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Ferguson admits United can't gag fans

Sir Alex Ferguson accepts a minority of Manchester United fans may cause problems at Anfield on Sunday

Sir Alex Ferguson accepts a minority of Manchester United fans may cause problems at Anfield on Sunday

Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted little can be done to silence those who are determined to cause problems at Anfield on Sunday.

The Manchester United boss has expressed his disappointment at the small number of supporters who sang anti-Liverpool songs at Old Trafford last weekend. Ferguson had already called for a line to be drawn in the bitter feud between United and Liverpool fans in the wake of last week's official verdict into the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.

With United set to visit Merseyside this weekend, Ferguson said: "It is a minority. But in society there is a minority wanting to be heard."

He added: "I didn't hear it (on Saturday), but others did, particularly in the directors' box.

"(Chief executive) David Gill was disappointed. It is going to be a very emotional day on Sunday and we will support them in every way we can.

"As a club we are totally supportive of Liverpool in the situation they are in. We understand what those families must have felt when they got that report."

Ferguson's comments came as a report was being released by MPs stating football's authorities need to do more to tackle racism and discrimination within the game.

One of the triggers for that study was the high-profile issue involving Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra. Last season, Suarez did not shake Evra's hand at Old Trafford. That brings added tension to this weekend's game, with Ferguson insisting a bad 12 months for the game should not be allowed to obscure the positive work that has taken place.

"English football has been very good in challenging these issues," said Ferguson. "Last year was a bad year for the sport but hopefully we get back to normal. I don't know what the report is going to say but until last year I don't think it has been an issue.

"I haven't seen anything for 20 years. One bad year doesn't cast the game in doubt as far as I am concerned. I am sure it will be brushed aside and we will go back to normal."

20/09/2012 03:41
Sir Alex Ferguson is a legend in British sport.  What he has done at UTD is legendary.  If only we (Liverpool) could have harnessed a manager like him in the last decade.  I adore football, but what I hate is the bigoted, racist, neandertholic views of so many supporters; especially in the wake of the recent Hillsborough reports.  It's a *****king game.  Enjoy the banter, keep some perspective, love your football.  Life is too short for the hatred.  The 96 know that all too well.  
19/09/2012 08:11

although i really dont like Suarez,  i hope the handshake does happen, and we all move on.


also hoping our fans remember to do us proud! 

no B..S.. please guys. 

love united!

but show abit of respect for the pools^

death is a sad thing, and will come to us all oneday.


19/09/2012 08:19
CCTV followed by a life ban should sort it
19/09/2012 19:52

Let's hope United fans don't shame football again with their chants on Sunday.

Time to show a bit of class and dignity, as City fans did in the derby on Feb 10, 2008 when Utd commemorated the 50th anniversary of Munich. You could have heard the proverbial pin drop that day . . . . .

Ultimately, if Utd fans act like morons again, they will be disrespecting their own club as well as the victims of the Hillsborough disaster. Everton FC have shown how a proper football club and its supporters should behave in the past week.

19/09/2012 22:36

There is a line ...................both sets of fans need to draw it.......i personally think mocking the dead is sick and will make no bones about telling anyone this no matter what colours they wear

19/09/2012 19:01

lets hope suarez and evra shake hands they have got to look at the big picture

and set an example to the fans.as for the fans have a good look at yourselves and leave munich and hillsborough out of it.


20/09/2012 00:54

I've got to say,  both  these clubs have been through terrible disasters and supporters should be respecting  each others families who have been touched by tragedy, indeed both cities.


20/09/2012 07:27
Small number of fans who sang anti-Liverpool songs!! Yeah right  - it was AT LEAST a couple of hundred, you only have to see the You Tube video. This rubbish about the chanting being relating to the Evra - Suarez incident is also totally wrong. United fans sing anti-Liverpool song at EVERY game and have done for years and yes they DO sing about Hillsborough! This recent example of singing had nothing to do with the Evra - Suarez incident it was because Liverpool fans were exonerated of ALL blame relating to Hillsborough and the United fans did not like being shown to be idiots so decided that LFC fans are always claiming to be the victims in spite of overwhelming evidence that they were completely innocent and "framed" for a disaster supposedly of their own doing.
20/09/2012 06:20
A lot of leg pull and tounge in cheek goes on here , but feenan please get medical help , you are sick and possibly a danger to other normal people . As for meeting you , like Kev said ' I WOULD LOVE IT ' .   i think we all know you are a coward by your insane c... you spout . I hope the game goes well this weekend and that sanity prevailes.
19/09/2012 12:55
Lets hope at least one representative of liverpool fc asks their fans to stop the sick Munich chants.

I personally think SAF is both correct and responsible when he says that he's concerend about a small minority of United fans that could cause the club some embarassment on Sunday. Like him I'd like to see our fans for once just simply focus on getting behind the team and stop with the anti scouse chanting. It's gone on for too long and too much now has been linked (though not altogether fairly I might add) to it with the recent developments over Hillsborough. It is time to draw the line; football has moved on and so should we.
20/09/2012 08:40

Its time for the minority off  fans, across the board (UK) to  grow up.

19/09/2012 22:15

Easy solution.  Make an announcement before the match that if there are any disgusting chants, that you will call your players off the pitch.  And go through with it.


There is no place in Football for IMBECILES, who ridicule opposing supporters by insulting the memory of the dead.


as for Suarez and Evra, that pails into insignificacnce in relation to the memory of the 96.

20/09/2012 06:01
John Loverseed ... how can you accuse Liverpool fans of playing victims when Man U have gone on about munich for over 50 years?
20/09/2012 09:51

Of course chants will be made, some of the fans that go to these game's should be in lunatic asylum's not football ground's.

But they are just weak minded idiots following pear pressure. Probably hen pecked husbands or people that got bullied when they were younger..

I love football but the stupidiest people i have ever meet have to be in football grounds.

Its unbelieveable other sports dont seem to have this problem.

20/09/2012 01:14
There will never be peace and harmony between the clubs while idiots like Feenan are about , they dont want it . O f course if you met him he would be very quiet and low key .
19/09/2012 10:32

That's a certainty SAF. Especially the cretin mob part that spoil it for the genuine fans.

What chance have you Sir Alex of being heard and listened to and taken note of? Three chances is the reality. A dog's chance, a cat in hells chance and No flipping chance. they haven't a brain cell between them, and even think how clever they are when dragging Man U's great name through the quagmire!

That's a shame... they are shameful.

19/09/2012 22:33
Who sald "tribleism" in football is dead. Such polarised views are alive, if not well. Some hoped that the olympic spirit of fairness and good competition would strech over into foorball - SOME HOPE
19/09/2012 23:43
its the way you tell them patrick so it is.so it is.  lpool are playing bad we cant deny it but utd have been sh**e for years but with webb. dowd, atkinson, friend , and the f.a. on their side they get away with it you idiot , meanwhile i have been present with liverpool at 7 european champions finals apart from 5 other european finals im quite happy
19/09/2012 23:53
Fergie didn't  hear anything, but "It is a minority. But in society there is a minority wanting to be heard." Bit like the Lib-Dems eh?
Just a bad year eh? Two of his players involved in racist incidents. So Ferdinand is Ashley Cole a Choc Ice? Nice!
Note: Fergie did not have any conciliatory remarks for Liverpool FC or Fans - Well none shown above. Only olive branch came from the chief exec.
Note Evra did not shake Suarez's hand either - not mentioned above. Ferdinand did not shake Suarez's hand.
No big deal when Ferdinand's brother did not shake Terry's or Cole's hand. What does this say about the FA? By the way the same FA that gave the go ahead for a semi-final to be played at a ground without a safety certificate.
Fergie is too thick to figure out how chants celebrating death can be stopped. Simple film the culprits and take action.
Someone suggested that upon hearing any such chants that whichever team is is in possession kicks the ball out and players of both sides face the crowd. That would show the clubs were against it and hopefully would shame Fergie's minority wanting to be heard. I could go on and I have for too long.

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