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3-2 to England

Three things England did right, and two things they did wrong

By SportUK 15/06/2012 23:13

Three things England did well



Roy got his tactics absolutely spot on. Physical as the Swedish back line are, Andy Carroll was more than a match for them and he unsettled them all night. The substitution of Theo Walcott for the ineffectual James Milner was also a masterstroke, the Arsenal winger popping up with a goal and an assist to help England towards their first competitive victory over Sweden. It was almost as though he had some deep understanding of the Swedish psyche and knew their weaknesses exactly.



Reaction to going a goal down:

Superb. As Mellberg buried his second goal past Joe Hart, as a man, every England fan thought ‘Oh no, not again’. (Admit it, you did) However, Roy made his move, England raised their heads, invoked Agincourt and stormed back to win the game and go second in their group. It was a comeback of Rocky Balboa proportions but written by an English scriptwriter.


Shackling Ibrahimovic:

The boy hardly had a sniff. The free kick and one chance that was closed down by Scott Parker (who else?) at that was near enough it. He looked fairly interested too, which makes the fact that he was kept so quiet all the more impressive. Lescott and Johnson seized him by the ponytail and didn’t give him an inch all night. The perfect excuse to roll out the "your just a sh*t Andy Carroll" chant,



Two things England did poorly


Set piece defending:

Both goals tonight were conceded from free kicks and that is something England will have to combat. The marking for both goals was terrible and it isn’t as if the aging beared giant known as Olaf Mellberg is unobtrusive. They got that side of their game all wrong and the likes of Terry, Lescott and Carroll, if he plays on Tuesday, will have to step up to the plate.


Keep the ball

Let's face it, Sweden have the quality and resilience of an Ikea wardrobe. At 1-0 England should have been pinging the ball across the pitch making the Swedes look like turnips. But Milner, Young and the front two in particular seemed incapable of holding on the ball. While Ibrahimovic guarded possession like a polar bear protecting its young (yes a female polar bear, male polar bears obviously eat their offspring) the men in white surrended faster than a Frenchman in a game of kiss chase. Come on boys, love the ball.

16/06/2012 07:58

Was Ashley Young playing for England or sweeden as he gave the ball away so many times it was embarrassing. Somebody needs to have a not so quiet word in his shell like and let him know in no uncertain terms, what's what.

Milner was just as bad, doesn't have enough quality and never seems to hold onto the ball long enough and cannot tackle for toffee, utter useless.

16/06/2012 12:39

Personally I dont care what any of you say !!!! Suggest  most of you stop analyzing the matches too much and start enjoying them,I was in my local having a pint with a very full pub of England supporters and it was great to see them win no matter how they did it. A good time was had by all ?? so get off the teams back and start supporting them an live a bit !!


16/06/2012 08:56

milner should do himself a favour and get injuryed and go home the bloke is rubbish we looked so much better after he went off it was like watching england of old when we wanted to play as a team and wanted to win walcott and wellbeck goals were amazing thats the sort of thing us england fans want to see. let hope they can build on this now.

16/06/2012 07:56
Never mind taking Milner off, put him on the plane. What's the fasination with that waste of space? Also, keep Carroll away from the England half, score yes but please don't try to tackle.
Some spot on comments on here today (zero tol, jools tilbrook, zion 2) Although the pundits are praising Hodgson for some reason for getting the "tactics" spot on!! at 2-1 the camera zoomed in on RH and he was sitting there biting his nails in utter disbelief. Walcott came on but i dont believe that was down to RH I think someone must have had a word in his shell like because he looked eager to get the Ox on. Even the England team seemed reluctant to bring Walcott into play when he came on persisting with a hapless Young on the left. Then when finally Walcott got the ball the game changed, and his teams mates suddenly realised "oooh he's good ya know". Even the Welbeck goal started in a move from a defensive header by Walcott on the edge of the penalty area and somehow he went from 0-60 and ended up crossing to welbeck in the box for the 3rd. As for Walcotts first and Englands equalizer what can i say top draw quality, and he didnt gloat or run to the fans for adoration, just a little look of whatever on his face a gestured as if to say s##t happens. The team showed him the respect he deserved and that was enough for him job done.
16/06/2012 16:29

I will not have negative thoughts!

I am an Englishman and think all teams English (whatever sport) are top boys.

I can`t tolerate moaners.

I only want England to win.........everything and everytime.

We have our ups and problem.....we aren`t perfect.

All I ask is for all Englishmen to get behind their team and ,win or lose,support and shout for them.

Just be positive!

Just think Agincourt!

Nobody loves us and we don`t care!

(Thanks to Millwall for that remark.....taken from a flag they flew in Europe one time and just about sums up the rest of the planet`s hatred of the English!)

16/06/2012 16:52
I am English and proud.... I'll support my team no matter what and I will always respect the manager.... I'm not a football player, I wouldn't know where to start... But in saying that, if we don't win so what... as long as the sportsmanship is there.... 
16/06/2012 09:39

To be honest, i don't care. We won!!!

16/06/2012 18:07

the new English Manager has played four internationals won three drawn one, come on you English fans back your Manager Roy Hodgson so far he has done a fantastic job.


Neil Morgan


16/06/2012 18:42

Being a proud Scot you may expect me to come out and say that England were lucky or some such thing. I am not however one of those Scottish people who want England to lose - On the contrary I like to see them win - especially against Germany !


However - a word of caution - please dont get carried away like the guy who wrote the article above ( I am assuming he had his tongue firmly in his cheek? ). You England fans always go overboard with the expectation levels and whip yourselves into a frenzy - Do your boys a favour and keep it low key - If England keep playing well they really could get stronger with each game and make a real (and overdue) impact. Sincerely - all the best to the England Team.  

16/06/2012 13:14


16/06/2012 10:10
Well done England. But please Roy stop picking Milner and Young they are not good enough and will never make international players as long as they have a hole in there ****. I hope when the team are out on the training ground they take some time to learn how to defend against free kicks. Well done to Theo Walcott. He changed the game for England when he came on. Bit of class that lad. NOW COME ON ENGLAND.Press it home and show them all and make us proud of our team.
16/06/2012 15:29
Yesterday England showed the fighting spirit i havn't seen at major tournments for years. Finally England have some young players who look proud to be wearing the shirt. Great result, 3 fantastic goals, Welbeck what a finish! Come on Lads!
16/06/2012 11:39

It was exciting but I would think we need to beat Ukraine and avoid Spain in the next round if we get there.


Roy deserves huge credit for his tactical nous. He doesn't have a lot of world class players at his disposal but he uses what he has brilliantly. He needs cover for Terry who lacks pace.  

16/06/2012 09:42
it will all count for nothing if we dont get a result against ukraine,i just hope the fact hodgson has named Rooney to start already, doesnt effect the other players morale,i think he would have been better to have delayed that decision and let the players who got the result last night take the plaudits,also i hope Rooney doesnt try to hard and end up getting himself sent off again he has always had that suspect temperment
16/06/2012 09:41

i think every one shouldnt say whos rubbish and shouldnt be on the pitch yes it was typical england good then bad some players wernt great, but we got the win lets get behind them instead of knocking them down all the time , well done theo we needed that spark and a great pluss for the next game rooneys back lets be honest hes going to gunning for it! lets be proud and aim for at least the quartes ,

c'mon england bring some pride back to our name!


mark, oxford

16/06/2012 16:23



These so called "experts" doesn`t matter what England do or how many goals they score

it`s never good enough for goodness sake give them a break .



16/06/2012 09:47
i am sorry to sound so negative but that was typical england again ,we are just not good enough. i give my 100% support to roy hodgson he is a good choice for england manager he is very tactical minded. if we had world class players he would win something , but we just have not got the world class players to win a euro championship or world cup. most of  the swedish players are very ordinary and we struggled to beat them. just take a look at the germans if you want to see a team that looks class and a young team at that . it hurts me to say that but i have to  be honest  we would have no chance against them. i think we will struggle to get the point needed to qualify against  ukraine .  but if we do we will go no further
16/06/2012 16:32
SWEDEN was playing so poorly in the euro that even malta could beat them, I can't understand why he didn't use pontus wernbllom on the midfield, anyway good luck england from swedish fan, u dererved win because sweden was very poor.
16/06/2012 13:22

The centre of midfield and defence looked very tired in the second half and contributed to Sweden's come back. John Terry should either not play or not go up for attacking set plays, he can't get back anymore, he can hardly run. Gerrards legs went and Parker was feeling it as well, but what a master stroke to bring Walcott on and must start against the pacier Ukraine.

I'm thinking a few players will get rested against Ukraine with Rooney in for Welbeck who has looked amazing. Walcott and Chamberlain on the wings with gerrard mybe being rested for the game.

Congratulations England, the hard way everytime but you done it, Well done!

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