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Fergie reminds players over Twitter

Sir Alex Ferguson has warned his players to be careful when posting comments on Twitter

Sir Alex Ferguson has warned his players to be careful when posting comments on Twitter

Sir Alex Ferguson has once again reminded Manchester United's players to beware how they use Twitter.

Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand was fined £45,000 by an Independent Regulatory Commission on Friday after an improper conduct charge tabled against him following a posting on the popular social media site was proven.

Ferguson has stated on more than one occasion his complete bewilderment at the Twitter phenomenon and he wants to avoid such problems in the future. He said: "Twitter; I do not understand it. I don't know why anybody can be bothered with it. But it is there and as a club we have given instructions to the players that they cannot talk about Manchester United."

In responding to a comment from one of his followers that Ashley Cole was a 'choc-ice' and admitting that he believed the term to be derogatory towards someone of black or mixed race, Ferdinand was found to have breached FA Rule E3.

It is the latest - and one of the most high-profile and contentious disciplinary cases involving Twitter.

And Ferguson added: "Rio is mature but he still has to remember that one word can make a difference - and you can't take it back."

Ferguson was speaking at the unveiling of new signing Robin van Persie, who has in excess of 2.1million followers, and said he felt the FA, following a recent warning by chairman David Bernstein, were out to make their mark.

"It was almost certain to happen," he said. "They (the FA) want to close the door on this kind of thing.

"What surprised me that other players have been twittering for ages and have never been challenged by the FA.

"His status in the game has caused that and who he plays for is maybe another issue."

18/08/2012 08:13
For once, I agree with fergie. Twitter causes many more problems than it solves, and we should all turn our backs on it. Rio's fine should be given to charity by the totally inept FA.
18/08/2012 07:30
On the day Ferdinand was fined I said Sir Alex should put a stop to ManU players tweeting, it seems great minds think alike ;0)
See what happens when you teach footballers to read and write. Should have left them as they were.
18/08/2012 13:48

I do agree that Ferguson should advise his players about putting racist remarks on Twitter!!!!   But at the Same time does Rio Ferdinand not have any respect for his Parents, with his remarks.  I just think he is bitter and twisted for some reason, best known only to himself.


Get a Life Rio, and just do what you are paid astronomical sums of money to do!!!   PLAY GOOD FOOTBALL, AND KEEP YOU GOB SHUT!!!!


18/08/2012 11:35
whoops apoo...seen this lol

Real Madrid midfielder Nuri Sahin would favour a loan move to Arsenal over Liverpool, according to reports in Spain.......thats a no brainer........ lmfao

18/08/2012 14:23
Something that I haven't seen mentioned, Rio's father is black and his mother is white, which makes his twitter comment even more dumb! Glad to see Fergie is clamping down, not before time.
18/08/2012 11:01

Thats a bit harsh Bob Donovan, infact its downright malicious, wassup widya being so bitter n twisted, has your team never won owt, have you never had a girlfriend, penis envy,skint or just plain spiteful?

18/08/2012 13:58
just think how far Suarez would go if he could speak our lingo...he got done in his own mother tounge...so god knows if he could racially insult us in english..

If these players spent more of there time working on their technical skills rather than being morons on twitter and face book we may have a better national team .

18/08/2012 18:43

freedom of speech is dead in the uk because of the race card being used and abused for years and cowardly self-serving left wingers making stupid rules. liebour have destroyed this country. rio said a joke as all races have, i do not care if someone calls me a white """" and i have friends of all races,we all make light hearted jokes,he should never have been fined.pathetic .

18/08/2012 13:37
hello ,on twitter tonight hosted by Rio Ferdinand we have    how to avoid drug testers as they are waiting for you when you are stoned........how to use brothers and teammates for racism ,and how to have a affair for 13 years........... also on tonight's show we have how to shag a granny and how to do non-stop swaring with special guest mr rooney.also on the show we have how to make out with your brothers wife and cheating on your wife with special injuntions with special guest ryan giggs .......also we have alex ferguson on how to bully young men....its ok your safe from spit and boots
18/08/2012 17:59
Crazy stuff these footballers have there lives proper under control from there clubs, no wonder they hate the spotlight.

Gagging orders a plenty for United players then.



18/08/2012 17:16

Well theres a northern alternative following man united its called T.W.A.T.T.E.R.....ITS an inside look around uniteds old peoples home........you can see ryan giggs being given his ovalteen....ferdinand avoiding his alziemers drugs test ....scholes wheelchair racing evra and vidic on his stennalift.its brilliant

18/08/2012 18:03
whilst hating some of the things the 'social media' is used for and how it is 'used' to by many in various ways we must not get over excited by the use of 'new language' used by various people, cultures, etc. within the world of say Mr Ferdinand was that expression he used and has been fined for so bad it deserved that fine? No way No way. He has had many more much more direct comments at him and he has suffered those for years and years and years and no 'fines ' ever made!!
Now have any MP's Like our MR Borris or Mr Cameron ever asked for people to stop calling them Toffs?? Doubt it but why can we call what we think ( think!!) are posh and toffs anymore than guys like Mr Ferdinand call someone a Choc Ice  Its a phrase ffs!. It's like a ;ot of new language introduced within the txt world. Get it real!!

18/08/2012 11:03
i disagree educated people like Jeremy Clarkson use twitter a lot.....must be good...Mmm..
18/08/2012 11:13
Zimmy thank you, I'm doing someting right to get a response from someone obviously in the same 'class' as Rio!!..Joke.!!

18/08/2012 13:50
And that is why he is the premier league and probably the worlds most successful managers of the modern game that is corporate football. S.A.F.whilst changing his tactics and training over the years, he is and always be the players father figure while they play under the banner of Old Trafford and on their travels.No one else does more for their players until they let him down and if face don't fit your out.          case in point//                                                                         Look at Berbatov, it took 2 yrs to get him to play the United play the United way, then halfway through season while being the leagues golden boot contender  he is side lined for the rest of his time there ?????  the only question i want to know is WHY, and not just him but many more. Is it not right to play his best squad at all times be it playing Madrid or a lesser club like Man City as the ticket buyer deserves that from him even if he don't like a player personally he could be the best for that position for that game on that day???? 
18/08/2012 11:24

typical of double standards from this english hating piece of sh1t, he needs to retire now and take half his ageing team with him

 i hate the bast.rd

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