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Ferguson vows backing for Liverpool

Sir Alex Ferguson has offered Liverpool his full support

Sir Alex Ferguson has offered Liverpool his full support

Sir Alex Ferguson has promised Liverpool total support ahead of what he accepts will be an emotional Premier League encounter with Manchester United on Sunday.

The game will be the first to be played at Anfield since the damning report on the Hillsborough tragedy was released last Wednesday, placing the blame for the disaster, in which 96 people died, on South Yorkshire Police and other services.

"It is going to be a very emotional day on Sunday and we will support them in every way we can," said Ferguson.

Yet the chants of a few United fans during Saturday's win over Wigan at Old Trafford highlighted the potential for trouble.

Ferguson added: "As a club we are totally supportive of Liverpool in the situation they are in. We understand what those families must have felt when they got that report.

"I didn't hear it (on Saturday), but others did, particularly in the directors' box. (Chief executive) David Gill was disappointed."

Some fans have argued the chant heard on Saturday - "Always the victim, never your fault" - was only sung in the immediate aftermath of Luis Suarez's racism spat with Patrice Evra.

"It is a new chant that only started after the Suarez situation," said Ferguson. "I was disappointed to hear it. It is a minority. But in society there is a minority wanting to be heard."

19/09/2012 09:09
as a utd supporter i will be hoping there will be no chanting during the match on both sides. growing up i used to stay with family members who were huge liverpool fans and my cousion was at hillsbrough, fortunantly for him and us he paid a little more for his ticket and ended up pulling some of the other fans to safety. he has never been to see a match since. there is nothing wrong with a bit of banter between sets of supporters, but lets not make sick remarks of two tradagys. my thought are with the families of those liverpool fans who sadly passed away, im glad the truth is out and lets hope for a great game of football to make us all proud.
19/09/2012 08:31

Thank you Mr. Ferguson, from a proud scouser.

Lets hope the Evra/Suarez situation is put to rest on Sunday along side all  the hatred chants off both sets of supporters.

No football match is bigger than a human life and let all those who shout shout and display

these hatred remarks just think it could have been one of their loved ones.

Lets hope Sunday is a day both Liverpool and Manchester can be PROUD of.


18/09/2012 18:07

Thank You Mr Ferguson,


being a huge liverpool fan and so relieved that finally those unfortunate fans who were sadly lost have had the TRUTH! i know it won't bring any of them back and they will be forever missed on the terraces

 :( as will those lost in munich hope you all RIP.


lets enjoy a fantastic match on saturday seeing two of the most successful teams in english history face off :)


hope evra and suarez can move on too, we are united in remembering the lost lets be united in forcing racism out of the beautiful game :)


good luck on saturday to both teams!!





18/09/2012 17:54
One of the biggest rivalries in the Prem and to be honest I have never been a massive fan of Ferguson (although the guy is exceptional at his job!).  However, this statement goes to show that there are bigger things than the game itself and as a Liverpool fan I applaud SAF for his actions.  I just hope that the fans at the game (on both sides, I know Liverpool fans have this fault too) respect the position of both teams when it comes to these vulgar chants. YNWA
19/09/2012 08:40

im a man utd fan and hate Liverpool FC but I don't hate the people, the fans or the city. I was so shocked all those years ago when I heard what was happening on the Radio and felt so much sorrow for the families, and now even more so that the truth was suppressed for so long. I can't imagine how they flat but my compassion goes out to them. I'm in a wheelchair so don't get to away grounds but if I was there I would support the families in whatever is shown for them on sunday.


Hope for a good match and a Utd win.


RIP the fallen fans.

18/09/2012 17:53
Thanks Sir Alex. I think your presence at Anfield will be appreciated for those words, and who would ever have thought that?  Credit where credit is due. Lets hope for a good game but more importantly, good crowd behavior.  
19/09/2012 07:31
Here we have the two biggest names in football, both iconic in every sense of the word. Hated by many, loved by more. SAF deserves respect for his "heartfelt" words and although they are bitter rivals he has addressed the most important issue here and its got nothing to do with the game but rather the sorrow felt at the lies heaped upon the families of those 96 unlawfully killed.
Anybody knocking this man for his thoughts, are, the sort people football does not need.
May i go further to suggest that for his comments he will never walk alone?
19/09/2012 09:15




Get on with the game.


End of.


96 RIP.



Manc Red.

19/09/2012 08:21
There will always be numptys at a game and this Sundays game will be no different. I trust that true fans of Manchester United will be able to drown the numptys out. Most Man U fans I'm sure will be thinking of the people who died and show respect for their families..
18/09/2012 22:21
Great to see posts from both sets of fans supporting mutual respect. My issue is that it shouldn't take a tragedy like Hillsborough for this issue to be put to rest. Hillsbourough and Munich respresent a small percentage of the vile chants in football grounds around the country that are passed off as 'banter' but nearly always ends in open hatred between opposing fans. This is a start but the 'RESPECT' campaign so beloved of the FA and FIFA needs to move to next level and ban all foul and abusive language, players and supporters alike. Afterall what do we mean when we call ourselves civilised? Best of luck to both teams on Sunday, let's hope this really is a new chapter for both clubs.
19/09/2012 08:40
I know I'm only a woman in some of your eyes...I have been a supporter of Liverpool football club all my life, Been to many matches shouted with the best of the crowd.. Have seen and heard rivairy in so many years from so many club's, I know some of it was in bad taste but we all did rise above it, Let us all hope we can do that now and go out and have a great match and do the past as well as the future proud...
Lets just hope the morons from both sides stay away, or at the very least keep their mouths shut
18/09/2012 16:34

Well said as ever Anthony and Clivo: I can't fathom the other 2 comments on here. Mr Williams really is the idiot that Lewis Day says he is. Sir Alex has come out and condemned his own fans and given support to LFC. Can't see what more he could do.


I really hope Utd fans pay the utmost respect on Saturday and not one mention of victims or Hillsborough is heard. And if anyone does step out of line, throw them out and ban them from watching future games. 


Support Utd by singing any number of songs .... just don't cross the line.

19/09/2012 07:53
As a nuetral I so hope both sets of fans and players think of the 96 who lost their lives 23 years ago and give the world an event everyone can be proud of. Everton and Newcastle started it well on Monday night with sportsmanship I haven't seen in the Premiership for a long time. So come on Man Utd, Liverpool play it right for the 96.
19/09/2012 08:59

Masie, woman or not, you have the right to speak. I'm with you on this matter, along with the majority of other posters. It's got to stop, all this hateful chanting. Not just these two great clubs, but every single one of them. It's gone way too far.

I'm a Spurs fan, and for once I agree with the manager of Utd. So come on guys, let's just concentrate on the game, and not the suffering when terrible incidents like Hillsborough/Munich and the many other ones occur.

This is after all, the best and most watched sport in the world.


Nick Murphy


can you explain to us why you think its bull, I think the majority of us can recognise a heart felt plea for calm & respect, rednose or whatever name you choose to call him has come out TWICE in less than a week to show is support for the families who lost people who can never be replaced, so what is your beef?


its all well and good casting expersions and opinion and name calling when it comes to football, but I think SAF is genuiinely moved by what has been reported last week with regards to Hillsborough, for 23 years us Liverpool fans have been branded, slated you name it and then when it comes down to the bare facts its the authoroties that  got it wrong,.


The families of the dead must be reeling, so for SAF to come out with his words on the situation publicly shows he has a inner soul, we cannot wind back the clock and bring people back, but what we can do is show respect to the breaved families that had to go through the heartache of seeing their loved ones not walk through the door after what should have been a good afternoon out.


I fully respect SAF for his kind words and I hope the game at the weekend will be a remembrance for those who died watching a sport they loved.

I thought Fergie's appearance at the Everton game and its pre-match tribute was a real act of respect. Lets hope that small minority of obnoxious idiots  that shouted  Hillsborough comments  on Saturday take the hint  for the Liverpool match and if they don't, that they'll be drowned out by all the decent United fans, and the Liverpool crowd singing them down

Last night was the way it should be. A credit to both Liverpool clubs, and a credit to Fergie on behalf of United.

18/09/2012 17:23
Its right and fitting that respect should be paid to the victims of Hillsborough ,no family should ever have to go through that ordeal ,SAF is merely reflecting what most decent football fans feel 
the united fans on Saturday  probably would have been better not singing anything about Liverpool although the chants have been blown out of all proportion .
 I hope united fans are dignified at Anfield and show the club in a good light despite their perceived and in some cases genuine grievances  regarding years of abuse about Munich
Wouldn't it be nice if Liverpool also had a minutes silence for the victims of  Heysel which doesn't seem to have any mention in the press anymore or any supporters group asking for justice 


i think it very nice that saf has promised liverpool full support,saf you have a good side after all.
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