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Cup cheer for Red Devils

Tom Cleverley, right, celebrates scoring Manchester United's second goal

Tom Cleverley, right, celebrates scoring Manchester United's second goal

Tom Cleverley scored his first Manchester United goal as the Red Devils edged out Newcastle 2-1 to secure a place in the Capital One Cup fourth round.

With Wayne Rooney making a successful comeback from his gashed thigh and Darren Fletcher completing the full 90 minutes on his first start since it was revealed he was suffering from a chronic bowel complaint 10 months ago, it was a satisfactory evening for Sir Alex Ferguson's men.

Papiss Cisse did give the hosts a scare when he followed up his first goal of the season by crashing a late overhead kick against the bar. Anderson had put Ferguson's side in front just before the break, and United's youthful defence held on to seal a last-16 berth.

Cleverley should have scored after 34 minutes when he strode onto Javier Hernandez's lay-off. But with just Rob Elliot to beat, the England international sent the ball flying wide, much to his own disbelief.

Anderson broke the deadlock a minute before the break. Picking the ball up 40 yards out, Anderson ran hard towards the Newcastle box, neatly manoeuvring himself into a shooting position from where his well-struck effort flew in off the inside of Elliot's right-hand post.

It gave the home side a half-time advantage they just about deserved. Although their defence boasted just two appearances between them, for the most past they kept Newcastle at bay.

Dan Gosling wasted a decent chance and returning skipper Fabricio Coloccini had a header deflected wide, but with debutant Marnick Vermijl and England Under-19 international Michael Keane both impressing, United could go forward with confidence.

After his earlier woeful effort, Cleverley was eager to make amends. Collecting Danny Welbeck's pass, the England man only had one thought on his mind. And virtually as soon as the shot left his foot, he set off in celebration at such a landmark moment as his first goal for United nestled in the Newcastle net.

Within a minute of his introduction though, last season's scoring sensation Cisse scored his first of this term, a close-range header from a cross delivered from the left by fellow substitute Shane Ferguson to breathe fresh life into the tie.

In response, luckless Hernandez crashed a shot against the bar while with the clock ticking down, Cisse's overhead kick also hit the woodwork. It was as close as Newcastle came to an equaliser, although the late exit of Alexander Buttner threatened to give Ferguson another defensive headache.

26/09/2012 23:00

FRANK FORD who now calls himself THE TRUTH


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26/09/2012 22:20
hmm the best iv seen united play all season great football and promising youngsters! cisse was unlucky!
26/09/2012 22:32
im happy, thats 6 wins in a row now. some of passing on show tonight was excellent. Glad to see Cleverley score he is one of my favourite players...straight from are academy and he will be top class one day
26/09/2012 23:08
I kinda pity you The Truth. You have the attitude of a guy who has just lost his virginity and the girl sighed instead of moaned when she realised you have a 1 inch penis. So instead of taking it out on everyone because you're ashamed of your ahem short comings, why dont you just consider surgery?
26/09/2012 22:59
Still not realised your a g i m p the truth? Shame.
26/09/2012 22:49

we played much better!

and guess what! no peno`s.

so....  waiting for the pool or city fans to pick the bones out of that game.


see you soon chelsea.

gary tough (the name speaks volumes eh?)   Its pretty obvious if one team scores more than the other they win.  problem is.....the geordies didnt.  If Glenn Miller had caught the ferry instead of the plane.....if Jimi Hendrix had stayed in the army and not picked up a guitar.   Your argument is totally irrelevant.
THE TRUTH used to be FRANK FORD who used to be MANCHESTER MIKE. He's also using the profile MANCHESTER IS BLUE.  The only reason he's on here is because we fall for it and answer him. IGNORE HIM TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY.  Its the only way to get rid. He'll come back calling people racist names, paedos, rapists. Just ignore him completely...no matter how hard it is.

26/09/2012 22:49

The United 2nd 11 and academy players are looking better than the 1st 11! Much better passing and movement. Great to see Rooney and Fletcher back, Anderson and Cleverly looking sharp. The future is looking bright for United. Result.

Thought Roo looked sharp for his comeback game lots of assists. GLORY GLORY
26/09/2012 23:32

Hey get real, you;re only a g i m p, its nothing personal. Its THE TRUTH. And that is your name soooo...

Great game of course we were lucky and paid a Kings ransom to the Referee and his assistants and how much did it cost for 7 added mins.? GLORY GLORY
26/09/2012 23:35
Coming from a r e t a r d who calls himself the truth?
26/09/2012 23:14
Dont ignore me The Truth you little g i m p
27/09/2012 07:25

Er...but it didn't!!!

I know what you're saying...if the toon had scored more than Utd there's a fair chance you'de have won! Doh!

27/09/2012 00:30

Is this guy for real?

Think I've just been through a time machine and reached the southern states in 1882

26/09/2012 23:36
why do the truth need msn attention??? cose his dad is a **** who left his mom as the truth still wet his panties while sleeping at 66yrs
27/09/2012 11:11
Buy the way Steve, Glenn Miller, was found dead in a German **** house. :o).But hey, If the toon had equalised, Mancy,s would of had 15 mins extra timne to score the winner. as per usual. :o)
27/09/2012 05:00
**** you mean, Dump??????????????What a **** this so called writer is!!!!!!!!!! The better team won,,,,,,,If The Toon had took its chances better, a different story. Like Cisse,s control and backward kick,,,,,,,,if that had gone in, Ud of had an orgasm.......:o)
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