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Gerrard heartbroken after Euro exit

England's Steven Gerrard appears dejected after the final whistle

England's Steven Gerrard appears dejected after the final whistle

England captain Steven Gerrard admitted it was tough to take after a "heartbreaking" exit from Euro 2012 following a penalty shoot-out defeat against Italy.

England were beaten 4-2 on spot-kicks after their quarter-final clash in Kiev had finished goalless after extra-time. This was the latest in a long line of penalty shoot-out exits from major tournaments, following on from 1990, 1996, 1998, 2004 and 2006, and while Gerrard praised his team-mates for their showing in Poland and Ukraine, he conceded it was a painful way to go out.

"Everyone's been great in training, every time we've come out I think we've done the country proud, but again we're going home with heartbreak, which is difficult to take," he told BBC1.

The Liverpool midfielder added: "I just feel for the players who from day one have given everything and today we did the same.

"This time in the penalty shoot-out we thought we might have the bit of luck we needed but it wasn't to be.

"Credit to Italy they are fantastic team and they got the luck in the shoot out."

24/06/2012 23:39
Our best player of the tournament as he was in 2010 (although that wasn't hard). Hold your head up high Gerrard. You were asked to do a job that wasn't your natural role and you were still superb! 
24/06/2012 23:34
we were beaten by the better side tonight and cant have to many complaints ,we done well to get through the group stages good performances by gerrard in the 4 games and we were solid at the back not creative enough in midfield ,and poor up front ,rooney and young were terrible
25/06/2012 07:25
Italy are not a "fantastic team" , England are an average side  - why was Ashley Young taking a penalty? He shouldve been substituted at Half time in normal time as he was pathetic.
25/06/2012 03:52

England ultimately paid the price for their negative tactics and lack of dpeth. The defence played superbly, but the midfield were asked to play so defensively and were chasing every game, it's little wonder they had nothing left in the tank. You can't last a tournament playing like that. For this Hodgson has to take some of the blame.

But it also didn't help that none of the forwards brought their game with them. Based on club form, Ashley Young and Rooney were especially disappointing all tournament and Milner not much better. I would like to have seen Oxlade Chamberlain play more.....Henderson was just invisible!. 


The lack of new talent is worrying, while the likes of Germany continue to produce exciting young players in a similar League situation??

25/06/2012 08:00
Yes, Gerrard played well last night. But did anyone notice during the break before extra time who it was geeing up the players? NOT Gerrard, NOT Hodgson but John Terry. They can take away the arm band but not his fighting spirit. Outstanding defending again last night. No one can argue with his selection ahead of Rio.
25/06/2012 08:09
if rooney  young and to a lesser extent welbeck are all utd have to offer upfront next season then god help themi have never seen a more pathetic pair than rooney and young play for england young is better at diving than football his ball retention and distrubution was pathetic to say the least rooney is just a bone idle sunday morning player overrated
25/06/2012 00:45
John Kelly - Hate to nit pick but Hodgson did not bring Carroll or Henderson to Liverpool. Why do people that know nothing about football, feel the need to post their opinions on the internet. "What a joke". 
25/06/2012 07:07
Heartbreaking my arrse!! If they all had a proper job they would know that failure means no job, no money, no future,no where to house your mrs and kids! How many hundreds of thousands of pounds a season at their home clubs? Win-Lose-Draw, they are all in the same boat, put it behind them and look forward to the next contract! Roy should have put some 1st or 2nd division players in and offered them a win bonus, which they relay on each week, not these drama queens who simply want the biggest and best of everything they can buy,
25/06/2012 09:52
Well we were beaten by a better team and an Italian midfield general...Pirlo...!! he had so much room....why was he not closed down earlier..?? ...although he did seem to be wary of Carrol when he came on....thought defence played well...with Terry getting stuck in as usual...also have to say for their level...Rooney, Young and Milner performed terrible a times during whole tournament...severe lack of ball retention, when gained... was given back especially by Young..!! and indecision..instead of letting passing flow...far too much hype and self ego on Rooney...good for his team mostly...but not on this occasion....thought Hart had a positive outlook also..

25/06/2012 08:45
Harry had a lucky escape, he would have got slaughtered for this performance Rooney would not get a game for any of the top european sides unless they import the didddy teams
25/06/2012 07:18
Ask yourselves a few questions
Who is the best player in the PL?
Who scored the most dramatic goal in the PL
Who is the best defender in the PL?
Who changes a game the most as soon as he steps onto the pitch in the PL?
How many teams in the PL have more English players than Non English?
Does Non English players in the PL team mean success (top 6 teams)?

You don't have to look far for the answers!

25/06/2012 11:54

Anthony/Andy Dixon

Really enjoyed your blogs.

Some great points and nice to have a sensible discussion. I think we are all on the same wave length. Clearly not all the players performed, but my reason for criticising Hodgson more than the players is that man for man I don't think the players we had out are so much worse than the Italian counterparts....there are of course exceptions. Italy (and others!    Ukraine!! surely man for man Hodgson thinks we are better than them........but the same basic set up was employed) were able to look so superior because of the time and space they were given (by Hodgson's tactics). Look at Pirol, we all know he is a class act, so why give him all the time and space that he had? Why didn't we try to close him down...ruffel his feathers...go man on man to see what happened.....we did nothing but sit back and watch him pull all the strings for Italy. We were quite happy to defend in the last quarter of the pitch. If you are going to give up 3/4 of the pitch it s difficult for anyone (other than the back 4) to play, particularly with Carroll unable to unable to give us an out because of he lack of basic skills. His first touch is embarrassing  for a professional footballer. He cannot hold the ball up.

So I am still very unhappy with Hodgson (I just didn't see anything that had me believe that he had any ideas to improve when things were clearing going pear shaped) and I believe that while he is the manager we will just see more of the same..........because that is all he knows. I hope I am wrong

25/06/2012 09:16



I will tell you why the knockers are out, because Hodgson did not (contrary to the Hodgson/FA PR team ) perform well. England are/were ranked 6th in the world. That is what Hodgson inherited. Only 3 teams in Europe above us. That position was achieved with the players he had available (OK I accept there were a few injuries)  Look at what we achieved.............couldn't beat a poor France team.......lucky win against Sweden and a very lucky win against Ukraine and a good beating from Italy.

Hodgson only knows one way to play and that is to park the bus and hope for a lucky break. What did he do to try to control Pirlo (he knew how good he was from his Milan days)? The answer is nothing...let him have the park to play in.....You mention no creativity in mid field, .......he picked work horses, not creativity.....Milner before Walcott everytime???? You mention the attack....yes Rooney was disappointing (always a risk after his lay off, ) but Hodgson picked Carroll (instead of the proven Crouch who can hold the ball up for you and give you an out when you win the ball) who was always going to be a waste of space. I could go on!

Despite the above I do agree with a lot of you blog, but I am afraid that as long as we have Hodgson as  manager we will see just more of the same.

25/06/2012 07:25

Phuket, I agree with most of what you say, but....

Hodgson must take all the blame.

But why are we suprised? With Hodgson what you see is what you will get......and we will continue to get that negative spineless attitude (from him, not the palyers) for as long as he is manager.


I thought this guy worked with Pirlo when he was at Milan?????, everyone knew that he was their play maker. What did Hodgson do to deal with him........well he gave him the freedom of the park and watched as he totally controlled the game. And even as that was happening before our eyes what did Hodgson do.....Nothing other that wait and hope we would win the shoot out.

It's time to learn how to take penatly kicks, no wonder they failed.  

So the knockers gather to complain and deliver their negative verdicts  on Hodgson. Why? What were you expecting? There were huge disappointments in the performances of some of the players, but with the lack of talent available , so many young players unavailable through injury, - Cleverly, Wilshire etc  and a quarter of the squad effectively out through injury, Hodgsons choice had become Hobsons choice.


And, as he should , he had to play to his teams strengths. And reading some of these comments I wonder what planet some of the writers are living on.


Before the tournament many were criticising Terry's selection, me amongst the loudest. He was magnificent. He flung himself at everything, passed well, and with Lescott formed a concrete barrier that didn't get penetrated for two hours. The whole back four and keeper would rate selection in any of the remaining squads in the semi finals. Gerrard played out of his skin; his best sustained performance I can remember; Scott Parker was a total professional who delivered committment , courage and more than a little skill and ran himself into the ground for the team.


And the team spirit wasa great. They were more together as a unit than I can remember for the last fifteen years, and ran themselves ragged for their Country. And that, in no small measure, was down to Hodgson, someone else who's appointment I'd criticised..


What we did not have, because there isn't  the players  around to be selected, was a creative midfield, and any sort of quality attack. There the word disappointing  would be a compliment. And this was pretty clear from the first match so Hodgson had to use the tactics he did. And to hold a more gifted opponent for two hours and then lose out by one goal in a penalty shoot out, would seem to indicate he got it right. And to be fair, if we'd converted the chances we'd had in the first half we could have stolen the game despite the fact that Italy were demonstrably the better side


If you expect England to have the playing skills of Spain  you'd better start shouting at the FA to get their youth training programmes sorted and focussed on skill development instead of junior league football.  Then, like Spain, be prepared to wait ten years to see the results coming through, because the way its structured at the moment England is not going to produce these skills. But what this team proved is that England has at least produced a group of players  who were proud to play for their Country and give everything they were able to the task.


And I, for one, was bloody proud of them for that. And I've not been able to say that for ten years either 


But for the  Club supporters watching, I'd have thought that Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool fans would be looking forward to next season , and Man United's would be hoping that their present transfer activity is going to be successful.




"England are/were ranked 6th in the world"


Which either  proves the unreliability of  the rankings or gives a measure of the gap between six and five. But before this championship no one in their right mind would have ranked England ahead of Spain , Portugal, Germany, Argentina and Brazil, and you'd have been questioned if you'd put us ahead of France and Italy; maybe even Russia.


I agree with you about Crouch, though - an infinitely more rounded player than Carroll and every bit as capable of hurting an opposition defence. I can never understand why he's  ignored by the FA's selectors.


As far as Miner and Walcott were concerned  I suspect he went for consistency. You get one good game from Theo but its often followed by two of utter dross and Milner  gave Parker mid field cover. Theo was brilliant in his first substitue role and as far as I can remember never touched the ball in his second

25/06/2012 06:12

Bull Dog Spirit is as usless as it sounds to these overpaid ****.


The Olympics I assume will also be a joke - be aware we are NOT world beaters.

25/06/2012 11:05
Steven Gerrard - England and Liverpool have ruined you.
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