25/06/2012 00:25 | By MSN Sport
Italy beat England on penalties

Relive England's heartbreaking penalty shootout loss to Italy

In pics: England v Italy penalty shootout (© Tony Marshall-EMPICS Sport)
  • In pics: England v Italy penalty shootout (© Tony Marshall-EMPICS Sport)
  • Mario Balotelli (© NIGEL RODDIS-Reuters)
  • Steven Gerrard (© DARREN STAPLES-Reuters)
  • Riccardo Montolivo (© NIGEL RODDIS-Reuters)
  • Wayne Rooney (© NIGEL RODDIS-Reuters)
  • Andrea Pirlo (© AP Photo-Efrem Lukatsky)
  • Ashley Young (© AP Photo-Efrem Lukatsky)
  • Antonio Nocerino (© NIGEL RODDIS-Reuters)
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England's penalty shoot-out misery continued in Kiev as they crashed out of Euro 2012.

Ashley Young and Ashley Cole joined the unhappy list of England players whose nerve failed them when it mattered.

Relive the quarter-final shootout in pictures.

25/06/2012 03:33
Why do the England players not perform as though their lives depended on the result? I think the Premier League has a lot to do with it: the money the players earn nowadays means that they do not need to play for England to make a fortune, so the drive to win at all costs is tempered by the knowledge that if they never play for England again, it will not make much difference to their income inI future years. There is also the fact that they should return to preseason training at their clubs in about 4 weeks time, if not before, so the longer they stay in these competitions the less holidays they get and the more moaning from their family and clubs. Also, can you imagine Sir Alex saying to all his players as they leave for the England camp, "now don't forget boys, you can lay down your lives for the England team and don't worry about the occasional hamstring or ligament rupture as we will carry on paying your wages even if you do not play for us for the next 6 months, as long as England do well!" I somehow think they are not his parting words and a message to the contrary is likely to ring in their ears as they endeavour to win a trophy for England after nearly 50 years, but without trying too hard. 
25/06/2012 09:42

If this is the best that England can offer it goes a long way in explaining why the premier league is choc full of foreign players. Without the foreign players the "premier" league would be on a par with sunday league pub teams. This team was an absolute joke, not one player amongst them who is even close to "world class" It's been a long time since England had any world class players and if this is anything to go by it will be a long time before they get any!

25/06/2012 11:08

Italy deserve to win they were the best team of the night.

25/06/2012 10:58
Been ther got the t shirt same old England.We all hope for more but again we fall short of the way  european football is played.No more excuses we just are not good enough OK .
25/06/2012 11:51

just to you show england only have club players and not internatioals

its about time we give up with  experts who have never won anything at international level

25/06/2012 13:22
just to point out your pics have the wrong caption. Nocierino must be in disguise as diamanti!!
25/06/2012 09:58
poor england  u did a good job well done roy and the rest of the squad :)
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