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Cole rejects contract stall rumours

Ashley Cole insists discussions over a new Chelsea contract have 'just started'

Ashley Cole insists discussions over a new Chelsea contract have 'just started'

Chelsea defender Ashley Cole has rejected rumours that contract talks over a new deal at Stamford Bridge have stalled.

Cole's future has been the subject of speculation with the 31-year-old entering the final year of his Blues contract. Reports suggested Chelsea had yet to open talks with Cole over a contract extension, with the player supposedly holding out for a deal worth £200,000 a week.

However, Cole wrote on social networking website Twitter: "Contract talks have not stalled just started, and 200k are you for real, I'd never ask for that. Like I said before don't listen or always believe what media say they aint got a clue."

05/08/2012 21:04
It's all paper talk, if you fall for that shame on you. Everyone knows the tabloids spout sh!t everyday.
06/08/2012 05:10

To be fair Horace I don't think you're getting the point really!

Your argument would hold water to most of us on here as well as the average person on the street trying to make ends meet paying a hefty mortgage and bills. I'd change jobs if someone was offering double if not triple what I was earning for doing the same work.

However footballers aren't really in the same category as average Joe public!

Yes their 'working' career time is a lot shorter but let's face facts shall we.

Let's say for argument sake the average playing career of a footballer is 10 years, they still earn far more in those 10 years than Joe public earns in 40 years of real hard graft doing 35/40 hours a week compared to the 90 mins plus extra time footballers do per game!!!

A footballer that's on £200,000 a week earns in that ONE week almost what Joe public earns in about 10 years and there are 52 weeks in a year!!!

Sheer greed mate nothing more! How many Ferraris do they need to drive!!!

Now I know you Chelsea lot especially, the City lot and even the Utd lot that come on here would like to think all the money over the years that your respective clubs have thrown at the game, (which is the ONLY reason why your respective clubs have been successful in recent years!) players and agents paying over the odds, infating player's wages and transfer fees has had nothing to do with creating the climate of greed that there exists which is rapidly destroying this beautiful sport, DREAM ON MATE!!!

I think he knows that at 31 he has little or no chance of negotiating 200k pw for his next contract. And the papers need a story even if it is thought up in the editors office.
05/08/2012 21:00
So what's wrong with making money? For all those with jobs (and by the sounds of the trollop you spout ,very few) you are telling  me if Burger king offered you more money than McDonald's for doing the same job you wouldn't go? Especially when the life of your career span is short.I think there's a lot of jealous little bunnies out there.
06/08/2012 10:56
Do any of you idiots actually read the article. Why do you believe he's asked for £200k a week when he says he definitely has not. The media make up many stories and hype other incidents which they shouldn't. This is just another media fictional story - I'm surprised though they need to write such rubbish when there is so much going on outside of football at the moment.
06/08/2012 09:22

While a lot of people keep going on about players greed "ruining the game" etc, etc, some realities need to be accepted. Since SKY took over televising football the money in the game has been phenomenal. Add to this wealthy owners investing in clubs and you end up with the worlds most marketable league. Because the money is there to tempt a lot of the worlds best players. These players won't play for an average wage and why should they? If a lot of the money in football wasn't paid to the top players it would end in the trouser pockets of chairmen and owners.  We pay to see the players, not chairmen, and if the current climate means they earn astronomical figures then they are hardly likely to turn it down.


David, I get the point you are making and it's a valid one. But where do you stop or start with comparisons? Millions of people in other countries survive on the equivalent of 70 pence a day. They would be justified, on that basis, of regarding  people in this country demanding £20,000 plus a year salary as being greedy.

05/08/2012 21:10
05/08/2012 23:53
Ashley Cole loves Chelsea and will stay for alot less than 200k, whoever said that is a complete T**T. Ashgley is still the best left back thi country has ever seen and theres plenty of life in the old dog yet. He will stay with Chelsea and challenge for honours likehes used too. Judging by Chelseas new signings hed be a fool to move on right now.
06/08/2012 08:44
See all the bitter Ashley Cole haters are having a go! He'll stay at Chelsea, no problem. He's won more there than he ever did at Arsenal. At least Chelsea were prepared to pay him what he was worth and not try to keep him on the cheap.
06/08/2012 10:16

christopher williams, i wouldnt say chelsea were a sinking ship mate. unless of course you are just trolling?!

Cashley is really living up to his nickname if this article is true

06/08/2012 13:23
coles the best letback in the world playing for the best team in europe,he's a london lad and wont be going anywhere,at least for a year anyway.......close season hype to sell papers.....theres players being closed in on rumoured for the last 3 months.......ive seen 3 ton sloths act quicker than their agents.
05/08/2012 18:49
hes not known as cashley for nothing! greedy and selfish with no loyalty
choc ice will ask to go to citeh if chelsea wont pay his 200k a week demands
06/08/2012 09:44
If he wants to win something he will leave the sinking ship Chelsea. Cole will stay for the right cash. He has all the sleaze he wants on his doorstep in cess pit London.
These greedy players will be the death of the game. They should look around at clubs like Portsmouth and Rangers and see the future for many clubs, including their own.
05/08/2012 20:04
its always been about money, midget
05/08/2012 18:28
no he wants £250k on par with city players of similar ability?
05/08/2012 20:48
money money money all the guy worries about!
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