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Crouch faces uncertain England future

Peter Crouch could have played his last game for England

Peter Crouch could have played his last game for England

Roy Hodgson seems to have called time on Peter Crouch's England career.

When the Stoke City striker opted against joining a list of standby players ahead of Euro 2012, it looks like he was ending his England career at the same time.

"He was on a standby list but he made it clear that, unless he was in the squad, he didn't want to be considered," said Hodgson. "I'm not going to bring him in to fill up the bench. The day Crouch gets into an England squad is when I think he should be in the original 23."

Despite an impressive strike-rate of 22 goals in 42 matches, enough to make him the joint 16th highest scorer in England history, Crouch has never been a regular starter.

Fabio Capello always gave the impression of being willing to ditch Crouch if anyone better came along, whilst he has been ignored by Hodgson throughout his short time in charge.

Hodgson insists there is nothing personal behind his decision, revealing he tried to sign the giant forward when he was manager of Fulham.

The problem for Crouch is that even with Wayne Rooney and Andy Carroll missing from the squad that faces Ukraine at Wembley, he still did not make the cut.

Danny Welbeck and Daniel Sturridge are also ahead of Crouch in the queue, as is Jermain Defoe. In addition, there is Darren Bent, not to mention Norwich's Grant Holt, who was tipped by some to go to Poland and Ukraine last summer, but never made it.

At least Bent should not give up hope just yet after also being ignored.

"Darren was injured for the best part of last season and the new one is only two or three games old," said Hodgson. "He's a player we'll be following. I've not dismissed anybody."

11/09/2012 10:27
In my opinion Crouchy is one of the most underrated players in the country and should be an England regular
11/09/2012 11:02
A shame really i think that he gives a manager some great options i also think he doesn't get enough credit for the skill with ball at his feet
11/09/2012 12:35

Excuse me MSN are you getting commission off all these dating websites that you allow to post their adverts on these football comment posts???? If not please do us all a favour and pull your fingers out and do something about it and get rid of them!

11/09/2012 11:36
I'm not a lover of Crouch but I do feel as though he could score more goals than the current tall man. He is a proven international goal scorer. What is required when crouch plays is a quality crosser of the ball. When watchng Carrol he didn't seem to know where the ball was going to be when crossed and seemed to run away to the back post.  Bring him back, give him a chance, I', pretty sure there will more goals from Crouch.
11/09/2012 10:25
This is little more than body fascism. Yes, he is lanky and ugly, get over it. His statistics speak for themselves. He is a top striker and one of the best England has to offer.
11/09/2012 11:22
 HE is way ahead of andy carrol . he would have scored more goals if you need 6 foot centre forward  .peter scored some great goals when he played for norwich. stoke  AND ENGLAND thanks peter .   I WENT TO 1966 WILL EVERY WIN AGAIN.MO FARAH ANDY MURRAY WINNERS. COME ON ROY PICK THE PLAYERS WHO PUT THE BALL IN THE BACK OF THE NET.
11/09/2012 12:18
The biggest problem Crouch has is his body shape (i.e. portrays the image of a long ball team); however if you look beyond that, he is way better than  Rooney  when it comes to England and better ball skills than Defoe,Carrot,Bent and Holt. He dose not need crosses or long balls to score. Give the boy a chance Roy, he knows he made a mistake.We all deserve a second chance; unless you are dealing with image which will be wrong.
11/09/2012 14:06

Crouch, hard working talented goal scorer out

Rooney lazy, unfit, over the hill no goals - in


Really makes sense, but what do I know, just a fan

11/09/2012 13:01
Roy is a hypocritical beak nosed moron. He claims that he left Crouch out because he didn't want to waste his summer waiting for a call up that wasn't likely to appear. Who else did that? erm, Michael Carrick! Who played in Englands last game? erm, Michael Carrick!

Crouch is frozen out because he plays for an unfashionable team. He's more proven at the highest level than all the other strikers currently in the squad
Peter Crouch is like a Jermain Defoe on stilts. Both Defoe, and Crouch are goal poachers and great opportunists'. Crouchy is a much better player than he is given credit for. Hodgson, should not rule out Crouchy from future England appearances.
11/09/2012 13:51

should be Crouch and Defoe as certain starters,Rooney and Carroll for the bench,if that!


11/09/2012 13:19
it seems to me that with all the great things that has happened in sports the last few months in this great nation peter crouch could shine with the rest of our heroes and should be given a chance ,again it seems that the face dont fit ,,why should he not be in the team not why should he football needs a hero ,can some one tell me when he let england down?????
11/09/2012 13:19
Crouches record speaks for itself,Basically england hasnt got a clue.
11/09/2012 16:22
Crouch's England goal scoring record speaks for itself.
11/09/2012 14:08
How can you dismiss someone with a proven strike rate as Crouch. Welbek Sturridge and Bent all have to prove themselves and as for Andy Carrol well enough said eh!!
11/09/2012 14:34
If England couldnt win a tournament with Lampard, Gerrard, Terry, Cole etc at their peak how can they perform any better now? Time to start looking at younger players who arent battle scared and go to Brazil with a fit, hungry squad that that grown together through the group stages its hardly the most difficult group after all.
11/09/2012 15:52
How many goals for England and how many assists can not under stand the thinking. Crouch has the form, Like any decision be it football or cricket the Management cant comprehend facts
11/09/2012 16:33
Peter's future as an England player is not uncertain. It no longer exists.
I believe he made the correct decision in saying he was not interested in being on the 'reserve list' as he had every right to believe he should have been in the squad by right. His record speaks for itslef. He should have been chosen.
But the manager did not chose him and Peter reacted the way he did. I am not surprised. He is human and was naffed off I bet.
But time moves on and now there are other players competing for places.
So Thank You Peter for what you gave us. Best of luck with Stoke and get many goals for them with Michael. Go Stoke go.
Oh by the way I am a Gillingham fan. ( Mt Pullis is still well thought of there).

11/09/2012 13:32
Oh dear Roy. Possibly one of the best players at the moment at your disposal. He should at least get the nod every time over some of the overrated, unfit pre madonas. Such as those that are allowed to go on holiday just before a major tournament. Then you have the nerve to make excuses for them? Shame on you.
He was certainly correct to say that he was not available, to go on the standby list. That was an Insult.

11/09/2012 10:45

His scoring ratio to games is far superior to Rooney's Fact Man U. Fans, just look it up. And when you take into account that he comes on mostly as a sub, it emphasizes the reason the 'Board' ought to stop picking the team and let the manager do his job.

Is Roy right here? Well Like Rio and others who stated 'Play me or I'm not interested' then yes. Why bother with those not willing to walk the walk and walk to Wembley to play and have the honour of playing for their country!

Besides shouldn't be having any over 26, say 28 year old top playing for England. Should be drafting in youngsters constantly now like any and every other good national side able to. Like Germany and Spain did and do! yes the likes of JT etc. should be on stand by as they undoubtedly would be good subs. Others should have already been forgotton.

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