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FA fined for England fans' conduct

The FA has been fined over the behaviour of England fans at the Sweden game

The FA has been fined over the behaviour of England fans at the Sweden game

The Football Association have been fined 5,000 euros (£4,035) by UEFA for the "inappropriate conduct" of England's fans during their win over Sweden in Kiev last Friday.

The fine was for the attempted pitch invasion by England supporters during the Group D match, European football's governing body confirmed in a statement.

The FA have decided not to contest the fine believing the relative small amount reflects UEFA's belief the incident was not serious.

"The FA accepts UEFA's sanction in relation to the incident versus Sweden and we consider the matter closed," said an FA statement.

The FA presented video evidence and strong mitigating circumstances in their defence at a UEFA hearing, including that the potential "invasion" during the 3-2 win was nothing more than exuberance rather than a deliberate plan by some supporters to get onto the pitch.

After England's second and third goals by Theo Walcott and Danny Welbeck between 20 and 30 fans surged forward towards the barriers but no one got further than the outside of the Olympic Stadium's running track.

The incident was so minor the UEFA match delegate is not thought to have mentioned it in his report of the game.

After so many years when the behaviour of their supporters has been called into question, the FA have been able to confirm there has not been a single arrest in either Poland or Ukraine.

UEFA have been criticised for their system of fining countries at Euro 2012.

The Croatian FA were fined £65,000 on Tuesday after their fans were found guilty of racially abusing Italy striker Mario Balotelli and Denmark's Nicklas Bendtner was hit by an £80,000 penalty for revealing underwear sponsored by a bookmaker.

20/06/2012 20:12
So Are UEFA going to give a fine to the Chezch s for throwing flares on to the pitch, causing disruption and possible injury to fans or players.
21/06/2012 02:56

20 or 30 people "ATTEMPTED" to invade the pitch out of how may thousand supporters.


Meanwhile Russian Supporters attack a punbch of Polish Stewards after playing Czech Rep, then when they play Poland there's a full blown riot involving Russian & Polish Supporters.


And its the 20 or 30 English Supporters that FIFA get their panties in a twist about.


Double Standards.

20/06/2012 20:10
It is a football match not a library. Next they will be saying shouting is irresponsible or that wearing the nations shirt is racist. UEFA are incompetent and need sacking. Being governed by unelected bodies, it is the soup of the day.

any excuse to screw the english.


UEFA and FIFA can kiss my a-ss

20/06/2012 18:57
I pass several pubs on my way to work and back home again. I am lucky never to have been fined for potential drink driving. Phew
20/06/2012 20:38

The England Fans have let us down again! Not one arrest, I was betting on at least fifty.


The real bad lot must have had their dole money cut back and we allowed to travel those who normally stay at home and sew sequins on to their dresses.


Seriously though, well done the non-rioters and screw UEFA with their petty fines. It is like sending every man to prison for going equipped to rape!!


Yet again they have proved that they hate England by a fine for not invading the pitch. If Ukrain had cleared a shot which was over the line Blatter would not have blinked but because it is England it is now an issue a different stance from the World Cup. They must be panicking that we could win just like Chelsea.

Happy days.

20/06/2012 19:00
do not pay and tell them what to do with the fine ( the sun does not shine there) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21/06/2012 02:13
John Moss , you say England has the worst record for invading ?   i thought that was another european country ?    Is ' the numbskulls who write on here " correct grammar  John Cordey?   seriously guys you know England fans have always been targets for punishment when others get away with it .
21/06/2012 00:17

The FA have been fined 5,000 Euro's - That's our donation towards goal line technology.


20/06/2012 21:06


20/06/2012 20:42
Suppose this is to pay for the technology, hope our guys wear underwear or there will be more fines. I guess they have enough from all the fines dished out to finance it. Terrible when there are crooks running sporting events especially when they are the biggest racists of all.
20/06/2012 19:59
so if rooney attempts to score a goal, he will be fined   we got no chance then ?
21/06/2012 01:52
the amount of other countries that have disrupted, inc Chezchs 
Just look at where the tournament is set, no action was taken about the racist slurs to dutch on their training session
Its a joke- its 2012 and we still haven't got goal-line technology
Even a video-replay in such big tournaments such as these, it wont slow the game down, how often will you have to resort to use one, goals are rarely inconclusive
its all a joke 
21/06/2012 07:09
Its all **** there are thousands of English fans being tarred with the same brush not seen one on the box in trouble. Living in tents thats dedication to your team But one crowd surge and were all pitch invaders. Its about time that Blatter was replaced with someone that realises its not the English fans ruining the game its him and the sooner hes pensioned off the better.                         AND NOW BACK TO THE FOOTBALL c,mon England
A Mickey Mouse fine for a Mickey Mouse offence .
20/06/2012 23:24
So this attempted crowd invasion was no more than a crowd surge?
20/06/2012 22:59
I am a 60 yr old granny and have watched the matches "with interest" because my 6 year old grandson is going to buy me a bungalow when he plays for England.  I hope that the English fans over there are the same fans that will support my grandson in those future years.  I HOPE that UEFA has gone by then.  I hope that anyone whoEVER throws a fire cracker on to a pitch does not think they will ever get away with it.  Well I can dream.  Come on England; show the damned lot of them.  I tell you what tho,  not a single country over there can do without us so it is such a shame we seem to be constantly "got at" and we such a tiny island !!!!    But BIG hearts.
20/06/2012 23:08
Come on guy's you may be in S**t Street financially in Europe but this system will take years to collect enough to take Sepp Blatter out for lunch even,  how many snails or frogs legs will it provide for Pattini's lunch out, not a lot .  Lets face it just about everyone has invaded Europe and who came to bail you ungrateful buggers out.

21/06/2012 05:18
Architek.........so all English supporters that travel are hooligans and they give England a bad name?///wake up you muppet.....its people like you that give England a bad name along with all of the 3rd world bin dipping trash dotted around the country .get a proper job and leave these forum's to the adults please.
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