25/06/2012 07:19 | By Matt Holland
Euro 2012: how England's players rated

Matt Holland's view

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Matt gives his ratings for the England players' performances during the Euro 2012 tournament. If you disagree, tell him why in the comments below

25/06/2012 15:11
Not only was Rooney not fit, he lacked all the basic skills and could not control the ball. He gave it away  nearly every time he had it just like Ashley Young. I was pleased when Carroll and Walcott were about to come on against Italy but bitterly disappointed when it was not Rooney and Young being taken off. Rooney has done very little in an England competitive game since being sent of in 2004 - it is time to call an end to his international career before he disappoints everybody any more.
25/06/2012 15:10
stop blaming his fitness he had as much time if not more to get fit,,,,he is not an "international player" he does not possess the intelligence required,,,,,,
25/06/2012 15:15
What a bunch of overated, overpaid,useless,braindead,arrogant,pratts.I would not  pay to see any of them.I have seen better performances at the local park on a Sunday morning. Laughable.
25/06/2012 15:39

I am sick of the media saying Rooney is a world class player, the performance he gave in the last two games proves to me he is not!! 


Young was useless, playing inside instead of out on the wing, Milner's passing let him down badly last night, they never put the Italians under pressure when they had the ball, which they did when we had it.  It was awful and they did not deserve to win it.  Be grateful we didn't get through, the Germans would have slaughtered us. 

25/06/2012 17:08
Roy couldnt quite make the right big decision to take Rooney off,it was obvious he was unfit but what was most offensive was his body language and attitude,it was no co-incidence that England played better in the first 2 games without Rooney,when he was brought back, and the shape of the team altered to accomadate him,we were useless,and so was Rooney,Portugals players are not any better than Englands with one exception Ronaldo,we needed Rooney to lift the Team and inspire the other players like Ronaldo has done but quite simply Rooney is no where near as good as Ronaldo nor ever will be.
25/06/2012 15:46

There all a bunch of unfit, overpaid, over pampered, up there own backsides, incompetent prats.

When will someone in the football industry realise that these boys are not up to the job. Why do they keep choosing half the same players?

Our footballers will never come up to scratch as long as they are treated like gods! They should be earning there money, not that they should be paid what they get. The way they were struggling in extra time shows you how unfit they are. They should be some of the fittest (Sports men) in the world but they don't come close. If I was the Manager of a football team they would earn there money by training every week day, and not just for an hour or two a couple of days a week.

Look at the athletes that are about to take part in the Olympics, they train 7 days a week hours at a time as well as getting up at stupid o'clock, just to be the best. I rest my case  

25/06/2012 16:28

Wayne Rooney is the most overrated England player in history. Don’t get me wrong, for Manchester United, he’s one of the best; but how many more chances is Rooney going to get in the England team. The moment he came back into the team the quality dropped dramatically.

Wayne Rooney=NOT World Class.

25/06/2012 15:58
Just as well the British Army don't fight like the England squad play!
25/06/2012 16:43
Milner is crap, rooney should have been on the bench, defence were o.k. but attack was non existent, what happened to defoe, at least he is fast and  could have benefited from Carrols flick ons.
25/06/2012 17:19

I wholeheartedly believe that these players are all overpaid prima donnas, although all say that money is not their motivation - would they take a paycut?  The minute they put on England shirts, agree a massive wage it seems that their reason for playing football initially goes flying out of the window! They stop trying, behave like spoilt brats n constantly winge n moan about the slightest knock n their latest medical mishap! I'm embarrassed to watch them now, but the public outcry at their abismal performance won't even scratch the surface, all they care about, it seems, are their bank balances!  As for Wayne Rooney - don't even get me started!

25/06/2012 16:58
Limited players of real class playing in the foreign EPL. Lets not blame the manager for the players he has had to use at the euros,judge him on the next tournament when he can pick younger players.He has inherited a lot of players at the end of their international careers so give him a chance to go down the German line and bring a lot of younger players in.  
25/06/2012 15:33

  over stated  unfit no game sense  no tactical skills and so over paided it is an insult to the people who support them and England they are a disgrace there not fit to wear a ball boy shirt never mind an English one

25/06/2012 17:26

Rooney is too unfit to play 90 minutes. Carrol should have started, making advantage of the aerial balls from Gerrard. Carrol would have scored the miss-chances by Rooney, who was too short for some and too in accurate for others.Rooney needed to come on and take advantage of tired defenders with his speed and power.

 Gerrard, Terry and Cole did us proud. So did Johnson and Welbeck.

Young was soooo dissapointing and I am embarassed to say he plays for my club. And that was before the missed spot kick.

And Joe Hart did us proud and I'm a Utd fan!! Best England keeper for years and people are slating his performance??!! Brilliant saves in all games, brilliant positioning and awareness a pity about the penalities.

25/06/2012 17:17

We are not good enough and will not be until we start to develop a team what can attack

from the midfield and moving off the ball at pace i must say that if they rate Rooney on par

with Messi/Ronaldo i must be Stanley Mathews i rest my case. 

25/06/2012 15:37

only if ryan giggs was english he would of put ashley young to shame and as a utd fan i hope rooney doesn't bring his crap form back with him for the start of next season


and for me the most stand out players in euro 2012 is


steven gerrard / joe hart / john terry


the rest of them were crap and englands passing style needs seriously looking at we can't keep giving the ball away and its also about time the english FA got its fingers out and started investing in young-players before we become a laughing stock of world football

25/06/2012 16:45
nothing like parking the team bus in front of the goal England , did not even have a go at Italy , none of them can ever say they are world class, especially fat boy Rooney, lucky to get that far , they are just an average bunch of players who can not hit the mark
25/06/2012 16:37

Played poorly, bad ball control, missed opportunities in front of goal! Rooney was obviously unfit, but should not have had him in the team anyway, he was good 10 years ago, but now?

The team that played the first match was much better balanced than last night, should have continued with that.  Walcott has shown that he worries opposing teams with his speed and ability, but usually does not get the chance to so what he can do, same with the younger players in the group.

As has already been mentioned the English league teams now rely on foreign imports rather than bringing on young players, this affects the club and individual player style, away from that play support the members of the national side lose their club ability.  Clubs in England, unlike their European counterparts, see the national games as a nuisance as it removes players from the money making games.  The players in general are more concerned about what money they will get rather than the prestige of playing for their country.  The FA need to build up the players available, rather than rely on an aging few and penalise the clubs for withholding players


25/06/2012 16:44

I am really suprised to see that england could not play football despite the fact that most of englaish players play in what is claimed to be the best league in the world. I think rating is crap and too much exagerated when you have players who earn a lot of money and yet can not passe, control  the ball well.  I think some people who play football  in  the park on suandays have more skill and than some of  these players. I know you may think my judgement is harsh but how come a team like the one who played italie yesterday performed poorly.  One player like Pirlo could control and dictate the play wduring the whole match. where is the genius side of rooney you call a talisman and gerard who should be at this stage of the competition more mature and capable of competting and improvising.

The defence was good but sadly to say the middle field and the attack was a mess and poor.

coudl Not show improvisation and imagination. They seemed to me scared and lacking the fighting spirit  that the italians showed.  I think There is a problem with the english mentality and personality.



25/06/2012 15:33

England were a massive disappointment, where was the mid field?, We ended up in the second half bypassing it and hoofing it up to Carrol, who to give him credit won nearly every header, but where oh where was the much vaunted Rooney? a player were told, who is so inspirational to England that he would go to the Euros even with a broken leg,!!, but as in most Internationals he He turned out to be a Lord Lucan lookalike. Thank god for our outstanding defence.

                        Bob of Eastham.

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