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Deschamps hints at Lloris disquiet

Hugo Lloris is apparently unhappy with comments made regarding his status at the club

Hugo Lloris is apparently unhappy with comments made regarding his status at the club

France manager Didier Deschamps has indicated that goalkeeper Hugo Lloris is unhappy with comments made by new club boss Andre Villas-Boas, just four days after his move to White Hart Lane.

Lloris left Lyon for Tottenham in an £8million move on Friday, with the clear intention of taking the number one shirt from veteran Brad Friedel, 41. But Friedel responded to his arrival by producing one of the performances of his career against Norwich on Saturday, prompting Villas-Boas to say that Lloris would have a fight on his hands to win a starting spot.

That does not appear to have gone down too well Lloris, who linked up with the national team on Monday, and - speaking at their base in Clairefontaine - Deschamps told L'Equipe: "Hugo has not appreciated the statements of his coach. I am not going to create a problem that I do not need today. But if it were to happen then it would need some consideration."

He added: "I do not want Hugo to find himself in this situation."

04/09/2012 17:30
I was under the impression that every player had to fight for their place........maybe i'm wrong!!!!
04/09/2012 16:10

What's wrong with a Manager saying certain players have to fight for the Jersey? That no1 will be Loris for 10/15years when he gets it, but Friedel isn't just give it to him is he!? 


The real issue it what does it have to do with Moon face Deschamps?? Considering he says "I am not going to create a problem"


How about just replying:


"it's got F-all to do with me, I need to concentrate on rebuilding my woeful French team?"

04/09/2012 17:01
What is wrong with French managers not being able to shut their mouths, the French national team is not in a great place, and the French league is a joke compared to the Premier League. Brad Freidel produced an outstanding performance against Norwich on Saturday, and I am not sure why Spurs have signed Lloris in the first place, they needed back up for Freidel, not someone who is a number one.
oh your unhappy are you?...you proffessionals get paid 200 hundred thousand pound a week . soldiers on the front like should get paid this wage! stop whining stupid footballers , theres other people in the world worse than you are other people that would love to be in your shoes and be happy about it!
04/09/2012 18:59
AVB is a crap manager, it was Falcao who made him get his reputation. Brad Friedel is a class footballer and a honest professional. I feel sorry for him
04/09/2012 16:32

Deschamps was a great player, part of the Zidane era..  Part of the Desailly era..  A fantastic French team, one of the strongest World Cup winning teams in recent years. 


But, I can't stand the guy...


'I am not going to create a problem'


Yes you are.

04/09/2012 19:07
Oh dear, another overpaid footballer with a fragile ego, simple answer just prove your better, you want to be number one, earn it!!!
04/09/2012 12:04
just goes to show that brad friedel is a class goalkeeper age is nothing to do with it.
04/09/2012 15:30
Luke 947 - why would a goalkeeper need to be eased in to how "we" play the game in the premier league? I can understand an outfield player needing time but surely 90% of a goalkeeper's worries are simply ensuring that the ball does not cross the line between the sticks, wherever he plays?
04/09/2012 15:57

Deschamps has always been a sour grape so why should he change now. If he truly wanted to help he should of kept his gallic mouth shut and worry about his own job.

I don't know why Spurs need Lloris anyway, the money would be better spent on a good forward to SCORE goals.

04/09/2012 16:56

The truth is Lloris is obviously a top keeper and being Frances 1st choice keeper needs 1st team football.  He was most likely PROMISED 1st team Football, otherwise he wouldn't have left Lyon.

He can't keep the Number 1 shirt for France if he's not playing regularly, and so is obviously frustrated now.

But on the other hand, I don't think Friedel needs replacing.

If Lloris isn't 1st choice by January, he'll be asking to leave, and AVB will realise you can't have 2 TOP Keepers in your Squad.


Name me one other QUALITY 2nd Choice Keeper in the Premier League, you can't because the best is 1st choice, and the 2nd choice is EMERGENCY BACK UP ONLY. 

04/09/2012 17:00
being a blackburn fan i know first hand how good brad is, and believe me french frog, u wont be anywhere near good enough to clean his boots. not a chance! go on brad, let us see you still performing like u did for us week in, week out in another 2-3years, u can do it!!!
04/09/2012 18:12
the comment was probably made out of respect for one of the premierships greatest keepers ever, this is media sensationalism at its greatest.  There is no doubt the plan is for lloris to be first keeper
04/09/2012 09:40
avb, is the most inept manager in the game today, adebayor on the bench and defoe as a no 9, buying an established goalkeeper like lloris when he already has friedel who is outstanding...Strange bloke!!
04/09/2012 18:33
Thats a good thing 2 goal keepers fighting out for the number its rare to even get a decent goal keeper!!
05/09/2012 10:34
The French complained about us at the olympics regarding our cycles, they moaned about out wheelchairs in the paralympics. Now the have a go because AVB told a goalkeeper he has to fight for his place. LISTEN you frogs you do not have the right to FIRST PLACE so get used to it.
04/09/2012 09:56

This just underlines what an incredibly inexperienced person AVB is. Whatever his views regarding Friedel/Lloris are, to voice them in the way he has shows an astounding level of managerial naivety and incompetence.


A boy trying to play in a mans' world (and failing!) Spurs may well be in big trouble here!

04/09/2012 15:17

Wow, these are some very cleverly twisted comments! Another sports site has a few more comments from Dechamps where he says he's not going to start trouble, it's only a few days in, and that's why he didn't want to answer a question on the situation.  When later pushed he said I have problems to sort out already, if in the future this is still the case (Lloris not playing) It will need looked at.


I'm a United fan so I'm not fussed but this is blatant desperate journalism at its worst!

04/09/2012 19:08

Deschamps has every right to be concerned about how often any of his French squad players get a game BUT he has no right to publicly open his mouth about it and to try to interfere in club policy. He does not pay their wages - end of story.


Also, every player should fight for their place and no-one should ever be guaranteed a start. They are professionals at the top of their sport. Friedel spent a long time as Liverpool number 2 before moving on, which was Liverpool's loss. Whether that experience made him more determined and helped him to become the keeper he is, who knows?


And Steven, remember Cudicini was one of the very best in the prem, then Czech arrived and Cudicini became number 2 for quite some time before moving on (the fact that neither is as good any more, is besides the point).


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