26/06/2012 11:18 | By Rob Jones, producer, MSN Sport
The Three Lions to roar at World Cup 2014

MSN Sport picks who should start for England in Brazil World Cup 2014

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It's sad to be looking at the next tournament before the current one has even reached the semi-final stage, but the England side have left us with no choice once again. Manager Roy Hodgson and captain Steven Gerrard said things had to change and improvements have to be made, so MSN Sport have done just that.

With a new formation, an plethora of fresh blood and just a hint of experience we have suggested who should be starting for England come Word Cup 2014...if they make it!

Let us know in the comments below, or directly to @msnsportrob, if you agree or not.

26/06/2012 14:12

Why oh Why does our country keep having a go at Englands football selection for important competitions.  We have had idiots at the helm but now we have a genuine english speaking manager and ffully experienced along with his back room assistants to prove that winning can be done.  For goodness sake he has only been in the job for a couple of months stop doing him down.  Even the English 'boys' in the presenting  box, who incidentally think they know 'everything'

ridicule our team.  I never heard other countries presenters ridiculing their teams and I have watched every match to date of Euro  2012.  We did get to the quarter finals didn't we???   Go Roy Go you have had a good start now build on it and 'shut up' all these negative people. 


leave rooney out for a start...no way!
26/06/2012 19:13
I would not pay Rooney with washers . No comitment on the field. Has never performed at internation level. But he gets picked time and time again. GET RID NOW.
26/06/2012 14:51
Why do people keep saying we made the quarter finals? We made the last 8 of 16!!!! A 16 that included 2 crap host countries, clueless Greece and the pub team across the river. Then fell at the next hurdle. Everone moaning about how bad we are at penalties, What!???!!! The problem is not the poor penalties, it's that we can never beat anyone decent in 90 minutes because we are an average team. We are meant to be ranked 7th in the world, come on, who does that ratings list, Stevie Wonder?!
26/06/2012 18:38
Rooney shouldn't go to the next world cup.
26/06/2012 13:41
looks good on paper,EXCEPT no rooney please,be better playing with ten men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26/06/2012 16:46
why has rooney always got to appear in these? he does not deserve to get as many chances as he does, in ou match against italy he had no clue what he was doing and didnt even bother shutting the keeper down when he had it, he just turned round nd walked away. useless piece of **** at international level.
26/06/2012 14:15
Aren't we all forgetting one minor and very important fact, England have to qualify first.
26/06/2012 16:19

After browsing over all of the messages on here and seeing all of the 'thumbs up' regarding Rooney, one thing has become abundently clear and that is, Rooney simply isn't world class. Time and time again, the man has simply failed to turn up for a major tournament. I'd like to believe its because the opposition has done their homework and have bossed him out of the game but I'm not buying that for a minute. Pirlo is undoubtedly a world class footballer and could have played in his slippers, such was the time and space afforded to him. And this is something I find hard to understand, why give such a talented player so much time.

I remember when Brazil played Argentina in the 1982 World Cup and Maradona was the worlds best player and everybody couldn't get enough of Maradona. Everybody except Brazil, I distinctly remember Brazil's Roberto Falcao telling everybody this memerable quote, "Just because the music starts to play, doesn't mean you gotta let them dance"...Well Maradona didn't dance that day and he got well and truely 'taken care' of and Brazil went on to win 3-1.

There's no doubt in my mind that come the Germany/Italy game, Pirlo will be taken care of.

If England had taken care of Pirlo, I really believe the outcome may have been a little different.

26/06/2012 16:14

Couldn't really fault our defence or Joe Hart, Gerrard had a half decent tournament, in the final game, Walcott should have started, when the sub of the striker came he should have put Carroll on for ROONEY rather than Welbeck, Welbeck had a quality tournament and Rooney shouldnt have even flew to the Euros, he can never be bothered to do anything for his country, the lazy git won't even sing the national anthem... EVERY PLAYER SHOULD SING IT!!! Rooney is a complete waste of space, the goal he scored against Ukraine was the easiest goal anyone could ask for, just because he plays for Manchester United, doesn't make him one of the worlds greatest, he won't do anything for free, he has to be paid to try, he was great in Euro 2004 but after that he was a complete waste of space who doesn't deserve to wear that shirt, wave that flag and call himself English.

James Milner also did nothing all tournament, he doesn't deserve to play at international level, Scott Parker also, if you can't handle putting in 100% each game and for extra time then don't play!


My starters would be:


         Cole, Johnson, Terry, Lescott,

Walcott, Gerrard, Lampard, Oxlade Chamberlain,

               Carroll and Welbeck

26/06/2012 14:52
Get Ridd of the over paid White elephant "Wayne Rooney" for a start
26/06/2012 14:18

If Rooney is on the first team then we are cooked.


 We can look forward to him jogging on the spot, trying to look involved.


If he receives a pass that he can reach without moving, then we can have the pleasure of seeing him give it to the opponents.


If he scores a goal other than a penalty it will be a ball that bounces off him and be a fluke.


Disappointed poor English man.


listen.....you pick a team that can compete with the best...i.e. not WAYNE ROONEY!....he has proved at international level he cant do it, so stop harping on about how wonderful he is, gazza was world class.....ROONEY is not, and looking at the team before he arrived, we played better without him FACT! THAN WE DID WITH HIM,  FORGET THE JUMPED UP PLAYER, put someone in who wears the shirt with pride!....he didnt
26/06/2012 16:44
why pick rooney he has just showed that he is not capable of the job.  before he started at this euro the team were actually playing as a team and what great team work it was. the england team should now be for a team of the future and not of the past so why keep rooney when he surely cannot manage the task in hand
26/06/2012 21:25
I agree with most of the team suggested but please please please leave Rooney out of all world cup plans. He is not right for Englands team, complete under achiever and when he plays the dynamics of the team changes completely......for the worse.
26/06/2012 20:19

as long as he doesn't pick Rooney and Milner we should do a lot better.


26/06/2012 18:52
The whole style of play and tactics for England were embarrassing and humiliating. I never thought that any team could play like Greece did against Germany. But then blow me down, we play worse against Italy. Absolute dire rubbish. As for Wayne Rooney... the biggest waste of space. What an opportunity for an English striker to shine. When he got the ball he got pushed of it soo easily , useless, gutless, skilless rubbish.
26/06/2012 15:26
good team but would keep rooney off the team as he sucks as a international player hes good 4 man u thats about it
26/06/2012 14:37
Welbeck might come good in the future but he doesn't score enough goals for me.  As for Rooney being in there?  You're havin' a Laff.
Bearing in mind the salaries these guys get for not performing well it shows what a joke British football is. England are not the force to be reckoned with of yesteryear. It is all about money not the game and certainly no patriotism. I watched the other countries players singing their national anthem with gusto and watch ours, who seem to be just mumbling a few words and not even in time with the music.
Too much emphasis is made of has-beens like Rooney and good solid players like Carroll are sat on the bench. When Carroll was brought out he never made a wrong step, whereas Rooney seemed to be playing for the opposition, if playing at all.
It is time to get back to brass tacks, train them young, put the money in investment of the young. OK the best players can still have a nice fat salary but they should have to justify receiving that amount like any other employee and when it is obvious they are past their sell-by date, then sorry, but we have to replace you, your performance isnt up to scratch anymore. There isnt a job in the world where you pay high salaries to under-performers, except Banks of course, but thats another story.
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