09/10/2012 12:32
England's National Football Centre opens at St George's Park

David Sheepshanks welcomes the press to the centre

David Sheepshanks welcomes the press to the centre (© PA)
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David Sheepshanks welcomes the press to the centre

09/10/2012 20:07

I am a Liverpool fan and of course a loyal England supporter. This new training complex, as far as I am concerned, is much needed to bring on the future England players. As for the comments on John Terry..........he has been a great captain for Chelsea and England....I do not believe for one minute that he is racist....for  God's sake, half of the Chelsea team are black and all of them look up to John Terry.


Let us all as football fans leave this unsavoury episode behind us and enjoy the season ahead.



09/10/2012 16:34
Sometimes I lay under my bed at night and pretend that I'm a carrot.
09/10/2012 19:59
Im impressed with the new football centre but when I read the CRAP that most people are writing here below I wonder if they should perhaps have built a few more schools
09/10/2012 21:17
Boy talks to girl so they must be flirting. Grow up MSN.
09/10/2012 15:45
The Government didn't build St Georges, the money the FA make from all the clubs, fans and sponsors built it and it was being opened by the President of the FA which just happens to be Prince William.
09/10/2012 17:36
I am absolutely loving her coat and boots..  The girl has great  fashion sense which is not over the top  and in a really down to earth way....She just looks effortlessly great and comfortable in what she is wearing in comparison to other awkward overmade up looking celebs like Posh or Cheryl for instance...
09/10/2012 17:54
Speaking,if I may,as a long standing Corinthian Casuals admirer I refer to the incident in 1869. when it was suggested that playing the game of soccer in anything but striped hose,wooden clogs and a sensible hat constituted a breach of the newly formed Rules of Association Football.Those of us fortunate enough to be at the following days encounter between the Casuals and Old Stockwellians at the Oval,  witnessed a Titanic battle which saw the Stockwellians prevail by 16 goals to 2 aided in no small measure by the wearing of studded boots .The Football Association sentenced the Old Stockwellians to 20 lashes each of the birch and subsequent banishment to Australia.It is satisfying to note to this 'old timer' that they approach the business of soccer administration in much the same way today.After all, does anybody REALLY want to win a World Cup or be European champions?Their treatment of Mr J Terry maintains the long tradition.
09/10/2012 16:57
St Georges, mmm bit controversial, surely it's far too English !!!! the pc brigade will not be impressed.
09/10/2012 17:40
David Raynor, do you work for the FA, because you surely are a T>W>A>T>
Frank most probably said to Kate the topless photos were great but could you take the bottom half of your bikini off next time
09/10/2012 20:57
Can have all the training facilities is great...but its the players quality that counts..at the moment in world class terms we just dont have it...am sorry to say
09/10/2012 16:48
"super super Frank, super super Frank, super super Frank, super Frankie Lampard"
09/10/2012 16:39

Jayne you will find Tom is correct the SGP project is a privately funded with sponsorship deals from Nike and other worldwide brands. You will also find Al din is correct the reason our "no clue government" and country are in this state is due largely to the incompetance of the last government.


Now next time you come on one of these thread please come with some fact instead of the emotive rubbish you have been spouting.


And FYI most ordinary people have jobs and don't live on hand outs from the state

total waste of money, unless of course you kick out the **** who run the FA and get professionals in the run the place
09/10/2012 17:42
Wayne Rooney our star striker did u say, when? how? it is a day to be jolly though isnt it.
09/10/2012 15:00
Jayne Hughes.....Expert are you just shut up...England has needed a  teaching centre for footbal excellence for 20 years or more..maybe since the last war......Ye we had liilysall...but it was just a stopgap......Now we have the real thing...Spain are world champions...They have their own sporting exclellence for football.....Watch the Spanish football....It says a great deal.....So Jayne just shut up..You do not know what your talking about......
10/10/2012 08:52
I never ever thought I would say this, but three cheers for Liverpool fan Anne Scott. The most sensible comment anyone has made about the Terry affair. Well said Anne.
Never seen Frank so happy. Watch out Christine.

10/10/2012 10:06
As long as it wasnt John Terry then Will has nothing to worry about!
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