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Ferguson makes final plea to fans

Sir Alex Ferguson has called for calm ahead of clash with Liverpool

Sir Alex Ferguson has called for calm ahead of clash with Liverpool

Sir Alex Ferguson has written a letter to Manchester United supporters attending Sunday's Premier League encounter with Liverpool.

The letter will be presented to fans as they enter the turnstiles and is a final plea aimed at getting them to behave themselves.

Earlier on Friday Ferguson spoke of the sensitivities surrounding the fixture, Liverpool's first at home since the damning judgement on the Hillsborough disaster was released last week. And he wants an end to the baiting of Liverpool fans over the disaster, in which 96 people died.

As published by www.manutd.com, Ferguson's letter reads: "Dear Supporter,

"The great support you gave the team here [at Anfield] last season has seen our allocation back up to near-full levels. I want you to continue that progress today. But today [Sunday] is about much more than not blocking gangways. Today is about thinking hard about what makes United the best club in the world.

"Our rivalry with Liverpool is based on a determination to come out on top - a wish to see us crowned the best against a team that held that honour for so long.

"It cannot and should never be based on personal hatred. Just 10 days ago, we heard the terrible, damning truth about the deaths of 96 fans who went to watch their team try and reach the FA Cup final and never came back. What happened to them should wake the conscience of everyone connected with the game.

"Our great club stands with our great neighbours Liverpool today to remember that loss and pay tribute to their campaign for justice. I know I can count on you to stand with us in the best traditions of the best fans in the game. Yours sincerely, Sir Alex Ferguson."

Ferguson admitted earlier on Friday that he could not discount the emotion having a negative effect on his players.

Liverpool intend to mark the occasion with a number of significant gestures, including a mosaic across three sides of the stadium. And having gone through something very similar four years ago on the 50th anniversary of the Munich air disaster, the Red Devils boss accepts it may have a hidden impact. "It's a possibility, I don't deny that," Ferguson said.

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21/09/2012 23:11
I am a Manchester United fan but I have to say Liverpool, for me, is a club that built English football. Liverpool pushed other team like Manchester United to greatness. In my eyes hatred does not exist with true football fans. Credit to Sir Alex for his efforts I hope the Manchester United fans equal his efforts on Sunday.

I hope on Sunday the two biggest teams can show the world what English football is about! 

Liverpool & Man Utd,  Real Madrid & Barcelona,  Lazio & Roma, Celtic & Rangers et al, lets stop the bigotry and hatred between all these great sides. I`m a Barca fan but hold no grudges towards Madrid, the Franco thing is all in the past, time to move on, as should every decent football fan.

22/09/2012 03:00
I was at the 1977 FA Cup final when Liverpool were trying to clinch the 2nd leg of a possible treble having already won the league. We United fans were singing about where they could stick their treble and they were responding with taunts about our lowly league position. All good natured and totally without rancour.

The match was won by United and both teams did a lap of honour, the United players getting a warm round of applause from the scousers and us greeting the Liverpool players with a chorus of "Good luck on Wednesday" (They were playing Borussia Monchengladbach in Rome in the European Cup Final) This despite the fact that, up to then, United were the only English team to have won the trophy, something we were really proud of.

Two great teams with passionate, loyal and commited fans who enjoyed the rivalry but didn't let it stop them appreciating the talent of others.

Where did it all go wrong?

It's time to forget the sick songs and crude chants and get back to showing that both clubs can show dignity and sportsmanship and get back to the passionate but friendly competitive matches the clubs used to produce.       
22/09/2012 01:10
Respect to Sir Alex,Please follow his example and respect both teams and their loses.
22/09/2012 09:18

Well said Mr Ferguson........I myself support LFC and do have respect...Hillsborough and Munich both a sad history for both teams in there past.


YNWA is for all to remember, lets hope for a great show of support for both clubs.......


Why Man Utd have been dominating the media over Sundays game just shows how disgraceful the media is.This day isnt about man utd,this day is about the world seeing the truth which was covered up 23 years ago until last week.This day is about the families who lost relatives being able to tell the world how they knew all along this was a cover up.This is about every LFC fan being able to say how they knew the truth and now the truth is out, people should  pay there respects to the dead and their families who have gone through this horrific nightmare for 23 years.
21/09/2012 23:10
Hey Lads, don't you think that it is time to stop the bad feelings.. and start enjoying the great football that the north produces....it's bad enough down here in the south, but the problems have to stop somewhere ..so why not show us all a good example,at the end of the day football is the thing that binds this country together,because we all love it...love us or hate us,it's all the same game.

22/09/2012 09:32
Target these morons and have them thrown out of the game and warn them they will lose their season ticket if caught ,SIMPLE They have a good idea where the taunts are coming from and with the help of security and cameras they can catch ppl in the act and throw the Bums out !!!!
22/09/2012 00:01
Thank god ...there are a lot of great football fans out there,it's great to see that all supporters of great football clubs are putting the bad feelings aside,why can't we all rise above the stupid comments and start anew,remember ...it's a game of football...and yes ,I can take all of the comments about my club Arsenal for not winning anything for years,but that's life,and I don't mind all the banter,what goes around comes around....Have a great weekend,whoever you support.
22/09/2012 09:10
Hear Hear Fergie. Theres no room for this bile in the modern game. All eyes will be on the United fans today and I don't think they'll let anyone down.
WOW, this page is like a breath of fresh air !! 

All united in tributes to the 'two' greatest and most successful clubs in British Football.

absolute respect to SAF for his efforts to condone what happened last weekend and to prevent anything similar happening on Sunday. What he has done for United since 86' is nothing short of a 'Moses' like miracle and he deserves the absolute maximum respect for that. So the fans of the club he made so successful should listen to his request and comply with his request - if only for this one game.

The response on this site alone proves it is only a micro minority who are the problem and maybe this move from SAF will go some way to help end the hatred on the terraces.

I hope Sunday will be about respect (for both clubs) and a great game of football, cos if it isn't the worst form of human being which is the media will be waiting to pounce ..........................


22/09/2012 02:51
its good to see man utd following evertons lead in terms of  respect and perspective,  Lets hope other clubs can follow suit.......RESPECT TO ANY CLUBS AND FANS WHO CARRY THIS  FORWARD....(WELL DONE EVERTON) 
22/09/2012 08:32
well said .all fans should have respect for each other as human beings.
21/09/2012 23:36
22/09/2012 09:05

Football supporters should be at the ground to"encourage" their team, not to shout abuse about incidents unrelated to football. I feel really sorry for genuine supporters who have to listen to these morons chanting hate.

22/09/2012 07:56

Once aain the media monster whipping it up into a frenzy, interesting to read as a United fan who has been to Anfield many many times.......why is there no plea from Liverpool for calm from their supporters who in the past have pelted us with darts and filed down coins, attacked the United team bus and sprayed ammonia at the players, attacked an ambulance carrying Alan Smith to hospital after he had broken his leg and bombarded us with urine and excrement missiles also, as well as the aforementioned paper planes with Munich58 written on the wings?? As i have mentioned in other posts anyone who mocks the dead is sick in my opinion whatever colours they wear and have always condemned this to both sets of fans have spoken too, there are many many decent Liverpool and United fans out there who respect each others clubs for what they both have achieved , unfortunately sometimes banter develops into a rather more sinister element and yes i acknowledge that no doubt United fans have been guilty of horrendous acts also, the whole point being those that died at Munich and Hillsborough should be left to R.I.P and not mocked.........I hope and pray that the media monster doesnt get any trouble on Sunday........as no doubt thats what it wants!!! 

22/09/2012 10:06
Well said SAF I hope your supporters take heed of what you say. Just as I hope to never hear a Liverpool supporter chant anything about the Munich disaster. We all know there is great rivalry between our two clubs, but it should be about football, when a disaster happens at any club all football lovers should be united, it should affect everyone, it's the football we love, playing against rival teams, not all this hate, it's spoiling the beautiful game, these two great clubs want supporters they can be proud of.
22/09/2012 00:51
I don't know if you have noticed but in the last five minutes everyone has had the thumbs down from one person.....this is the one we all have to try and turn around,because this is the minority who is trying to spoil things for everyone......the trouble maker who doesn't agree with anyone,and is hell bent on making life a misery for true supporters.
22/09/2012 03:55
Ah the " Great game " eh , such nice people these football supporters ..That they have to be reminded to just be decent human beings ..
22/09/2012 11:51
@ tim adams ...you're obviously not a fan of either team!!!.... i mean, look at all the "thumbs up" you have from liverpool fans that agree with you... hhhmmm!!!... why shouldnt SAF speak? and try to stop MAN U fans from bringing shame onto the club?? he's going on and on as you put it coz he is trying to support liverpool in what is a very emotional time for them and their fans. . so, how about YOU shut YOUR hole... will i get dozens of thumbs down for this comment?? lets see!!
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