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Fulham confirm Dempsey departure

Clint Dempsey has joined Tottenham, Fulham have confirmed

Clint Dempsey has joined Tottenham, Fulham have confirmed

Fulham have confirmed that forward Clint Dempsey has joined Tottenham

The American international - who made 224 appearances for Fulham, scoring 60 goals.- had been heavily linked with a move to Liverpool, while it is reported that Aston Villa also enquired about the availability of the 29-year-old.

A statement on Fulham's official website read: "Fulham Football Club can confirm that, on Friday evening, Clint Dempsey joined Tottenham Hotspur. Clint was a very influential player for Fulham over a number of seasons and the Club thanks him for his contribution and wishes him well for the future."

Dempsey had been hankering after a move to Liverpool all summer, but he is now more than happy to have signed for Tottenham.

"To play under this head coach and play for this club is a dream come true. I want to make the most of it," Dempsey said on Tottenham's Twitter feed.

"There are a lot of great players here, I'm looking forward to training and playing with them."

Dempsey had not played for Fulham this season after it became clear he wanted a move, but he added on Tottenham's website: "A lot was said and written ahead of me leaving Fulham. It wasn't how it was portrayed, but that's in the past now and we move on.

"I want to thank the fans for everything, some of the best memories I've had in football, and thank the chairman for giving me the opportunity to come from the MLS and compete over here.

"All I can say is thank you and now I'm looking forward to the next challenge."

01/09/2012 08:25
last nights fiasco needs explaining by lfc to the millions of fans who are baffled and annoyed by the goings on and why we let players go when we had no intention of buying replacements for them leaving us short up front so come on reds what the hell happened here??????????????????????
yet another player chooses 'one season wonders' and the lure of the 'big smoke' over us ??

was Brendan Rodgers in bed early last nite or wot ??

not a single whisper and yet we let Carroll, Adam & Spearing out to lesser clubs ??

does he think he has the squad to challenge top 4 ?? he'll be lcky to be challengin top 8 at this rate !!

this was an embarassing nite for our great club, no longer competing with other clubs for signings, yet 18 months ago we went stupid buying Carroll, Henderson & Adam all at the death in the January window !!!

i hope Rodgers has an explanation this mornin for the lack of activity, especially when we were probably the club who needed signings more than most !!

i look forward to another depressing season of if's and maybe's ....................................

YNWA (patience wearing very thin now)
01/09/2012 10:25
6m plus wages for a 29yr old is not good business! Rodgers is building for the long term. It's not a five minute job. If Man u hadn't stuck with Fergie they'd still be a mid table side. I'd rather wait for the right players than panic buy the likes of caroll, henderson, adam, downing etc. Give Rodgers a chance. I'll judge after at least two seasons.
This is why yankees signed the clown rodgers. saving money,  shuting the mouth and not asking for open the check book.....LFC are definitely in sh.ite...Andy on loan and no next striker.  tiki taka is starting for the relegation battle.
01/09/2012 07:44

It doesnt matter who tottenham sign they have already up royal by sacking there greatest asset redknapp ,had they forgotten where they were in the league when he took control and the lofty hights he took them to.I think they will regret it come end of the season

01/09/2012 09:28
As a toon fan, I actually think, that signing Dempsey was a good piece of business for Spurs, he's a goal scoring attacking midfielder, good in the air and who can also double up as a striker, and is a hard worker for the team. Liverpool should of signed him, and might well regret not finding the extra £2 million to sign him.
01/09/2012 07:45
I'm not a totenham or Liverpool fan, but think it is probably best business for both clubs. Liverpool won't need him. They probably do need another striker though. Rodgers is building something special at Liverpool. He will get Liverpool playing the way the fans expect and will bring success (if given enough time) In my eyes it was the best decision to sack Dalglish as his "vision" was in the past (not the future) He also made some dreadful overpriced signings for Liverpool (Carroll, Henderson, Downing) Rodgers is signing players that will be capable of performing at the highest level long term
01/09/2012 10:08
reading all the transfer news ...one thing strikes me ...i feel sorry for Liverpool ,but a lot of the blame should go to your king Kenny.....
01/09/2012 05:02
kiverpool got rid of kenny dalglish for getting to the cup final and winning the league cup this year they will win nothing and they will keep the new manager no wonder i think football is a complete joke nowadays
01/09/2012 09:48
Would not sign for Villa as he wanted to go to Liverpool, then signs for Spurs. I'm confused!
01/09/2012 08:44

Is it possible that fulham would just not deal with LFC out of principal because of the ongoing complaint?? Surely LFC would have bought Dempsey if fee was only the reported £6 million??

Can Spurs fans really be happy with a player who was "holding out" for a move to LFC?? We've seen it before where players aren't where they want to be....


yes, LFC does not need old dempsey, but next class striker...top clubs have  4 strikers, LFC has one with missing too many chances.

01/09/2012 08:49
Dave kelly says tottenham sacked their greatest asset.!!!!?????   Yet another mug fooled by the jolly Redknap smokescreen.  Did he want  Spurs to end up bankrupt like Pompey.
Dont be fooled by this greedy grabbing Redknap dynasty
01/09/2012 09:15
brendan & the owners know what their doing,it wont happen this season thats for sure,give him time to next season at least, its not going to be pretty or happen fast until he gets a settled side& a few wins to calm the nerves,express patience,because who wants to manage this club after rodgers gets sacked. ?give the guy a chance,
01/09/2012 11:03
its not br fault, or kenny's its ian ayre's fault get him out.
01/09/2012 08:28
Good luck to him, he served FFC exceptionally well and will be an assett to Spurs, an extremely versatile player and regular scorer.
01/09/2012 09:23
I am not knocking you guy;s but we have seen this with every manger, & the statement, Give The Guy A Chance. Lets hope he can work a miracle!
01/09/2012 11:37
one thing about this season,nothing is certain & by the looks of things from all fans & their teams none are happy.when you see athletico madrid last night,the whole of the premier league must have thought bloody hell,if we played our football like that,l think all fans would be happy. AVB,RODGERS,CLARKE all must be given time,you cant expect teams to win every game,but lets see what the chairman do.lets see what happens,interesting times a head:}
You cannot blame dempsey for not wanting to join lfc a team with no prospects.
01/09/2012 08:42
@ Len Gore - I'm hearing you.  Good news  for Spurs.  Shame we missed out on Moutinho, maybe next time. 
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