03/05/2012 09:47 | By Rob Jones, producer, MSN Sport

Goal of the Season 2011/12

Papiss Cisse, Newcastle United (© PA)

There have been some incredible goals this season, perhaps, none more so than Papiss Cisse's second for Newcastle at Stamford Bridge last night.

The in-form Senegalese striker had the audacity to hit a half-volley from 35 yards with the outside of his foot over the scrambling and bemused Petr Cech. Didier Drogba, who has scored a few wonder strikes of his own, and Toon manager Alan Pardew were seen laughing in sheer amazement.

However, was this the best of the season?

MSN Sport has narrowed a record-breaking goalscoring Premier League season to just the 15 finest.

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Who will follow last year's recipient Wayne Rooney as the MSN Sport winner of Goal of the Season?

03/05/2012 15:11

Cisse clearly meant it..thats normally the reason why strikers shoot...


Can you add the video clips to the goals above - how on earth do you expect us to remember everyone of them?

What about having 'None of the above' OR "exit from page" Hot as an option :) that might help


Pappiss Cisse goal was the best. It had more curl on then Colocinni's hair cut. Al never get sick of seeing that goal NEVER

03/05/2012 13:07

Papiss Cisse's GREAT goal for Newcastle against chelsea was Magic & he's a GREAT PLAYER

& WISH we had a Few more like him  Well Done Newcastle you did us PROUD.

03/05/2012 12:01
add some video how we can vote  with no video
03/05/2012 14:33
That CISSE goal made me confess my sins.
03/05/2012 13:15
Papiss Cisse's   best goal ever .... Thumbs up
03/05/2012 12:54
It would help if we could have some clips of these bangers :P
03/05/2012 16:12

There is no  doubt Cisse meant that as a shot at goal, did he mean it? Like someone else said before. Why else do strikers shoot? I thought the goal against Swansea was better, the way he peeled back from the defender and chipped it in a tiny space over the keeper. whilst off balance....Why are people hating the fact that Newcastle are having such a great season, they have been waiting for us to fall away all year and we haven't. Give us some credit the way the Chelsea fans superbly applauded Tiote off the pitch. I for one thank them for that. We are where we are on merit, the same as we were when we went down 3 years ago.Even if we finish 4th and Chelsea win the Champions league, I take my hat to them as they certainly deserve it. The displays against Barcelona over 2 legs were outstanding and even though all our hard work could be for nothing, I couldn't do anything but applaud them.

03/05/2012 14:11
How can you vote which is the best, put the goals on line so we can see them
03/05/2012 13:02
To beat chec from that angle tremendous goal
03/05/2012 16:19

Either by luck or management the goal went in, he deserves the credit where credits due

a superb goal

if it had been a man u player that had  scored a goal in that way noone would be doubting the skill

he deserves the title goal of the season Thumbs up

03/05/2012 16:48
coming from a chelsea fan, I think Newcastle were the better team last night, HELL of a goal by cisse and Newcastle in general this season are doing amazingly well I do hope they finish in the top 4 and play in the champions league would be interesting to see other team rather than the usual 4!!
however chelsea to win champions league. COME ON YOU BLUES
03/05/2012 18:27
anyone who says it WAS a fluke goal was probaly some chealsea supporter who is jealous of cisses goal, and that the only way chealsea can score is toe blows and tap ins, and the outcome is....... it flying over the bar. no one can score a goal like that anytime soon. what a great goal! cisse has been sublime this part of the season. hope he improves even better at newcastle, and i hope newcastle get into the champs league aswell. great goal. end of.

hear we go again.... why has it got to be goal of the season to be so far out beckham,suarez.... skill involved in suarez... you got to be jokin like watchin johny wilkinson....cisse meant every bit of that goal and withoubt doubt goal of the season.

03/05/2012 16:46
How can people say cisse's goal was lucky or that it was suppose to be a cross? he clearly went to shoot as he didn't even look to see if there was anyone in the box he just shot he knew what he was doing, pure class. CISSE FOR GOAL OF THE SEASON! 
03/05/2012 16:54
                              Cisse's effort was sick and he will soon get goal of the month !!
                                              does any body else think he will%Tongue out

03/05/2012 17:57

Got to give credit to crouch's AMAZING! goal, But hands down Papiss Cissee, absolutly phenomenal!!! A Great Signing, A Great Player, A Great Goal.


Better if the videos were included.


03/05/2012 16:36
If Drogba had scored it, Chelsea would be still jumping up and down !!! Sore grapes by Dimateo..........Oh and by the way Chelsea you lost !!!!!!!!!!!!! MMMuuuuuhahahahaha
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