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England frustrated in disappointing draw

England's Frank Lampard rescued a point with a late penalty against Ukraine

England's Frank Lampard rescued a point with a late penalty against Ukraine

Frank Lampard rescued a point for England with a late penalty in the World Cup qualifier with Ukraine, which ended 1-1 at Wembley.

England fell behind to a superb strike from star midfielder Yevgen Konoplianka seven minutes before the interval.

But Lampard equalled Bryan Robson's tally of 26 goals for his country after Yevhen Khacheridi handled, before England skipper Steven Gerrard was then sent off for his second bookable offence - although the damage is not too bad as the Liverpool man will only misses the visit of San Marino next month.

Ukraine will be cursing a missed opportunity, though, as Oleg Blokhin's men came agonisingly close to what would have been a deserved victory. Only three minutes had elapsed when Oleg Gusev's cross flicked off Leighton Baines, dipped over Joe Hart and clipped the outside of a post. Joleon Lescott cleared another Gusev cross, then Roman Zozulya failed to capitalise on Konoplianka's neat approach work.

It might have been different had Jermain Defoe's thunderous effort not been ruled out. Defoe's disbelief was obvious. Yet it was also beyond doubt he had shoved a textbook rugby hand-off into the neck of Andriy Yarmolenko, who made the most of it.

Defoe then showed admirable unselfishness when he opted to steer Gerrard's cross back into the six-yard box rather than go for goal himself from an acute angle. Tom Cleverley raced in, looking certain to gobble up the chance with only Andrei Pyatov to beat but the Manchester United man fired straight at the Ukraine goalkeeper, whose reactions were up to the task.

Cleverley then flicked Lampard's pass well wide from a good position, before, as if underlining the folly of Hodgson's comparison with Cesc Fabregas, lifting the ball against the outside of a post from Milner's pass.

Amid the personal anguish, Ukraine had seized the initiative. After Denys Garmash had let England off the hook by heading over when he crept into space to meet Yevgen Selin's cross, Konoplianka showed them no mercy when stepping inside Gerrard and sending a 25-yard effort curling over Hart and into the top corner.

In a second-half littered with yellow cards - six of them for England including Gerrard's double caution - Leighton Baines needed to make a timely intervention to prevent Zozulya reaching Konoplianka's cross.

The introductions of Danny Welbeck and Daniel Sturridge were inevitable given how the game was panning out for England. Welbeck almost profited from Sturridge's cross nine minutes from time, but prodded against a post. But redemption came shortly afterwards, with Lampard converting from the spot, just as he did in Chisinau on Friday against Moldova.

12/09/2012 03:18

I have watched  this summer a host of very talented athletes ...... yes Olympians and Paralympians. I think we have been spoilt and now realize how mediocre these footballers are. They are overpaid, arrogant and are incapable of winning a football match on a international stage without a struggle, or not getting through to any finals. 

We have experienced a summer of successful sport and topped off by a win in tennis for Andy Murray. This years Euros was a sham and as usual out in the quarter finals, as always. They only had a draw tonight from a last minute penalty. Is it not time now, that we stop putting these footballers on pedestals and start realizing that there is more talent in other sports, who are winning medals, trophies and tournaments, as the footballers are not. In the last twenty years, or so football has become overpaid, arrogant and out- of- touch for the real fans. It is all about money and corporate entertainment and overpaid egotistic footballers. It makes me sad to say this, as football was not always like this.

I think by watching the Olympics and Paralympicss has now showed people that there is other more interesting sport out there. I watched five a side blind football during the Paralympic games and they had more skill. Even the women footballers out played the men during the Olympics.

12/09/2012 03:36
I think alot of people now, including many football fans are just tired of the football game.

after such a fantastic year of sport once again football brings us back down with a thump.

Its a failing business and money is too deep rooted in its culture now. Football is too much part of the corporate culture

11/09/2012 23:17
Here we go again ....one good result against a below par team... we all go mad ...and then as usual a below par performance against an eastern European country ....Sorry Not good enough...Please bring back the Olympics...the real sportsmen and women, who would sweat blood for their country.

12/09/2012 08:15
After such a good summer of sporting achievement, from tennis, to the heroics of the Olympics and Paralympics, its good to see the over paid, over hyped  footballers bringing the country down to their gutter level with inept performances once again.

Supported and followed football all my life but having seen real athletes performing for their countries, often with no financial support, i wont be wasting my money anymore.

Players calling off injured with " Bruised thighs" or because their club team has an important game on the weekend really need to look in the mirror, where is the spirit of the Guy who ran the 400 m relay with a broken leg?  

Football needs to get back to being about the game not about the money!!!           

12/09/2012 05:47

The success of the Olympics and Andy Murray, then who lets the country down, yet again?

Yes, it's the waste of space England football team.


12/09/2012 01:59
ref woz a cheating ****, went to the game and atmosphere woz rubbish.kept playin backwards instead of forwards,y no urgency til last 5 mins? lampard woz **** and overweight,chamberlin out of depth and needs experience, and hodgson final sub 1-0 down changes left back. ukraine played well but england were poor ,and about time we realise were a long way behind other countrys. only reason got best league in world is coz full of foreigners.
11/09/2012 23:09
Ukraine wanted a revenge match after we knocked them out of the Eouro championship , they had a game plan well organised and dominated from the back, and were out to make a point. we still play like a sunday league side just knock the ball and just pass it around .Defoe should have had his goal allowed the ukrainian made most of the foul just like the italians used to play. Disgusting. The Turkish ref was against England typicl biased .The result was just but must improve our passing and understanding of each other. At least we didnt lose. 
12/09/2012 08:56
Sporting so-called stars (who are all up their own jacksies) should be made to go through a military training course, (televized of course) and then sent to Afghanistan. What is it with the press associations calling these people heroes? I'm sick to death of it!! Heroes are men or women that put their lives in danger for the sake of others and don't say jack about how much they are getting paid!! When it comes to football, if you want your national team to win, then get rid of all the has-beens and bring in players that will wear the shirt because they want to, not because it will bring them further revenues from sponsorships. AND FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE, STOP CALLING THEM HEROES!!!!
12/09/2012 01:22
7 a-side blind footballers from the paralympics have better ball control, passing and footwork then these overpaid knobs
12/09/2012 07:06
The problem is the fact that there are too many foreigners in British football,therefore not enough talent available to choose from,hence the same "old" faces.This country will never get anywhere whilst it is using these players from other countries in the Premiership, giving them the benefit of what is said to be the best testing ground of a footballer,that is why they all want to play in an English Premiership  team ,we are bringing on their players for their International teams for them,plus they know how our players "play" either being in the same team or playing against them week in and week out, whilst what we have available struggle.I mean why is it that when a Premiership team starts to struggle the call is to buy foreign, why have a Youth Academy or reserves if they are never going to get the chance to move into the first team squad,or being available to represent their country.Until there is a ban on bringing in this country will get nowhere on limited resources .
12/09/2012 08:05

First of all let me say we have to play young players to build a team for the future, if we have one.

Dont forget the last world cup, what a let down, the olympics, what a let down, England will never win anything,

they are overpaid, spoilt. I am not to bothered if we go to the next world cup, when we do get there it will be the

same old story, England are out ,i say no more.

England will always be crap. i already know Englands outcome to the next world cup, how boring is that.

Oh we are out.

12/09/2012 00:00
It would seem that the England Team cannot perform against slightly stronger teams than the Moldova team which were beaten by a goal margin of 5 - 0. I am sorry to say this but I do not believe that England will do well in the world cup, especially when the top sides of the world will all be there to compete against.
11/09/2012 22:40

A great performance by Ukraine, a desperate performance from England marred with fluffs and awkward decisions going the other way.  I don't know if this is just a curse of the new Wembley Stadium because England seem to play better away, but there are some real concerns that need to be worked on.  I recall someone supposedly saying England will win the World Cup in 2014, I suggest you look again.

12/09/2012 07:59
A GLORIOUS summer of sport !.................now we're stuck with a winter of football !
12/09/2012 06:48

Why blame the manager? Geez you could have Joe Public from down the pub managing and it wouldnt matter one little bit.

Its the plebs on the field that are playing (or not)overpaid mambies thats all we have nowadays

12/09/2012 03:22
cricket    then olympics    then paralympics    then golf   then F1    then tennis    then .....................................................................football........................again 
12/09/2012 08:41
re defoes goal, defoe did nothing wrong ,  and i  am sick to death of watchin men crying and diving .like big babies, an the guy that went down , he soon got up
11/09/2012 22:30

Glad I was at the theatre with my son and missed the game

what a bunch of mindless morons on here. remember this is a new manager, a new set up with many new players coming in. for years all of you have been screeming from the rooftops PLAY THE YOUNGSTERS, GIVE EM A GO, BUILD FOR THE FUTURE and when we do your straight on here slagging em off for not winning every game 20-0.ffs. ok it looks like some of em arent good enuff, but how else do you find that out other than by playing them ? RH is trying to balance a team of old and young whilst the new blood comes through and i think hes doing an ok job at the moment. for christs sake give them a bloody chance its only been a couple of games, get behind em and support them through, i for one have seen many encouraging signs from this embryonic team, they may never be world cup winners but who knows.
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