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Euro 2012 team of the group stage

Midfielder: Claudio Marchisio (Italy)

Midfielder: Claudio Marchisio (Italy) (© Owen Humphreys-PA Wire)
  • Midfielder: Alan Dzagoev (Russia) (© Tony Marshall-EMPICS Sport)
  • Midfielder: Claudio Marchisio (Italy) (© Owen Humphreys-PA Wire)
  • Forward: Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) (© AP Photo-Vadim Ghirda)
  • Forward: Nicklas Bendtner (Denmark) (© AP Photo-Ivan Sekretarev)
  • Forward: Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden) (© AP Photo-Ivan Sekretarev)
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Midfielder: Claudio Marchisio (Italy)
Eager to provide a goal threat from midfield for Italy, Marchisio has fired in four shots on target so far in the competition, more than any other Azzurri player. He has also won every one of his aerial duels.

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20/06/2012 17:49

Who comes up with this nonsense?


Debuchy, Hummels, Lescott, Lahm

Silva, Dzagoev, Schweinsteiger, Gerrard, Iniesta



SUBS – Casillias, Ozil, Carroll, Shevchenko, Konaplyenko, Mandzukic, Modric


20/06/2012 17:07
ok someone tell me why steven gerrard isnt there
20/06/2012 18:22
Surely Gerrard deserves his place in the team, I think he is playing near his best for the last few matches, and I dont even support England.
20/06/2012 17:09
Steven Gerrard totally ignored in this eleven?? He's virtually carried England through three matches and claimed three assists. Where is he?
20/06/2012 19:26
says a lot for the team of the tournament when 5 of them are going home!!!
20/06/2012 18:18

Considering the fact that Germany has been the team of the tournament thus far, WHY haven't any of their players made it into this lineup???

Stephan Andersen "goalkeeper of the competition"....are they having a laugh? Surely Neuer is the best keeper out-there?

Fabio Coentrao over either Philipp Lahm, or Ashley me a favour. Being a fullback aint just about attacking, it's also about DEFENDING....and nobody defends better in the fullback position than those latter 2 men in question.

Also where are Bastian Schweinsteiger; Mario Gomez, or Thomas Muller; Mario Mandzukic, or Luka Modric; not to mention Iker Casillas; Andres Iniesta, or Xavi Hernandez.

It will be interesting to see who comprises the eventual > Final Euro 2012 team, when everything is said & done. 



20/06/2012 19:30
Interesting how many of this lot are no longer in the competition?? Did we all watch the same games as whoever put this "team" together??
20/06/2012 20:12

well done england.................

nows the time to drop milner and young and bring in walcott and chamberlaine we need injection of pace and accuracy theses boys give it..........


Where the hell is Iniesta? he has been absolutely immense! what a load of nonsense this list is.
20/06/2012 20:33
No Germans?? Crazy selection, a lot of them are either home already or booked on their return flights lol
20/06/2012 19:00
Complete crap. No Pirlo , or Ozil ? Also Ibrahimovic has been poor as usual. Ronaldo has been poor upto the final group game as well. Holland may of been poor but Sneijder was good. Get some knowledge before publishing these tripe articles.
20/06/2012 18:22

A complete and utter farce this list is!!!!!! I bet it was written by Sepp Blatter, hence there are no English  players in the team!!!!!!


On the subject of Blatter, England gain from a poor goalline decision and now he is all over twitter saying goalline technology must happen!!!!!!!!!  Sounds very similar to what he said about penalties now that an English team has benefitted from them by way of Chelsea winning the Champions League.


I rest my case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20/06/2012 18:53

England produced a well disciplined performance against Ukraine and should advance with confidence to the quarter-final against Italy who will give them a hard game but are not unbeatable. Gerrard and Lescott have been the back-bone of an efficient team so far, which needs to move up a notch to gain further success and is capable of doing so. 

20/06/2012 19:37
Just like the eurovision song contest, political voting again....

20/06/2012 21:02

Denmark and Sweden have gone home, France conceeded two goals in their last match!


Germany -  the only team unbeaten and none of their players in the team, what about Gomez?


Gerard has been captain marvelous so far, not a mention!


Where's Iniesta, Fabregas, Asley Cole, Walcott, Pepe, any of the Greece or Czech players?


Is this just a computerised team put together through stats? If so, Milner should be on there for covering the most amount of ground for England, possibly by any player in the tournament

20/06/2012 17:16
20/06/2012 18:36
SINCE WHEN? Does one base performance on "shots on target"???? I'd rather have someone who shoots 3 times and scores 3 (Gomez) than some one who shoots 22 and only hits 2 (Ronaldo).

Ronaldo only had one good game against the weakest Dutch defence ever, he didn't get a look in against Germany's Boateng and played like a schoolboy striker against Denmark. Nani had much better touch than him!

Bendtner ? Really??
Have a look at Ibrahimovic and you'll see how well Mexes defended :)

How is the Andersen (danish keeper) in there? Casillas, Neuer and even Given have had better games and saves than him. 

Iniesta should be there, and Modric and Gerrard.
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