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Ferguson demands more bite

Sir Alex Ferguson is concerned over the kind of goals United have conceded

Sir Alex Ferguson is concerned over the kind of goals United have conceded

Manchester United landed in Transylvania on Monday afternoon with Sir Alex Ferguson ordering his side to start baring their teeth.

United's spluttering opening to the new season caught up with them at Old Trafford on Saturday. For the fifth time in six Premier League outings, they fell behind. But, against a speedy and durable Tottenham team, Ferguson's team left themselves too much to do and slipped to their second defeat of the campaign.

While praising United's second-half performance, Ferguson was furious with what went on before the break. It followed on from similar lacklustre displays earlier in the season, particularly at Southampton and Liverpool.

And, speaking ahead of Tuesday night's Champions League clash with CFR Cluj in Romania, Ferguson has vowed it will not continue.

"We were well off the pace of the game. I don't think we won a tackle in the first half," said the United boss. "The second half was probably our best performance of the season.

"When you consider the first half against Southampton, the first half Liverpool and first half on Saturday, we have some work to do. You have to be concerned losing goals the way we did. It's not planned but I think it will be the last."

On Saturday, stand-in skipper Patrice Evra said he believed the problem might be mental. His manager does not think so. Instead, with so many key defenders injured, including Nemanja Vidic, Ferguson is hoping the consistency of Rio Ferdinand's central defensive partnership with Jonny Evans will start to have a positive impact.

"After the first half on Saturday I had plenty of concerns," he said. "I hope it's an awareness thing because we faced this situation at the end of October last season, and from then on when Jonny and Rio played together consistently we played better."

The absence of Michael Carrick had already been confirmed before departure. Like Carrick, Ryan Giggs also remained at home due to a virus, while 37-year-old Paul Scholes was rested having completed the full 90 minutes against Tottenham.

It means Darren Fletcher and Tom Cleverley will compete for midfield slots along with Anderson, whom Ferguson concedes was unfortunate to be overlooked at the weekend.

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01/10/2012 21:11

liverpool 15th and only one win in 5months! if were going downhill liverpool are going down!


utd lack a roy keane style midfielder and someone to put the players in their places!! they also lack pace! carricks not the answer and in this state of mind neither is nani!

01/10/2012 22:22
i wonder when fergie passes, dies, will these people who have vile hatred for a man whos just managing a football club come to their senses and then get on the bandwagon of congratulating him and all his achievements?... on his 25th year alot of people who secretly hate him came out congratulating because they were taken in by the occasion. the man is a great manager and he protects his players and the club. david moyes learnt from him and is a great advocate he has done wonders at everton.
01/10/2012 21:13
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02/10/2012 00:37
gerrard spoke to the press today and said it would be a miracle if pool finished in the top four ,,,seems like he is already weighing up their chances in the championship next season ,,,
02/10/2012 00:42
breaking news b4 i go ,,,it  was announced today that john terry and fernando doris are an item ,,,they can both be purchased at the local charity shop near to stamford bridge ,, but no gaurentees as to their ability to be of any use whatsoever are given ,,, sold as seen ...
01/10/2012 21:52
stephen twodogs was so ugly when he was a baby that his mam had shutters on the pram ,,, on a nice day she used to put him out in next doors garden ,,,,,
02/10/2012 00:25
manchester is red ,,, liverpool is blue ,,, ha ha ha ....
01/10/2012 22:21

oi twodogs if u seriously think ferguson is reading these comments u really are deluded!  im also sure hes sat there in front of his computer with a cup of tea sorri i mean whiskey crying over the comments u just made about him!


heres a number for u to phone for help!!  its the man utd and sir alex ruined my life line!  0845 19191919 

01/10/2012 21:48
So United are going downhill? Rubbish!  while United was winning 12 Premier League titles and FA Cups Liverpool couldn't' manage to win a single Premier League title in 22 years, who's going downhill, Liverpool are already at the bottom of the hill...
02/10/2012 10:41
Gentlemen. Why does football bring out the worst in us. It was a game now its a business. Those with their nose in the football trough don't give a monkeys who wins as long as you and me keep giving them money. Yes as a Spurs fan I was pleased on Sunday, but I'm not going to to start claiming world domination for my team. As for refs, well I witness incompetent decision making for and aginst my team; I get over it.
01/10/2012 21:51
oi dogface dont like it then dont come on the utd comment!
02/10/2012 00:06
aw, i see that they have let the rehab salesman out again ,,, probably climbing the wall ,,, its the only way to get into chittys ground these days ,,, you cant see for camel muck everywhere ,,,thought he would have been out nicking cats to  put in the kebabs ,,,channel 5 next season ,,,,,
01/10/2012 21:36
the problem with maurice jones is that they had so many milkmen that its impossible to determine just who delivered the cream ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
02/10/2012 10:50

I think, personally, SAF will get the best out of them. Especially if after a game he thinks they may have lacked a mite. He is a winner and always strives for the utmost .... most of his players know not to fall short of his expectations. I think that Man U are only ever beaten by a better team on the day ... yes of course some time the ball won't run for them, or the Ref lets them down lol, but they are out and out trying 90 plus minutes every game. They know better than relax, or shirk. Well that's what I think lol, so they will be giving 100%, you can be sure of that!

02/10/2012 10:44
I love the way every United fan on here has the same response to this story.

"what about Liverpool"

It is brilliant. Do they not realise that this story is about United and has nothing to do with LFC. 

It seems as if United fans would be happy to see their own club blown into thin air if it meant LFC were also destroyed. 
01/10/2012 21:42
he tells everyone that he is a window cleaner ,, but i know that he takes that stepladder into  town every morning cos he cant reach the top shelf at wh smiths ,,,,,,,
02/10/2012 00:17
so two dogs does meets ,,, one of those rent boys that hangs around office world waving at the drivers ,,, tells everyone that he collects car  numbers ,,, you would think it is true looking at him ,,,

01/10/2012 22:52

twoknobs, one diff fergies loaded and won everything! your jsut a sad bitter little boy!  and for some reason i couldnt imagine someone going upto hi msaying " some **** called twoknobs has been calling u"


but u just keep getting that anger out son!!  would u like a hanky to cry into!  after all hes clearly ruined your life over the last 25yrs!  there must be a lot of anger for u to get out there!

01/10/2012 23:37

I'm can't believe the comments bellow about inter city trouble. When I was kid the most competitive game of the year was the United Liverpool derby, now its a side show as Liverpool are a football non entity. 80's dominance has long since become a very dim and very distant memory.

United have started badly this season but they have for the last few and even with an aging lacklustre team they still drew the league last year and won it the previous couple. I don't mind a slow start as long at the end result is trophies!

02/10/2012 03:11
is that the same blonde that has done the loserpool squad for a tenner ,,, you should have change out of a fiver then for your 30 seconds ,,, aw you been down sheal road again stephen ,,, tut ....
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