and assess the situation and if they find there is a case to answer hand a report to the department of public of prosecutions and bring the case to court. In the event this happens any person, including football pundits. members of the House of Lords or the PC brigade who pre judge the trial via the media and suggests the defendant is guilty before the trial takes place should be charged by the DPP with an act of sub judice and the pundit or others should be suspended then if found guilty sacked from say the BBC. Of course any such person in retaliation my through a civil court wish to sue the BBC for sacking them on the grounds of racial discrimination. However in the event Clatenberug is found not guilty the Manager of Chelsea should be sacked together with the players who accused the referee of racism ( inappropriate language). In this case unlike that of Terry where not one of 40, 0000 spectators police or officials at the match heard what he said; (the case was brought against Terry by an off duty police officer sat at home watching the TV who allegedly lip read the racist words Terry’s mouthed) on this occasion every word Clattenberg said was heard via a radio link by the assistant referee, lines man and fourth official. So the only chance of a miscarriage of justice taking place revolves about the fact that all four match official must collude in order to pervert the course of justice. So any oriental linguist watching the match on the TV in Beijing China who lip read the referees alleged racist remarks will not be required as a material witness at the trial of the referee.
28/10/2012 21:59

andy bailey


You'd be hearing it from the roof tops if United had the sort of decisions Chelsea had today go against them! Talk about stones and glass houses.


No class eh Andy? I suppose Giggs and Rooneys antics constitute class up at OT do they mate?

29/10/2012 02:13

Note all the Mancs are out in support of their dear friends at the F.A.

29/10/2012 08:56
As an qualified referee myself, I do get fed up with the foul language that is directed to me and my colleagues, when we give the reply with interest, the mummies boys go crying to their manager or captain, well to all your players, if you wish to dish it out, then you should learn to take it.    
29/10/2012 01:07
i think the ref should use harsh lanugage it mite make them more imposing to players who mite then learn not to argue with them
28/10/2012 22:47

football players use inappropiate language week in week out!  if thats such an offence im surprised chelsea have any players left on the pitch!


clattenburg has ruined plenty of matches! he is useless, however his decison making today i thought was a case of two halves!


dont understand how torres didnt get sent off in the first half for his high studs up challenge on cleverley, cant understand why rooney got booked as it was just a normal tackle, and why young wasnt awared a foul leading upto the chelsea first goal bringing them back into the game!


as for the 2nd he got better!  rightly sending off ivanovic being last man, torres for going over easi, then he buggers up by not sending mikel off, booked for dissent and then carrying on!

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