06/05/2014 15:30
Footballers that never fulfilled their potential

Gianluigi Lentini

Gianluigi Lentini (© PA)
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Lentini was once the world’s most expensive player when he moved from Torino to AC Milan for £13 million in 1992. After a semi-successful four years at the San Siro, Lentini was moved on - and on - bouncing his way down Italian leagues as he went.

16/01/2013 15:31
There has been a lot of coverage about Michael Johnson and his difficulties with injuries and/or inner demons. I've got to say that I have absolutely NO sympathy for him whatsoever. I am a considerate person, but in this instance I don't feel sorry for Michael at all. He has been collecting £40k a week for doing nothing and is, or should be, financially secure as a result. See what "inner demons" you get when you have to worry about money and how to pay your bills. 
16/01/2013 15:15

haha seth johson asked for £35,000 a week as a joke and got it.   


at least out of all these denilson was a joy to watch.

16/01/2013 20:58
how can denilson be considered a failure? he played more than 60 times for brazil and won a world cup. the fee paid might seem excessively high but blame betis for that. he also only started playing for the smaller teams in the latter part of his career like al nassr to get big wages. wouldn't you do the same? 
16/01/2013 23:28
Lentini was superb but had a serious car crash which ruined his career....cant count that against him
16/01/2013 19:34
Heck man as a father of 4 and after loosing my job because of illness(meningitis in 2009) I have struggled to find a new job since. If I could earn £40,000 a year i'd be over the moon, nevermind £40,000 a week. Footballers once they start earning a four figure weekly wage don't know they are born never mind five figure wages per week. Its sickening to see wasted money going on a wasteof a human being.
Im more concerned about the fact I can barely read it with this stupid bloody blue background!
17/01/2013 00:01
Lentini had a pretty bad road accident and Johnson had a pretty bad knee injury.  I am suprised Muamba isn't on the list!
16/01/2013 23:50
bit unfair on Lentini. He was involved in a serious car accident and went downhill, after.
16/01/2013 20:13
16/01/2013 20:34
Good follow-up news from yesterday... and I wonder if the name of T. Walcott will be added to a future list.  Bad decision Mr Wenger.
10/05/2014 19:12
Stevie Gerrard, great player but will end his career never winning a league title.
16/01/2013 22:21

Francis Jeffers wasn't a bad player when he was younger, his ankles were mad from glass. When he came to the Mighty Sheffield Wednesday, every time he touched the ball, you could see he was thinking 2 moves ahead of the rest of his teammates. But because of that, he had no choice but to keep the ball himself and become the target of some nasty tackles. As a result, he played about 3 games in as many years.


Wednesday reject. And believe me, your career is definitely over if even we don't want you!

07/05/2014 20:59
To be fair, Lentini was great until he got into a serious car crash that left him in a coma with a broken head! He was never the same player when he came back
16/01/2013 19:43
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