11/05/2012 18:45 | By Tom Phillips

Ten things you didn't know about Ukraine

Ukraine (© Action Images)

1) The lyrics to the Ukraine national anthem are just six lines long - there used to be many more lyrics, but they were dropped recently due to political sensitivities.

2) One of the world's oldest maps comes from Ukraine - a map carved onto a bone, dating back around 15,000 years, found in the village of Mezhyrich.

3) Honey fans have something to thank Ukraine for - Ukrainian Petro Prokopovych was the founder of commercial beekeeping, inventing the frame that separates the honeycomb from the rest of the hive in 1814.

4) The world record for the largest glass of champagne ever is held by the Ukrainian city of Balaklava - with a massive glass that held 56.25 litres of sparkling wine, and needed 75 bottles to fill.

5) That's not the only world record Ukraine holds. The city of Lviv also holds the record for creating the largest mosaic made out of doughnuts.

6) Ukraine has the world's deepest subway station - Arsenalna station on the Kiev Metro, which is 105.5 metres underground. (Admiralteyskaya station in St. Petersburg, Russia, also has a claim on this title.)

7) After Russia, Ukraine is the second largest country on the European continent - with an area of over 233,000 square miles.

8) The small village of Dilove in western Ukraine is one of several places that claims to be "the geographical centre of Europe". Where the actual centre of Europe is changes depending on how you measure it, of course.

9) Ukrainian artist Nikolai Syadristy specialises in "microminiatures" - art works so small that they need to be viewed through a microscope. There's a museum of his tiny artworks in Kiev.

10) Famous people born in Ukraine: author Joseph Conrad, actor Jack Palance, actress Milla Jovovitch, and of course boxers Vitaly and Vladimir Klichko.