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Cole faces action from Blues

Chelsea defender Ashley Cole faces disciplinary action from his club over his foul-mouthed Twitter rant

Chelsea defender Ashley Cole faces disciplinary action from his club over his foul-mouthed Twitter rant

Ashley Cole is facing disciplinary action from both Chelsea and the Football Association over his foul-mouthed Twitter rant at the game's governing body.

Blues and England defender Cole called the FA a "bunch of t***s" on Friday after he was accused of "evolving" his statement supporting John Terry's defence against the charge he racially abused Anton Ferdinand. He looks likely to be hit with an FA charge over the outburst and Chelsea boss Roberto Di Matteo confirmed the left-back would also be punished by his club.

The Italian said: "We've got a social media policy at the club and there's going to be a disciplinary process - action - against the tweet and that's how I'll leave it."

Chelsea refused to confirm the nature of any punishment but it could be a two-week fine, which would cost Cole in the region of £200,000.

Di Matteo revealed he had discussed the matter with the 31-year-old, adding: "You would understand that's a private conservation."

Cole apologised "unreservedly" on Friday for his outburst, insisting he posted it in "the heat of the moment".

The FA refused to comment on whether they would take action against Cole, but their own 'charging guidelines' in media comments and social networking cases are clear.

A breach of the rules includes: "Comments which are improper, which bring the game into disrepute, which are threatening, abusive, indecent or insulting."

Cole deleted the tweet but the FA guidelines add: "Deleting an inappropriate posting, whilst advisable, does not necessarily prevent disciplinary action being taken."

Several players have been punished for offensive tweets in recent times, including Rio Ferdinand for retweeting a comment describing Cole as a "choc-ice".

06/10/2012 18:50
mouths off..faves disciplinary action,  shoots a kid....nothing!
06/10/2012 21:43
Looks like Chelsea are trying to pre-empt the inevitable FA action against choc ice to try to get a reduced sentence and probably to cover their own backside for tampering with witness evidence!!!
Whatever happened to freedom of speech ?
Isn't everyone pig sick of this case, it will run longer than Abul Hamza, and his appeals farce. Cant we move on ?

two weeks fine is not enough to a footballer.  Its a mere pocket money. The average man in the street would struggle with the loss of two weeks wages but these footballers can afford to laugh it off.

Fines should be in keeping with their wealth as it is is with the swiss.

Record speeding fine is £186,000 dished out to a multi millionaire. Normal man would have got £2-300

Slap something similar on footballers and they will soon toe the line.

The FA about to play god again , this load of morons are doing more damage to football than some of the overpaid idiots who play it .....id love to see these puffed up **** investigated for corruption , that cant happen of course they are  self elected.....i bet the **** would really hit the fan if an investigation were possible  ....one day , we can only hope
07/10/2012 11:09
bit silly of ac using a social media site to vent his anger at the fa, should have got his moneys worth and twatted bunch of cnts, which is more appropiate! . still , the fa wont complain ,£ 265,000 so far , another say £120,000 off ac , and if they would like to demonstrate fair play , a weeks wages off ferdindand which will add another 100 quid to there bank account
07/10/2012 08:55
cole should keep his mouth shut.terry would not do it for him
07/10/2012 11:42
it would seem now  the FA have placed them self's above the law of the land if i was  terry and cole i would sue for liable becoz they basically said they lied in court i also noticed that garth crooks needs to keep his opinions to his self not everybody on live tele 
07/10/2012 11:57

This will only make an element of the stands and spectators more determine to voice an opinion of the unfair treatment whites have to contend with in the adage only whites can be racists. Also the Race Card should be ignored and thrown out where it deserves to be.... in the bin. Was very little.... is very little outside of a few mindless twits. Now many decent and moral fans are peeved.... It will get worse, no two ways about that. Be like many other countries that have now given up on it in reality.... making token words and impossible promises only. Well done Evra. Well done the Ferdinands etc. You have started the unlocking of a very unsavoury door. It is already getting worse, and will be sadly just the tip of an ice berg showing now.

Now kids will be seeing it week in and out to grow up in thinking it is acceptable and right. Because the clubs, FA etc. will be powerless to stop it. They need the spectators money to survive, so won't be doing much if it hurts their pockets.

07/10/2012 10:07
Much as I don't like Cole and Terry I can still feel sympathy for what's happened.
Cole was called a liar by the FA, pure and simple. He should grow a pair now and retire from playing for England as the team is run by the FA.
That would bring pressure onto the FA and may cause a reflective look at how they deal with things.

To me, it comes across as Public schoolboys running a game played by normal lads and trying to use them as something that they're not. Footballers are not clever people as a rule. They are focused at a young age to be the best they can at kicking a ball about. Simple game for simple people. Take away all the millions (that us supporters pay) and the players would still play the game, same as the rest of us that actually pay to play.

It is a passionate game that causes high emotions. Take the passion out of the game and it will die. Stop the media from putting players and managers under so much scrutiny. Remove the electronic communication systems from players because they don't have the brain power to understand their effect. Just let them play the game that we all like to watch.
Here we go again the FA jumping on the gravey train,another 250,00 grand in the kitty money grabbing Bar#tards.
07/10/2012 09:49

The FA will either have to 'Abu Hamza' Coles hands so,he cant twattter or Stitch his gob up or my fave shove his smart phone up his arse


Dang just thought of another - force him to listen to Cheryls catawoalling for a week


Other wise the thick as pig **** clown will just carry on



07/10/2012 11:51
If the FA have to prove his claim to be false, it might get interesting!
07/10/2012 09:43

if members of the F.A. make spurious comments what may have been said in court by other persons what do you expect, ashley cole has every right to defend himself.

it would not have happened if the F.A. KEPT THEIR LIP BUTTONED UP.

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