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Collina defends extra official

John Terry clears the ball but replays suggest it had already crossed the line

John Terry clears the ball but replays suggest it had already crossed the line

UEFA referees' chief Pierluigi Collina has leapt to the defence of the additional assistant referee experiment after FIFA president Sepp Blatter declared Ukraine's European Championship defeat to England made goalline technology "a necessity".

The Euro 2012 co-hosts were denied an equaliser in Tuesday night's 1-0 Group D loss in Donetsk when officials failed to spot Marko Devic's shot cross the line. Blatter, who wants the International Football Association Board to give technology a go - posted on Twitter: "After last night's match £GLT is no longer an alternative but a necessity."

But Collina, once widely regarded as the world's best referee, said the mistake was the first failure in "thousands of matches" in which five officials had been used. "This is the only problem we have had," he said. "It's one negative decision in three years of Champions League and two years of Europa League and 24 matches in the Euro."

"I would be very happy to know if the same questions would have been asked without yesterday's decision," he added.

Blatter became a convert to goalline technology after Frank Lampard was denied a legitimate goal in England's 2010 World Cup defeat to Germany.

That failed to convince UEFA president Michel Platini - the favourite to succeed Blatter as the most powerful man in world football - who remained wedded to his belief additional assistant referees (AARs) behind each goal was the best way forward.

Yet, Tuesday night's referee, assistant referee and AAR all failed to spot Devic's shot had narrowly crossed the line before John Terry's acrobatic clearance prevented it hitting the back of the net.

That left Platini red-faced after he made bold claims on the eve of the game about the effectiveness of five officials.

He said on Monday: "With five, officials see everything. They don't take decisions without being fully aware. There's also a uniformity of refereeing. For example, they don't call unintentional handballs. That uniformity has led to more flowing football."

"Goal-line technology isn't a problem," Platini added. "The problem is the arrival of technology because, after, you'll need technology for deciding handballs and then for offside decisions and so on. It'll be like that forever and ever. It'll never stop. That's the problem I have."

20/06/2012 16:13
ok so NOW he wants to introduce goal-line technology when it involves England having a decision go their way! After South Africa 2010 Germany game everyone was saying how we need goal-line technology especially the FA but it went in one ear and came out the other
20/06/2012 11:35
20/06/2012 14:11
This guy said after the Germany incident that there is only an argument for the tech to be brought in, in the future. As soon as an incident like this gives England the upper hand, he immediately jumps on the band wagon, and insists it is a necessity. Lets be honest mr Blatter, if you want England to fail that much, Stop speaking our f*cking language, you daft overweight idiot!!

Dont get me wrong they should have the technology, i just hate the way it took England to get lucky for it too happen.
20/06/2012 11:47

Well of course, now that England have benefitted from an undisputed mistake by the ref, it is all systems go for technology to be introduced.

Platter hates England so much he won’t want to see that happen again!

Any other country ‘yes’, England ‘no’.

20/06/2012 11:30
20/06/2012 15:10
May I point out that it was offside anyway - so if the decision had been given, we'd have been robbed of a win!
20/06/2012 16:42
he was offside anyway they were denied nothing
20/06/2012 13:36
How about instead of worrying about the goal line technology he worries about the fact they chose a linesman who was unable to spot the scorer was a yard offside.  This linesman was in the correct position looking straight across the line of play so there are no excuses, get this bit right and the goaline furore wouldnt be an incident as the ref would have already blown his whistle!!
20/06/2012 16:12

GLT is a NECESSITY????????


I hate to say it, but clearly Blatter IS Anti-England.


I didn't want to beleive it, but it's true, this is the same bloke who said after the last World Cup said GLT is NOT necessary, now it is?


Much like how Penalty Shoot outs need to be dropped after Chelsea won the Champs League.


There's just no doubt about it anymore, he has a HATRED of England and should be deposed, and Platini should go too.


BRING IN PELE & BOBBY CHARLTON, now that's a great team.

20/06/2012 15:30
Now they want it only because England got the benefit for once!  Pratini and Blabber should also invest in new technolgy to replace themselves, one which doesn't line it's own pockets or give priviledges to their home countries perhaps?
20/06/2012 15:07
Oh and just to let everyone know that didnt realise, the goal Ukraine scored was actually offside by a yard, but the refs failed to see that too lmao.
20/06/2012 14:24
Blatter must  has sorted out his backhander,  so now goal line technolgy can go ahead.
Chelsea win Champions league on penalties, what does Blatter come out with? `There must be a better way to decide games`. England have a bit of luck with a goaline decision and what does Blatter come out with? ` Goal line technology is a necessity` The guy is unashamedly biased towards the English, and i`m Spanish !
20/06/2012 15:39
Me thinks the problem we have is Platini. How this man as all of a sudden become an expert on goal line technology when he is not even close with regard to the ability of his own officials. The standard of ref's and lines men in all levels of football is diminishing making the game poorer.   But then he is French. I rest my case.  
20/06/2012 16:05
a necessity says blatter-funny that eh last week he was dead against it,nothing to do with a decision going englands way for once,bet him and napoleon were squirming in their seats.sooner they get kicked out the better,both of them hate english football and all that goes with it.sour grapes i say.tough **** blatter we in the quarter finals and aint goin nowhere fast.gives you plenty of time to think of another way to shaft us-cmon england make em squirm some more.harry for president !

@ someone this is a debate about goal line technology not have a go at the England Team . You don't think we have a chance of wining the Euros that's your opinion and you are entitled to it but if it bothers that much dont bloody watch it . People like you get on my **** you are the sort of person who is constantly having a Bitch but half the time don't have a clue what you are talking about .

20/06/2012 15:51

now that England have benifited from an error made by a linemen (makes a Change) i wondered how long it would be for the call of goal line technology to come in again and surprise suprise wasn't long at all makes me sick,,,,


20/06/2012 23:46
What about the off side before the goal was scored.  Do we need half way line technology??
20/06/2012 19:35
Lol i just said exactly the same thing... Its fine we asked for it many times always refused as soon as its against the English ... wait we need goal line tech.. ffs screw fifa

Blatter wants to have the 1966 World Cup Final replayed on account of the disputed third goal. The fact that three West Germans tested positive for drugs after the match appears to be irrelevant.


Whereas England must field their original team as far as possible, Banks, Cohen, Wilson, Stiles, Charlton J.,Hunt, Charlton R., Hurst, and Peters, (West) Germany can field their current team. Platter has kindly authorised Norman Hunter and Terry Paine to replace Bobby Moore and Alan Ball.


If by a miracle England win again, Platter will demand another two games be played to make it the best out of three. Whatever happened to Blatter in his childhood  for him to hate England so much?     

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