24/06/2013 00:15 | By Tom Crocker, reporter, MSN Sport
Football transfer rumours: City plot shock Suarez bid - 24 June

Isco set for Madrid move

Isco (© PA)
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Isco is set to snub his former boss Manuel Pellegrini in favour of a move to Real Madrid, reports Mail Online.

The talented youngster inspired Spain to success in the European Under-21 Championships which will have done his chances of a transfer no harm at all with Madrid thought to be close to a £25 million deal.

Arsenal defender Nacho Monreal told Spanish press: “Isco has succeeded wherever he has gone. I believe he has signed for Real Madrid and I’m sure he’ll do very well because he is a great player.”

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24/06/2013 10:21
if he signs for city then there is more to this than meets the eye because his feelings were that he needed to leave the country due to the press.
24/06/2013 10:45
silly season again and this sad worn out story has surfaced at every transfer window. Suarez has a preference for Real Madrid which if he leaves Liverpool is where he will go.
Here we have a great example of poor sports journalism is it any wonder newspapers are so much in decline. 
24/06/2013 10:31
Mancini had Balotelli  giving City bad press     Pelligrini wants Suarez to replace him   
As a life long Liverpool supporter I would be outraged if Suarez, was allowed to go to City. There would be mass protests at Anfield if this ever happened. I cannot believe our Yank owners would be so silly as to allow this to happen.
24/06/2013 10:23
What a waste of a bid  The man wants to leave the country because of the press so offering him a big, a very big, a very very big pay rise and the chance to win a trophy wont make the slightest difference to him      Pelligrini don't hold the contract to close to him he'll bite your hand off to get it   lol
£35m ?? ha ha, is it April 1st already ?? this is the kind of **** the media drum up which is forcing Suarez out of the country !! next thing they'll be telling us is Fergie's been given the freedom of Liverpool !!??
24/06/2013 11:31
All you sports journalists are totally full of ****

Boy who cried wolf me thinks........
24/06/2013 15:50

Liverpool stated a few weeks ago that they'd have to receive no less than £50 mil for Suarez to leave for real Madrid and that he had a £40 mil clause in his contract that allowed him to talk to a club, but Liverpool had no obligation to sell him.


But now their willing to accept £35 mil from a rival premiership team? I'm surprised, this story has no substance, don't give up your day job fella's. Maybe you should start writing for the celebrity gossip column! 

Why give the headline the time of day?
24/06/2013 11:11
35 million? Do City think it's 50% off or something?
24/06/2013 15:14

Dear MSN.


Please can I have a job as one of your sports reporters. I could make up a far better story than this.

His release clause is £40m. Why would Liverpool sell him to PL rivals for £5m less than his release clause.

You couldn't make it up could you?....Oh, hang on they have. Might have been slightly more plausible if they had mentioned City preparing to match 40m buy out clause. 
He has to be managed correctly....In my opinion he is on the way.
24/06/2013 12:26
he needs a kick up the arse , the goofy bastard
24/06/2013 12:09
It will all come down to the dollar, no ifs or buts.
25/06/2013 19:35
Not being funny (as a Liverpool fan) but Suarez has cost liverpoolas much or more than £35m including wages and transfer fees (not to mention fines LOL). If we sell him I (and we should if he really wants to leave) then I can't realistically see why he wouldnt be in at least the same price bracket as Cavani (or Gareth Bale) considering the proven talent and goals he has scored in the Premiership. It's not like we need to sell him so we shouldn't accept letting him go cheaply like we did with Caroll.
24/06/2013 11:06

Press talk, and Headline grabbing has no conscence eh. MSN are as a bad as any too.

 But fact is he is good enough to play for any club in the wold and will scare defences S****less. No wonder the sniper are out in force ... Goping he will leave this shore eh!

 Think he will saty at LFC just to peeve the rest off for a seaon or two more yet ... Sweating brows eh!


If Suarez leaves it wont be to an English team because he knows english fans are stupid and the BBC hate him.

English fans hate to see good players.


Like Manuel Pellegrini has a choice what players he brings in he is not a manager he is a puppet who will fall on his sword when the board chooses. There was only two managers in the Prem last year and one has retired to be replaced by another fall guy and if Wenger needs to see the light and move on before the fans turn on him.
24/06/2013 15:34

If as it seems true  that Suarez is blaming the media for his desire to leave Liverpool then it will be crazy if he  signs for City because  the negative press he receives at Liverpool will  increase at City because  the media are all anti Man City.

As a City fan I will be astounded if Suarez joins our club because it will be like someone jumping out of the frying pan into the fire for Suarez....

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