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FA 'a week away' from Terry call

Garth Crooks says the FA should have taken immediate action over the John Terry case

Garth Crooks says the FA should have taken immediate action over the John Terry case

The Football Association will study the findings of the John Terry court case before deciding whether or not to bring any charges against the Chelsea captain.

Terry has been cleared at Westminster Magistrates' Court of racially abusing QPR's Anton Ferdinand and the FA will now have to decide whether to open disciplinary proceedings under its rules.

An FA spokesman said: "The FA notes the decision in the John Terry case and will now seek to conclude its own enquiries. The FA will make no further comment at this time."

The FA can still bring charges even though Terry was found not guilty in court. It is likely to be at least a week before a decision is made.

Liverpool's Luis Suarez was banned by the FA last season for racially abusing Patrice Evra but that case never went to court.

Former Manchester United and Tottenham striker Garth Crooks, now a BBC presenter, has criticised the FA for not acting sooner.

Crooks said on www.guardian.co.uk: "The real problem in the Terry case began once the FA failed to take immediate action.

"This lack of fibre by the governing body to act instantly when Terry gave them a statement after the verbal clash with Ferdinand, threw the entire procedure into chaos - forcing everyone associated with the game to either dive for cover or sit on the fence."

Crooks believes that Terry should still face action from the FA even though the Chelsea player's defence was that he was only repeating what he believed Ferdinand had accused him of saying.

He added: "I believe it was wrong of him to say these words under any circumstances - and though Terry has been found not to have committed a criminal offence, the FA must now decide whether the former England captain should be charged for contravening its own rules."

13/07/2012 17:17
Crooks is a thick idiot, who would love to sit in on this kangaroo court. The FA are a corrupt load of thieves who will try and fleece Terry. They have a track record of bad decisions and are a disgrace to any right minded person.
13/07/2012 18:35
I`m sorry Garth but the verdict today reinforces my infinate belief that Nani and Anton Ferdinand used the race card to get fellow, albeit white, professionals into serious trouble with the FA.And as a result should receive punishment in line with the punishment Suarez received for alleged, unproved I might add, racial remarks.The race card is being used too readily and  abused  too much in all walks of life and professions on a day to day basis these days.For Christs sake white people cannot even describe a blackboard as black when it is black yet blacks are allowed to call a white board a white board.What the Christ is happening in my country and whatever happened to freedom of speech.If Ferdinand and his like can`t stand being described as the colour they are or  chose to be,and lets face it Ferdinand is neither black nor white, he is classed as coloured whether he likes it not,then they should get a life and get on with it, they get paid enough.  
13/07/2012 17:20
crooks' pathetic attempts at appearing intellectual are a joke. He is a pretentious, mincing, numb skull.
13/07/2012 18:01
Crooks'sentire post-football career is an exercise in afirmative action; his intellectual pretensions are a joke. He's even more sententious and bloviating than Keith Vaz. More importantly, he's wrong on a simple point of fact: once the police received a complaint (reportedly from a serving police officer!) they were compelled to launch an investigation and the FA were consequently obliged to suspend their own. So it was simply a case of protocol and Crooks is talking out of his black behind (is that racist or just descriptive?)..

and so anton is now seen in the light that most thought he was. an average player going nowhere who is pi55ed still that his dear brother, the drug test missing and unfaithful family man, was picked above jt for the england captaincy.

i know jt is no saint but neither is rio

this whole money wasting episode stinks of revenge when he didnt even know what happened himself

turns out anton was the instigator in all the banter that went to far

jt the man is no role model but so are most of the highly paid footballers playing now but come on, a RACIST, never!

look at the best role model professional so everyone thought, mr giggs our great britain olympic captain, he was soon found out to not only cheat on his family like jt but seriously it was with his own sister-in-law!!! how the hell can he really be the captain for the olympics team??? thats a bigger joke than saying jt is a racist

i agree with some saying that the racist card is far too easily played and i hope this decison today helps to stop that!


13/07/2012 18:25

There is far to much swearing by football players before , during and at the end of matches , the worst offenders are the  top paid professionals . Its time they realised that not everyone appreciates bad language and there are children watching the games

I also get annoyed with the bad manners on the field as in fouling , its time the FA cleaned up their act and took the culprits to task

13/07/2012 18:48
handbags thats what both john and anton called it fter the match and thats where it should have ended, END OF
13/07/2012 18:01
How can the FA do anything now? The time has past and they can't go against the courts decision. He has been cleared innocent case closed. The FA did what they have always done best... nothing.
13/07/2012 19:01
Garth Crooks football punditry is rubbish. He wants the job as spokesperson for all black people everywhere. Darcus Howe doesn't seem to be doing the job anymore. 
13/07/2012 17:13

surprise surprise!!

a guardian reading,black,leftie,ex footballer has come out saying john terry should have been,basically, hung,drawn and quartered.

watch this space for that other pro-black brigade idiot,ian wright,coming out in favour of bringing back hanging for john terry.

if i remember correctly,he also works for a pathetic newspaper.

I would have thought the law of the land should over rule the FA.If they have found him not guilty, how can the FA .The only way is if they have evidence which they have withheld from the courts.
 They should also look at Anton Ferdinand for bringing the game into disrepute.After all, he started the whole sorry affair which he has admitted in a court of law.
13/07/2012 19:04
there is fa the fa can do now except await a call from mr suarez and his legals.
13/07/2012 17:35
F..k off fatty, no one cares about your views and who are you anyway.
13/07/2012 22:04

Once the police report was sent in I believe the FA were legally obliged to suspend their investigation (maybe someone can correct me on that??) So Mr Crooks is prabably wrong about the 'lack of fibre' part. Now the court case is over the FA may well conclude thier own investigation, in the same way that a case can be tried in both a civil and criminal court.


It is beyond me though why a man, any man regardless of colour, can't voice his opinions without being abused or called names. Surely this is the heart of the issue, a slow degradation of respect for each other. Fat, thin, black, white, bald, whatever, why are these things relevant to arguing against another man's point of view. These things begin in the school playground but clearly don't end there. We are smarter than this, at least I would like to thing so.


Once foul language begins it's very easy for it to escalate out of control. The officials are already empowered to act when they hear foul language, nip it in the bud. Shirt pulling at corners, simulations, diving, they have the power to eradicate this stuff within one season but they don't use the power they already have. Football really is the 'beautiful game' but for all sorts of reasons, money, fixing, cheating and abuse, it's under a cloud of shame. The way ahead, I believe, is not by knocking verbal lumps out of each other for cheap points but by embracing our common love of the game. Maybe a bit touchy-feely but I'm sick to death of this stuff, it used to be about can he pass, can he tackle, can he score? Now it's 'he called me names sir and gets paid more than me.'

13/07/2012 17:53

knew it would happen!

all comment's from the john terry,not guilty topic have been taken down.

i think the underlying thoughts of a nation in general were coming to the fore weren't they!

msn,you're getting as bad as 'the sun'...what about 'freedom of speech'???

anyone who doesn't understand this comment...go and read the beano!!

14/07/2012 02:11
Funny how all these outraged "anti racists" never show up when people like Dianne Abbot come out with racist comments about white people. I wonder what professor Crooks thought of her comments?
14/07/2012 18:47

what a load of crap put forward by another so called pundit playing the race card, funny how they all seem to be non whites, he is saying its all right for Ferdinand to say anything to Terry but Terry is not allowed to reply.....

crawl back under your rock!

13/07/2012 19:46
England captaincy makes you BULLET PROOF
14/07/2012 02:08

James West


Presumably you also deplore the justice system. JT has been found not guilty. Can we presume that if you ever face a charge you will refuse to accept an acquital and demand the book be thrown at yourself? Imbecile

14/07/2012 18:57
 I notice fatboy  said nothing about Anton's antics. I suppose in his bowling ball sized head, Anton's abuse was merely acceptable banter because Terry is white. In my opinion it the Likes of Garth Crooks are the racist ones. If Anton had said ' effing white cnut ' this human hot air balloon would have shrugged his shoulders and thought no more of it. If the Eff all suspend Terry and not Ferdinand for equal sentences you will all see who is truly racist.
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