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Ferdinand speaks out over Terry ban

Anton Ferdinand has hit out at abuse he has received on Twitter

Anton Ferdinand has hit out at abuse he has received on Twitter

Anton Ferdinand has broken his silence after John Terry was found guilty of using racist language towards him, declaring: "Footage don't lie!"

Ferdinand hit out at abuse he claimed to have received on Twitter since Terry was handed a four-match ban and £220,000 fine by an independent Football Association panel over the pair's altercation almost a year ago.

The QPR defender tweeted: "On a serious note people need 2 read the facts before they send stupid tweets 2 me with liar and grass in it footage don't lie!"

Ferdinand's comment seemed to refer to the video footage that appeared to show Chelsea captain Terry using the words "f****** black c***" towards him during last October's west London derby at Loftus Road.

Terry was cleared in July by Westminster Magistrates Court of uttering the words as an insult, but that did not prevent him being found guilty under FA rules on Thursday.

Terry, who has always denied all charges against him, is still deciding whether to appeal that verdict and he has indicated he will wait until he has received the written judgment before making that decision.

Chelsea refused to answer questions on Terry's ban at their press conference to preview Saturday's Barclays Premier League game at Arsenal. Head of communications Steve Atkins made that clear in a statement beforehand, insisting the club did not want to prejudice any appeal.

That did not prevent manager Roberto Di Matteo being quizzed on the subject, but Atkins repeatedly interjected, most notably when the Italian was asked about the club's policy on players found guilty of using racist language.

Di Matteo did confirm that Terry was fit and available for the match and would continue to captain the club if picked. He said he had no fears about the player's mental state or how he would react to abuse he might suffer.

"He's an experienced player who has played many difficult games before, in difficult circumstances and environments," Di Matteo said. "If selected, I don't think there will be a problem."

28/09/2012 16:06
Its amazing, the hyprocrisy in Britain, we have hundreds of illegal immigrants in Britain convicted of SERIOUS abuse and henious crimes, yet because of their so called human righst, they are NOT being DEPORTED, already having cost the British Taxpayer Millions.......now I call that discrimination and blatant abuse of the HOST country Britain and an insult and affront to the British People................which begs the question....?? where is John Terrys Human Rights................he has been treat like a criminal in his own country...............more like a political correct football.

Why can't people understand what racism really is. If someone calls me a Scottish **** it is not the "Scottish" which insults me. If they call me a Bald **** it is not the "bald" which insults me.

Why would a black man be insulted because someone called him black?

Racism requires bigotry. I hate you because you are Scottish/bald/black is not the same as I hate you and you are Scottish/bald/black.

I hate ignorant people who shout racism without understanding what it looks like.

That makes me Politically Correctist!!

28/09/2012 16:11
anton you need to grow up and set an example pity white people arent allowed to use the race card hey
28/09/2012 18:42
@ someone (mrken123 ) YOU ASK

"Where do all these racist posters come from ??"PLEASE LET ME TELL YOU They come out of the woodwork when the racism card is being played over some petty little squabble...... they also come out when our soldiers are being spat at ( wooton basset is a prime example ) the dignity that those squaddies showed that day was exemplary........... they come out when gangs of Asians groom and then rape school girls and school boys, THEY COME OUT OF THE WOODWORK WHEN the NHS is just about to explode because of all the Rumanian Gypsies are taking the fkin hospital beds ,they come out when a one handed hate preacher spits Venom at the very country that fkin feeds him and his fkin followers....... need more .

28/09/2012 18:32
A paltry £8O Fine......for burning in Public the SACRED British Rememberance day Poppy........Now I call that liberal abusive discrimination and an insult to our forefathers. An affront to the British and Commonwealth peoples.
28/09/2012 18:42
so anton lets talk about what you was saying to john terry.all the vile stuff you was saying to terry about his not very private sexlife,to get a reaction to get him sent off as chelsea was aready down to 9 men.but this is classic britain where the person who starts it can claim to be the victim if they get more than they think back.lets forget all the racist crap as terry said black.im talking about disrespecting someone which anton did to start all this off,they both would be punched for what they said on the street.funny how anton dont say anything about his racist brother rio,but then its only white people are racists...right?
28/09/2012 18:25
THIS present ***Liberal Coalition Government is drawing up legislation BEHIND YOUR BACK to BAN the wearing of any CHRISTIAN CROSS AT WORK....but at the same time is NOT banning the wearing of  BURKA  (which is banned outright in France).  There are apparent moves to BAN the selling of REMEMBERANCE DAY Poppies in certain areas of Britain to appease and cowtow to certain minorities.  Now I call that not just blatant discrimination but abusive  insult to our forefathers, Britain and its historical culture and history. A shocking disgrace an AFFRONT to the British and Commonwealth Peoples.
28/09/2012 16:13
I see the HOOK and his mates..(some on British benefits, dole money and living in a huge London House)... who have abused British Culture and History is continuing to try every trick in the Book to avoid Deportation, to the good old USA........ costing the British Taxpayer Millions.  Get him out TODAY, he and his mates are an affront to our forefathers and the British People ...........On the other hand a decent British Business man is extradited Poste Haste............now I call that blatant discrimation.
28/09/2012 19:38
If you have any different opinion in Britain today you are called a racist....but the HOOK can rant and rave on British Streets denegrating Britain and its history and culture.   Have they deported him yet and his mates  ?......Iits a sound bet they have not,...... The HOOK  continues  to extract the urine from the so called British Justice Systme,.   I have LOST COUNT of the APPEALS he had made, every trick in the book to avoid deportation to the USA.  An affront to the British People.
28/09/2012 20:15
my problem with anton ferdinand is that he was giving john terry plenty of verbal abuse also and if you cannot take abuse you should not be giving it out . making yourself out to be the victim i just find hard to believe . .
28/09/2012 19:49

Always believed that this country would explode against the injustices meted out against the indigenous population. I had a belief that no matter what the race, colour or creed we could always find a way to get along together. I was clearly wrong.

Do-gooders have wrecked any chance of that happening and I fear that this high profile case will ignite the touchpaper.

If a minority member of the population were to make the same comments towards a white person this would never have gone to court. This country is shafted.

Walk into any pub at any time any mention immigrants and the hatred is palpable.

Where the hell is all this positive discrimination going to end???

28/09/2012 16:16
John Terry is being used and abused as a convenient Politically Correct Football..scapegoat...shocking and disgusting.   Appeal John  (We have all lost count of how many times our Cleric Hook and his mates have appealed over a eight year period)....to the European Court and the Queen.
There is something deeply unpleasant about the Ferdinand brothers that I do not like. Rio, calls Ashly Cole a choc ice, when Cole gives Terry a character reference, which is diabolical because Cole is fully entitled to say whet he wants about his team mate without abuse from the loathsome drug cheat Rio Ferdinand.I understand that Didier Drogbha, also wanted to give John Terry a character reference. Anton Ferdinand, should man up, and if he did not like what Terry said to him, then he should have punched Terry on the nose, instead Anton Ferdinand, has become a whining grass that no one likes or respects.
28/09/2012 20:00
I also follow Leeds United....... since i can remember..... Leeds are currently in talks with a consortium of Muslim business men regarding a takeover, now if Leeds United sell to the Muslim business men i for one will no longer support Leeds United .
Take a look around you MRKEN..... Arsenal ....Leeds..... Man City .... even KFC  sell only Hallal killed meat , Muslims  EVEN OWN CHANEL 4 RACING , a graveyard and church in Dudley to be ripped out of the ground to build a boiling pot for muslim hate ............ for f's sake where will it end . Dont let the horse bolt!!! 
Do my views make me a racist......... i dont think so ........... i just try to point out what some do not see . Am i capable of hate ? No ,but doi hate the fact that my country is being bled dry by immigrants? YES .
28/09/2012 18:59
what were the politicians thinking when they opened up the floodgates into letting thousands if not millions of immigrants into this country? i used to call it great britain but now i call it britain because we`ve had the greatness strangled out of us. if we lived in their country we`d abide by their rules, but they sure don`t learn our culture or respect us or learn our rules. i have a family of pakistani`s living below me in my flat. day after day, night after night i have to put up with them making all the noise they want. i tried through my council as well as me asking them nicely to keep the noise down but they don`t care and make even more noise. when i went back to the council to take it further the reply i got was........what i call nuisance noise doesn`t constitute being necessarily a nuisance!!! in other words, i could kick up a huge fuss only for the council to say....we dont think that noise constitutes being a nuisance. so much for cameron clamping down on anti-social behaviour lol. i don`t class myself as racist but at the same time i don`t want foreigners here taking the p*ss. that`s what i think the ferdinands are doing is just taking the p*ss. i think it`s long overdue that the government grow a backbone and clamp down on all this crap. if they have no respect for us or our country then kick them out. simple! and while i`m on the subject of kicking them out......what a farce muslims are making of our legal system trying to get a terrorist extradited! what a joke! a sick joke!
28/09/2012 21:16
So JT was found guilty by a kangaroo court ! its really funny how a white player can be found guilty of racism but non white players is only guilty of foul and abusive language !  I hope JT appeals  !! , Also can this question be answered ? " How come there is a black players association? but a white players association will be deemed as racist ?"
28/09/2012 19:14
Firstly,let me say I am not fan of JT ,he often comes across as a bit of a knob and he did " break the code" with his team mates bird,but consider the following.. We all knew the outcome /verdict was pre-determined,. Innocent people DO get found guilty. Any bets being taken on how many years it will be before a similar charge and verdict will be found against a none-white player(dont hold your breath) 
28/09/2012 19:28

Whilst I happen to think that John Terry is a not very likeable individual and has the morals of an alley cat I don't for one minute think he is racist!

Also, and lets assume he did direct these words to Ferdinand, If he had just cfalled hem a F****** C*** would he have faced a similar charge? I think not as, and I don't condone swearing for a moment, it goes on all the time at football matches! However insert the word "black" which is an undisputable fact and he gets the book thrown at him. You couldn't make it up!!

28/09/2012 16:35

Terry and Suarez should join forces and sue the F.A. i was speaking to a legal expert who said its against the laws of this country to find a man guilty of an allegation without concrete evidence especially Suarez who was hung out to dry by a non legal unelected committee and still is in the media every single day one clown in todays paper who like Oliver Holt in the downmarket Mirror thinks he is a human rights lawyer is saying he should be sacked WHAT FOR

28/09/2012 18:16
Why does having an opinion make you racist .
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