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Di Matteo condemns Twitter cowards

Jon Obi Mikel was targeted for abuse following a mistake in his team's 2-2 draw with Juventus

Jon Obi Mikel was targeted for abuse following a mistake in his team's 2-2 draw with Juventus

Roberto Di Matteo has accused John Obi Mikel's Twitter trolls of hiding behind their keyboards as he condemned the racist abuse of the midfielder.

The Blues have contacted the police over two "totally unacceptable, disgusting and abhorrent" posts directed at Nigeria star Mikel following Wednesday's Champions League draw with Juventus. The abuse occurred at around the same time Mikel deleted his Twitter account.

Manager Di Matteo said: "His intention was to close the account anyway. So it was a good reason to close it. The social media world, especially Twitter - because it's anonymous and so on - it's a dangerous vehicle to express yourself. I don't think it's fair. If somebody has to express his opinion, he should put his face to it."

Chelsea were keen to stress there was currently no evidence that the racist abuse of Mikel had come from their own supporters. But they promised lifetime bans for those involved if that proved to be the case.

The abuse of Mikel occurred after his mistake helped Juve come back from 2-0 down in Wednesday night's Group E game, something for which the midfielder immediately apologised.

News of the tweets about him emerged on the same night Lazio fans were accused of directing monkey chants at Tottenham's black players in the sides' Europa League clash at White Hart Lane.

Di Matteo added: "There's a lot of campaigns against (racism) and we have to try our best to fight it in every possible way.

"We should try to make the people understand that it hurts other people, chanting and things like that."

21/09/2012 16:00
John Obi Mikel - Ignore everyone's comments...these people are the scurge of this planet.  There are those of us who are guided by our mistakes and there are those who are obliged! :)
21/09/2012 16:27
anyone with a twitter or face book account is asking for trouble they should be all closed down
21/09/2012 15:55

oh i would so like to write a comment



When i do watch and see OLYMPIC style performances.

Aren't you embarrassed..

Olga Korbet would be proud of the two and a half somersaults with a half twist.


Then you get up and swear at the ref.

Great ambassasadors for your sport.

I dont think hes too bothered,i mean wasnt he the nearest player to JT when JT came out with a few words against Anton and just looked around and walked away.I think other groups are making it easy to report things without the consent of the player but the clubs must be seen to act so they have to appear to support anything against non-whites.Its all getting very tedious and boring,in fact i dont think anyone even bats an eyelid at this sort of behaviour anymore.
21/09/2012 18:34

people are to quick to shout racial abuse at anybody who does something wrong

but sometimes its not meant as an insult to there colour

if obi was white and had a big nose or ginger hair he would have recieved abuse about being ginger or had his nose refered to.everyone pin points a focal point

carlos tevez (scar) john terry (antics off field) ballotteli (mohican) obi has no major focal

points other than his colour. its just how society sees you

admitidly there are exceptions and these should be dealt with.

but abuse from the croud/fans will always continue because they are pasionate

about there club and want to win.

with all that said obi was and has been giveing the ball away to often and this needs to be addressed right now

21/09/2012 21:19
so called celebs use these sites to further there careers but moan when negitive comments are made on them, i am in no way condoning racist abuse on them but anyone thinking it wont happen is just plain stupid, should racist comments force a person to delete the account? no way thats giving in to them but i can also understand why after that he did delete it, twitter facebook and other such sites are a great idea and could be used to make people happy but due to a few we all bad mouth them and that is a real real shame, im sorry Mikel had to put up with this after making a mistake but players need to start to understand what clubs mean to people and how they feel when things dont work out right, for this maybe it would be better for players to stay off twitter or just simply grow thicker skin.
22/09/2012 11:21
The problem is, twitter is seen as a legitimate news/information source. So any idiot, can write what they want and remain annonymous.Where as journalists are responsible for standing behind what they write and are legally responsible for it (ok, a few are dodgy). So twitter users can spout nonsense on the spur of the moment with no regard for the consequences but proper journalists have to be able to back it up.
21/09/2012 16:03
Is it me or are a lot of the posts below missing words...... ?
22/09/2012 09:08
Either ban twitter or stop getting offended by every piece of name calling that happens on there. Who cares? Get on with your lives. All the police do these days is follow twitter for any name calling. It's wasting police time and tax payers money.
21/09/2012 17:33
Despite how things are portrayed in todays marvellous Britain,black people-overall-are treated very well !It's a shame for them that so many white women prefer black men(and the colour of his skin has nothing to do with it,of course!!)The sooner the UK is totally mixed race,the better,then all this overdoing of racism will be ancient history! Anyone who collects golly badges must be evil !!And British society was much worse 30 years ago! Hurrah for 'diversity'=I'm sure even Enid Blyton would've been brainwashed to say that today!
21/09/2012 15:46
am not a racist but boy obi mikel makes not to watch chelsea as when i look essien and raul mereles doing fine elsewhere

21/09/2012 16:06
munichs still bitter that he chose the rent boys over their tin pot sh1thole I see...
21/09/2012 16:11

Now i understand. Supporters or racists?

Is there a difference?


21/09/2012 15:45
Here we go again, crying over spilled tweets. 
it sounds like liverpool fans have learned how to log on to twitter
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