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Hair product placement: Rooney reveals secret of success

By SportUK 19/06/2012 22:38
Wayne Rooney (PA)So now we know the secret of England's success: Andy Caroll's hair product.

Following the Geordie striker's bullet header against Sweden last week, Wayne Rooney took inspiration and gave his wig/implant/short-back-and-sides a squirt of his team-mate's styling juice.

And after scoring England's winner against Ukraine with a tap-in, Rooney celebrated with a mock application of the Carroll Formula.

"I used a bit of Andy Carroll's product before the game," Rooney said, shattering any remaining belief in the modern footballer's masculinity while shedding light on the national team's curious match preparations. "Hopefully I'll end up with hair like him!" 

We hope so too, Wayne. 

But what is Andy Carroll's choice? Studio Line? Fudge Shaper? Swarfega?

As any decent striker will tell you, it's the end product that counts.
20/06/2012 14:45
Ann Howlett you silly old harridan why do you insult rooney ( he of the emerald eyes and rugged features) so much. None of us can help how we are made. Rooney is an average looking man he has his good and bad points like most of us..not replusive like u seem to suggest An old bag like u should know looks arent everything. At least rooney is talented which is more than can probably be said of u. Perhaps the reason society is so mean and looks obsessed today is because old idiots like you taught the kids your putrid views and than those kids taught their kids and before you know it society is bad.....
20/06/2012 13:32

You must admire Wayne Rooney to attend the Euro's and unviel his newest sponsorship deal.

Not only does he endorse the healthy qualities of Weetabix but he wears one on his head.


I think the Pro Footy players today are paid far too much and seem to care more about how pretty (or not depending on your taste) they look and how many celebs they can get to follow them on Twitter than playing quality football.


Gerrard, is the exception who consistantly delivers brilliance (for both Team and Country!).


Before you all thumbs down me.....think back to the England Team of the 90's, that's when we last had 'Team' playing together with passion...the likes of Gascoigne, Lineker, Shearer etc...AND Beckham!!








Rooney's hair....OMG I thought he had a dead squirrel on his head. His middle name is Kerr you know
20/06/2012 15:55

If the world wasn’t so 'looks' obsessed Rooney probably wouldn’t of had the implants, that said he is a young man in the public eye and probably figured it would give him a confidence boost, as does breast enhancement, dying your hair, applying mascara and so on. I don't get why so many of us are so quick to slate such minor things in life. If we spoke more about ‘doing the best we can achieve’ rather than slating those that happen to do the things that make THEM happy we would have a better attitude towards life and wouldn’t be such a bitchy society always looking to pick faults.  I say fair play to Rooney – most people only hate that he earns so much money anyway!


Nobody’s perfect - Imperfection is Beauty – Embrace it!!

20/06/2012 16:25
I'm loving that cheesy last line of the article :')
20/06/2012 12:30
Rooney " trying"  to do a Beckham,  new match, new hairstyle. But will never be able to match him, in more ways than one.
20/06/2012 10:49
Rooney's hairstyle isn't a complete success ... surely?  It looks as though it's been done with a scarifier. 
20/06/2012 13:49
If i was him id shave that stupid topper off,its looks like a irish jig.He should have a non trendy baldy.
20/06/2012 19:58
It would make sense if there was a single person in the country that thought this hair was real. I am also wondering if it is legal under FA rules to wear a hair piece covered in gel? Surely it could be used as a dangerous weapon? If UEFA don't make a stance against this wig it could encourage others to wear fancy dress mohicans or huge mullets. Ban the wig before it is too late.
20/06/2012 14:19

All rooney needs now to complete his new look is a school blazer, short trousers , sloppy stockings and a satchel. as soon as I saw him last night he reminded me of  kids from my early school days , during the war .. Why are companies paying this overated overpaid person to advertise their products?. surely if they looked around they could get a normal good looking everyday person to show off their products. The only person who makes agood job of these deals is David Beckham, now I could watch him, no problem, but rooney I just have to turn the tv off every time he comes on.

Also I noticed none of the ukraine side  made an effort to shake his hand  when the game had finished, he was like a little boy lost Ahhhhh!!!

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