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Families call for FA apology

Trevor Hicks wants the FA to apologise over Hillsborough

Trevor Hicks wants the FA to apologise over Hillsborough

Trevor Hicks, the chair of Hillsborough families support group, has called on the Football Association to apologise over the disaster.

The FA issued a statement on Thursday commending the Hillsborough Independent Panel's report but offering no apology over the events at the FA Cup semi-final 23 years ago. The FA awarded the game to Hillsborough, but it was later revealed the ground did not have a valid safety certificate at the time of the match.

Sheffield Wednesday apologised on Thursday and Hicks said the FA should follow suit, telling BBC Radio Five: "Yes they should - the ground didn't have a safety certificate."

The FA's statement said: "Having thoroughly reviewed yesterday's report in full, the Football Association would like to commend the Hillsborough Independent Panel for their exhaustive and professional work.

"It is also important that the FA recognises the tireless commitment shown by so many, particularly the Hillsborough Family Support Group.

"We welcome the publication of the report and the subsequent comments of the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.

"The FA reiterates its deep and ongoing sadness at the dreadful events that unfolded on 15 April 1989.

"The organisation's thoughts at this time remain with the families of all those who lost their lives in such terrible circumstances, as well as everyone connected with the City of Liverpool. For 23 years the families have suffered unbearable pain, and we have profound sympathy for this.

"The FA has co-operated fully with the Panel throughout this process and has released all documentation in line with their request.

"The FA and English football has changed immeasurably, and has learnt many lessons in the last 23 years. Through advancements in safety and investment in facilities English football is now a much safer, more welcoming environment for supporters."

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13/09/2012 11:47

Am i missing the point? It was always plainly obvious that the fans were put in a position where they died through no fault of their own, regardless of what team they were following it's always been totally and completely beyond me that the fans in anyway could have been blamed therefore it was obvious that bad decisions were made by other people, be it the ground through allocation, the police by allowing it, as for the cover up that followed or missinformation ..............someone lied and the lies grew and grew if the public as a whole had disregarded the fact that they were liverpool fans and just looked at the awful loss of INNOCENT life then something would have been done about this a long time ago. So in addition to the press the police the football club politicians the public are guilty as well.

I cant help believing if this had happened to another set of fans other than liverpool then the lies cover up and acceptence of scum journalism like the suns would never have happened.

People judged because of it being liverpool fans, trully disgusting...

From a Chelsea fan,

13/09/2012 11:55

Bottom Line is, the FA appointed the game to be played at Hillsborough

if it have been played at Villa Park or Old Trafford this would never have happen


so, who fault is it really ??

13/09/2012 12:32
The people who are giving the thumbs down, are just ignorant trolls who cant face the truth that has now been exposed .... they are just sad morons.
If you are waiting for an apology from the FA dont hold your breath the F***all Association in at Lancastergate are just a bunch of spineless b******* it dosent matter how safer English football is now it wont bring back the people who died im sure if some of  thier families had lost people in a disaster that could have been averted they would want an apology and more so why dont you all grow a pair stand up and be counted and APOLOGISE from an Evertonian 

but trevor hicks is right the famlies should get an apology from the f.a.

13/09/2012 12:34
the report pointed out Hillsborough was removed from consideration  by the FA for 'major games' following incidents or crushing in 1981, it was later put back on the list in 87, 
the question of safety was obviously high on the list of things to be looked at when they reinstated it, how is it then they didn't know there was no safety certificate, even though we are now looking back with the benefit of hindsight, it beggars belief?
13/09/2012 12:04
Wonder whose giving the thumbs down? be interesting to hear/read their views.,,,
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