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Di Matteo: Sturridge has meningitis

Daniel Sturridge is suffering from meningitis, his Chelsea boss has confirmed

Daniel Sturridge is suffering from meningitis, his Chelsea boss has confirmed

Chelsea manager Roberto Di Matteo has confirmed Daniel Sturridge is suffering from viral meningitis but is hopeful he will be fit to take his part in Team GB's Olympic squad.

The 22-year-old forward fell ill over the weekend with what is typically considered a mild strain of the disease. Di Matteo, speaking at his club's Cobham training complex, confirmed Sturridge was still in hospital but suggested he could still play a part in the London Games providing his recovery goes well.

"Daniel has viral meningitis, but I spoke to him and he feels better now," said Di Matteo.

"We're going to follow his situation and hopefully he will get well as soon as possible and be able to join Olympics squad. He is currently still in hospital but I am optimistic he will recover (in time to play).

"I think it's a question of daily monitoring his health, that's what matters most to him, his family and ourselves. We have had a doctor with him since day one and we are being updated on hourly basis. We'll see and make a decision with the doctors and if he can join."

Stuart Pearce's 18-man GB squad is set to meet in Loughborough next weekend and the manager has until July 25 to select a replacement should Sturridge be forced to withdraw.

Scotland and Huddersfield striker Jordan Rhodes is understood to be among the names on the standby list.

Meanwhile, Di Matteo has wished his Stamford Bridge predecessor Andre Villas-Boas well in his new job at Tottenham. The Italian took on the Chelsea job in March as interim head coach following the dismissal of Villas-Boas, and led the Blues to FA Cup victory at Wembley and then Champions League glory in Munich.

Villas-Boas has made a quick return to management and Di Matteo said: "I wish him the best of luck. He is a very good manager and coach and I am sure he will be a success.

"It doesn't surprise me (that he has been appointed). I think it's a good choice."

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Hope you make a full recovery Daniel, all our best wishes


From  Birmingham City Fan

04/07/2012 17:34

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04/07/2012 17:00
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04/07/2012 13:28
I do wish him the very best.  Difficult time for him and for Team GB.  He was one of the very few quality players named.  
I am surprised that SP did not include a couple from Ebbsfleet reserves to fit in with the rest of the squad.
04/07/2012 12:47
Get well soon Daniel, then come to Spurs
04/07/2012 18:34
Get well very soon Daniel, and you should still be at City

And  you would think MSN would do something about all this spamming, especially on these types of pages,as we come here to wish him well.and not read that sh!t. Come MSN, get it sorted.
04/07/2012 17:00
What is all this dating ball bags about ?
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05/07/2012 09:46

Get well soon Daniel.              Poor Tottenham (never thought I would say that being a Chelsea fan an all) having AVB as their manager. I give him at the most three quarters of the season before he is sacked or leaves. Its great being Europeon Champions by the way.

04/07/2012 23:48

So theres an opening for Becks?  not while Pearce has his way,after all when we lose and get nowhere  stu can rest assured he did his best, thats not good enough for the paying punter like me, I want at least to be entertained and Becks offers that as well as still being one of the games best crossers he has the charisma to fullfill  footy lovers that like Hollywood balls.

04/07/2012 15:23
Get well soon Sturridge!

Scotland player among names on standby list???? **** is up with that?

Hope AVB get one over on Chelsea this upcoming season!
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