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Fergie's right over timekeeping, says Dermot

Sir Alex Ferguson is right to suggest time keeping should be taken out of the handsl of referees, according to Dermot Gallagher.

Sir Alex Ferguson, pictured, criticised the amount of injury time added by referee Chris Foy

Sir Alex Ferguson, pictured, criticised the amount of injury time added by referee Chris Foy

After Manchester United slid to a 3-2 defeat against Tottenham, their manager complained that the four additional minutes of injury time allowed by Chris Foy was an insult.

He told BBC Sport: "It is a flaw in the game that referees are responsible for time-keeping. It is nearly 2013 and the referee still has control of that."

He added: "They gave four minutes. It is an insult. It is ridiculous. It is denying you the proper chance to win the football match.

And Dermot Gallagher, who refereed more than 300 top tier games in a career spanning almost three decades believes the manager has a point.

Taking responsibility for watching the clock off the pitch would be "a major step forward," Gallagher told MSN. However he cautioned that even with an independent timekeeper decisions would still be only an approximation of the time lost to injuries and other disruptions.

"An independent timekeeper's judgement would still be subjective as he estimates in his view as opposed to the match referee," Gallagher said.

So Sir Alex is unlikely ever to be completely satisfied.


30/09/2012 11:40
Stop moaning you lost the game to a better side get over it, you moan every time your team loose so just get over it 
30/09/2012 11:50
If Man Utd were winning and Spurs were going for the equalizer he would have said 5 minutes were to long,but as soon as the boot is on the other foot,the same old whining Fergie arises.
30/09/2012 11:50
Lets just give the whistle to Sir Lord & Grandmaster Fergie, he makes most of the decisions for the FA as it is. I mean, it was well out of order not to add enough time on for Man U to win the game because they are not allowed to lose according to the FA manual.........OK, now the sarcasm is out the way......shut it fergie, suck it up and take your loss like a man!!! You get MORE than your fair share of favour as it is and still cant win, just deal with it!!!
30/09/2012 12:00
so man u now require a new law to be brought in by the F.A., a Man u game must be extented until they are in a winning postion, then the ref can blow the final whistle.....
30/09/2012 11:43
He seems to forget the era of the 'Fergie Five Minutes' when whenever Man Utd were not winning a game by 90mins the refs would always find an extra 5mins for them to try. It became a bit of a running joke. Maybe he's moaning because Man U are being treated like everybody else rather than having it all their own way. 
30/09/2012 11:48
this man abuses his position, if you can't win a game in 90 minutes then you lose!  Simple as that.  Get over it you obnoxious man.
30/09/2012 11:51
about time he packed it all in and found himself a life. There's always an excuse whenever they are beaten.
30/09/2012 11:47
take it this ref aint on th payroll at the theatre of queens???
30/09/2012 11:42

Is he never satisfied?

All he ever wants is extra time to equalise or win and thewn as far as he is concerned the ref can end the game. When will he realise the Premiership was not created just for his lot to win it every year.

30/09/2012 17:24
It's funny because when he's winning he want's the ref to blow the whistle sooner and watching the game yesterday the best team won .
30/09/2012 16:51

wow as a united fan i'm shocked he's come out and said that and making himself look a t*** to be fair spurs deserved there win yesterday our defence was shocking and even tho we did put up a good fight in the second half i still think spurs out played us and deserved to win so fair play to them


so fergie if you wanna blame someone for losing the game go into your bloody overpaid players changing room and shout at that useless sorry excuse of a defence and accept the fact we were beaten by a better team and less of the sour grapes

30/09/2012 12:04

"It is denying you the proper chance to win the football match."


So the first 45 minutes when Man U were sh!t wasnt enough time to have a proper chance then?

30/09/2012 13:18

the times they (man u) have won in extra time, i  can understand fergie

he believes they should keep playing till utd go in front

up you fergie, you lost, accept it 

30/09/2012 17:17
Ferguson as got every right to be disappointed .....he generally gets at least 8 mins !!!!!
30/09/2012 12:02
what a load of **** - just because they lost, ref's do all they can to make sure Man utd win just look at the penalty they were given last week????
30/09/2012 17:55
aww whats up, did the refferee not award " fergie time " !! lol
30/09/2012 17:40

Coming from mr Rolex.............just man up fergie you got beaten fair and square....whats good for the goose!!!!!!!

30/09/2012 16:35

Yes it was an insult, an insult to Spurs,who on the day scored the winning goals.


30/09/2012 12:19
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