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Ferdinand charged by FA

The FA have charged Rio Ferdinand with comments he made on Twitter

The FA have charged Rio Ferdinand with comments he made on Twitter

Rio Ferdinand has been charged by the Football Association over the comments he made on Twitter following the end of John Terry's recent trial.

In the aftermath of the trial, when Terry was acquitted of racially abusing Ferdinand's brother Anton, the Manchester United defender responded to a Tweet that characterised Chelsea defender Ashley Cole, who was a defence witness in the trial, as a 'choc-ice'.

The term is is commonly understood to mean 'black on the outside, white on the inside', and was a reference to Cole's testimony in court, in which he said he never heard Terry make a racist remark to Ferdinand during the match in question at Loftus Road in October.

"The FA has today charged Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand with improper conduct in relation to comments posted on Twitter," said an FA statement.

"The allegation is that the player acted in a way which was improper and/or brought the game into disrepute by making comments which included a reference to ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race."

Ferdinand has until 4pm on Thursday to respond to the charge.

The move extends still further a case which has cast a dark shadow over the game for over nine months now.

Last week, Terry was charged with improper conduct by the FA for the comments he made to Anton Ferdinand, a charge he has vowed to contest.

Now, Rio Ferdinand must clear his name, or risk a hefty fine or potential suspension ahead of the new Premier League campaign.

30/07/2012 16:31
About time. He spouts anti racism, then comes out with his own variety and expects to be immune because he is black.
30/07/2012 16:29

Murked!!! Ugly ****.


Hilarious, so so funny. Just goes to show that racism is a 2 way street.


Its so funny, as much as I think he should be able to say whatever he likes, I hate his face. He got all high and mighty after the Suarez and Terry incident so its nice to see that basically he just likes to rub salt in wounds, add his 2 penneth, stir it up a little. When really he is just as bad, if not worse than everyone else.




He will learn that you cannot make the kind of comments he did and expect to get away with it, so he will will have to deal with any punishment metred out to him by the FA,


Stupid thing to do for a player of his standing

30/07/2012 16:40
I am sick of anti white insults from people like Ferdinand. He denounces his white ancestry and is full of self loathing. His comments and stirring, deserve a horse whipping. I would like to see him and his brother banned from football for the disgraceful way they have conducted themselves. I expect the FA to give him a token slap on the wrists before bending over and hoping for a Rio goosing. 
30/07/2012 17:11
For all right thinking black people this is what EQUALITY means! We don't want preferrential treatment, if a black man makes an abusive/racist remark he should be punished like any man of any race. Well done the FA. Time to stop this vile trash talk on the field. He and Terry should get the same punishment as Suarez, that would be fair/just and send a clear message to their fellow 'professionals'.
He's a bloody fool. Anyone who is in the public eye who goes on twitter is asking for trouble.
30/07/2012 16:23
No more than he deserves, what an utter plonker if he thought it was NOT a racist remark.   You just knew this bozo would take it to far.   He should have let his brother deal with his own issues and not spent so much time stirring it up in the back ground.  What goes around comes around Ferdinand even a plonker like should have realised that!!!  I bet you thought you were immune because you play for Man U....W R O N G!!! 
Rio has now been seen for what he is A BULLY. A RACIST BULLY. I doubt he will get much punishment as the liberal running the country see only white people as racist. People who live in the real world and suffer in urban cities have to put up with racist behaviour from non whites every day. They know they will get away with it because of the liberal elite so they cary on getting worse and worse and more daring. I hope Rio gets the book thrown at him. Big mouth big ego and not a believes he is a celebrity and a spokeman for a generation...Sadly for him he is surrounded by people who don't tell him the truth. He is disliked very much and not just by non Man U supporters. I support Man U and hope we sell of this old donkey very soon. A terrible vulgar bully.
30/07/2012 16:35
Sorry! when you stick your nose in other peoples matters and stir it up the way he has you get what you deserve. Let me shed some real tears for the man. "NOT"
I can't understand why we want to respond to this article, the FA are total **** who want to go out there and get a life as for Terry and the Ferdinand brothers they can call each other what they want and who really gives a SH*T we have gone over the top in this country with health &safety, racialism  and on and on, get on with one an other and if you should upset some one then apologize if needed but please no more court cases at the tax payers expense.
30/07/2012 17:31
I don`t get all this racism, first John Terry, now Rio Ferdinand, these are words, no one has been stab or shot.  I heard the guy the writes for the Daily Mirror on the radio the day after the JT incident, the way he spoke about JT you would have thought he had gone into a play ground and shot a load of kids.  Not, allegedly called someone a name, its not very nice to call people names whatever  there race, although I have to say I thought there was only one race, the human race.

It appears now that it is far far worse to call someone a name or insult them than it is to steal from, or assault a person, the world has gone mad.  I suppose that nothing will happen to Frankie Boyle the comments he put out about Rebecca Adlington, she has to take that but when colour comes into it, everything gets completely out of proportion.  There is no doubt that people like RF set out to stir things up. If he did not then he would have sorted out the thing with JT on his brother behalf, it would never have got to court.  Instead a man of his standing in the game allowed something that could have been dealt with to get completely out of hand. 

What RF put on twitter about "choc ice" is an insult and a racist remark to every white person in this country. It infers that white on the inside is bad, so you would have to take from his remark  re-Ashley Cole was that AC should have given a dishonest opinion of his team-mate, lied and said he was racist, in other words stir up race hatred.  AC has come out of this with his character intact, he went in there told the truth, he was a credit to himself, his parents, his club, and his profession, which cannot be said of a lot of his fellow footballers.

I can`t see why we can`t all live together in harmony, colour whether black or white is on skin deep.  As Martin Luther King said " I want my children judge not by the colour of there skin but by the content of there character.
30/07/2012 16:49
Justice for this arrogant head up his a..e useless Man U dummy.
He is a passenger at Man U - being more off the field, then on !!- always feigning injury's and being kept on with full pay.
There are none so blind, then those that will not see - Wake up Man U - get rid of this waste of space before he drags your name further into the dirt.

31/07/2012 00:13
You get tired and pxxxxd off hearing about all this crap!Football is about footballers, not black players or white players..................just players.My kid has just come outa the Parras after serving 4 years with a bunch of Real Men,both black and white all watching each others backs...............and under equiped to do their job................................now thats an issue that aint crap!!!!!!!!!!!! 
30/07/2012 17:18

Now that JUST proves WHO is the racist in this whole affair.  First Anton  makes allegations against a footballer who was proved innocent in court of racist remarks, Then his brother  goes on to insult another player because he was a defence witness.


For crying out , RIO and ANTON, GROW UP, and stop seeing racism at everywhere you look.

30/07/2012 21:00
sorry i am white, im a foreigner in my own country, i cannot make any remarks, big brother will arrest me for my (FREEDOM OF SPEECH)
30/07/2012 16:55

In the Red corner Rio Ferdinand and in the Blue corner John Terry..


Between them not a brain cell in sight...Cuts both ways.


Punishment is no where near severe enough, both will get just a tap on the wrist and these are supposed to be "professional" people...... If it were me, they would both be sacked and contracts terminated. Without tarnishing every footballer with the same brush, but some of them think that earning the big bucks makes them untouchable......

racist hairlipped c.nt.....well you and your donkey brother can now be put out to grass,officially winning the biggest pair of wan.ers in football trophy for keeps.....it took terry nearly a year to come to trial  for nothing....and you got done in a fortnight pmsl.....
30/07/2012 16:26
You will probably smack his hand and tell him not to do it again, how about 10 match ban no wages for all that period and make him work with severely handicapped people who know what discrimination is and maybe this might humble the arrogant twit
30/07/2012 16:22

Football players wont learn! :( so, so, so, so STUPID!!!

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