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Cole facing heavy fine

Ashley Cole could receive the largest fine in football for a social media offence

Ashley Cole could receive the largest fine in football for a social media offence

Ashley Cole is facing an unprecedented Twitter fine after being being charged with misconduct by the Football Association over his foul-mouthed attack on them.

The Chelsea and England left-back was bracing himself for the double-whammy of seeing his wages docked by his club and being forced to top up the coffers of the game's governing body, all for dubbing the latter a "bunch of t***ts".

Being fined two weeks' pay by the Blues would reportedly cost Cole around £240,000, with an FA punishment potentially pushing the total over a quarter of a million pounds, which is thought to be the biggest ever in football for a social-media offence.

That would leave the 31-year-old even more out of pocket than Chelsea team-mate John Terry if the latter does not appeal his guilty verdict in his FA racist abuse case and forks out £220,000. It was the written judgment following that hearing which sparked Cole's Twitter tirade, after an independent FA regulatory commission cast doubt on evidence he provided in support of Terry.

The FA said in a statement on their website: "Chelsea FC's Ashley Cole has been charged by The FA in relation to a Twitter comment which was improper and/or brought the game into disrepute."

Cole was given until 4pm on Thursday to respond to the charge, the timing far from ideal given the deadline is barely 24 hours before England's World Cup qualifier with San Marino at Wembley.

It is not thought there is any threat to Cole's chances of winning his 99th cap on Friday, beyond the fact manager Roy Hodgson may elect to rest him ahead of the crucial trip to Poland four days later.

Whilst the FA do have disciplinary jurisdiction to suspend Cole if they wished, in instances of this nature they are far more likely to hit the defender with a fine rather than banning him for the San Marino game, despite former England captain Alan Shearer calling for them to do so.

Cole responded to Shearer by retweeting a comment referencing an incident in a game in 1998 when the former forward's boot made contact with Neil Lennon's face but was found by the FA to have made a "genuine attempt to free himself" from a tangle.

Cole retweeted a post from @CollinR4 which read: "Alan Shearer says @TheRealAC3 needs to be banned for comments. I want his opinion on bans for kicking Neil Lennon in the head. #GlassHouses."

08/10/2012 20:51

the fa are for-getting their format looking after our game of football.they have allready ruined it for the ordindary working man  (CAN't AFFORD IT) for the sake of money  they get off Skyit's all  paid out to the players (some deserve it) reckon 90% of them who run the game have never played the game the lower leagues suffer for lack of money  JUST PURE GREED IS RUINING OUR GREAT GAME.

sorry for ranting on  



09/10/2012 01:29
Ryan Giggs (who is a father) also cheated on his wife with his BROTHERS WIFE for YEARS but was rewarded by being made captain of team GB and no one complained. Remember the Beckham affair?Dont fool yourself its all about who we like and don't like.
09/10/2012 07:21
All the name-calling about individual players/administrators misses the point - football is corrupt from the top of FIFA to kiddies football- votes-for-bribes to parents screaming on the touchline at the young kids. Think how many players have been accused or found guilty of drink-driving, speeding, rape, gambling addiction, drunkeness, nightclubbing til 5am, assaults, racism, drug-taking, missing drug tests, smoking, thuggery on the pitch, diving, lying, injunctions to stop the truth coming out, spot-fixing, match-fixing, deliberately scoring own goals, horse-race fixing, yada yada .Similarly with many managers.Most clubs live beyong their financial means and so are falling like ninepins. the game needs cleaning up from top to bottom. until British players stop clubbing, drinking etc and behave like the Olympians, dedicated skills training many hours a day, and skills training from childhood, British national teams will never win major championships. Players paid £100,000s a week who don't have the basic skills, while fans in the economic crisis struggle to pay for tickets. And fans will get fed up with it all eventually and drift away, as they did in the 80s. it's not one player or another, it's loads of'em and, yes, refs are crap and should be held to account for their crappy decision-making.
08/10/2012 20:36
time these over paid idiots was put out to dry  not sportsmen just big mouthed money grabbers
08/10/2012 19:42
what happened to rio for calling him a choc ice

09/10/2012 05:19
Man U banned their players from TWIT--TER and so should all other clubs to stop all this nonsense
09/10/2012 07:01
Aren't we all proud of the FA. England have won NOTHING since 1966. 46 years and counting ! The FA clearly feel they are above the law and maybe they should spend a fraction of their time by helping all English teams in Europe and as a country around the world. The FA are an embarrasment and clearly on eof the reasons why we have nothing for almost half a century.
09/10/2012 06:52
The FA get their strings pulled by Blatter, the most corrupt man on earth, Cole is a paragon of virtue compared to these P.R.I.C.K.S its about a bunch of bent old codgers clinging on to power, nothing else, nothing to do with racism that they bleat on they are sooo bothered about then do **** all when its still going on massively in Russia and FIFA hand them the world cup. Then the hypocrites make a mountain out of a couple of handbag comments on a pitch , dish out 100's of thousands in fines, publically brand the man a liar and then snuff out his right to defend himself, they belong throwing custard pies at each other in a circus, utterly pathetic and disgraceful.
08/10/2012 19:15
Rio tweets a racist comment £45000 fine. Anton using foul and abusive sexually explicit language to John Terry nothing, Ashley Cole tweets the word Tw%%s a quarter of a million pounds. Please what the hell is going on here.
08/10/2012 23:25
Does anyone care, cole is only stating facts. These current fa bosses are presiding over the worst period of english football ever,
09/10/2012 07:04
Who voted for the FA to take charge of football ? Who are these self-elected people ? What happened to democracy ? I wish all registered players would refuse to play for England for a year and we'd see what value the FA were. The FA people never kicked a ball themselves and are just a bunch of fake money grabbers, lets get shut of them.
Coles a chav and a moron.  Anyone in the public eye who goes on Twitter to slag people off deserves all they get. He's an idiot.
The FA organised independent enquiry branded him a liar with no proof whatsoever. When the inadequates at the FA fine him, he should sue the members of the independent enquiry for defammation of character. He should seek damages equal to whatever he is fined from each individual member and also from the people at the FA who set up the panel. The money he receives should then be given to charity.
09/10/2012 06:12
Totally agree with Ashley this time , he's 100% correct in his description of the English FA chiefs , but they're not alone in being a bunch of numpties !! the SFA up here in Scotland must be related in some way, but then thanks to both bodies British football is in a shambles , heading for financial meltdown and especially here in the north a complete laughing stock around the world , I'm behind you all the way Mr Cole , time someone told these muppets where to get off !!!
08/10/2012 23:46
As much as i hate the man, what happened to freedom of speech? the Fa is a bunch of idiots and a dictatorship not allowing anyone to voice their opinions even when asked. 
09/10/2012 03:40
ashley cole,
where do i start...he cheated on his wife and shot some kids with an air rifle.
what a stupid man.
he should be fined for that.
Facebook Twitter needs to be banned and fined for letting idiots like him join!!!
also it wrecks lives.
ban all social web sites.
F.A are idiots but they own football so nothings going to happen there
I don't like John Terry, he always has that look of "it's my ball, play to my rules or I will cry". Having said that, to be found guilty on the basis of opinion; to be told that your evidence is "not credible" (particularly after a court of law found it to be credible); to hear that your number one witness (who was racially abused by the brother of the alleged victim), has been branded a liar; must be particularly difficult to swallow.
09/10/2012 00:15
The question that comes to my mind is " are Coles words any worse then when a manager claims he was cheated out of a game?" When you have the likes of fergie complaining that not enough time was added that brings the integrity of the refs into question, surely comments like that are far worse then Cole calling them a bunch of tw*ts
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