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Green's pledge to Gers fans

Charles Green insists he is committed to securing Rangers' future

Charles Green insists he is committed to securing Rangers' future

Charles Green has assured fans he will work "tirelessly" to secure the future of Rangers.

The Ibrox chief executive reaffirmed his commitment to the Glasgow giants after a Walter Smith-led consortium withdrew their interest in buying the club. The former Light Blues boss revealed plans for an 11th-hour bid last Thursday, just before Green and his investors completed the purchase of the business and assets of Rangers as a newco.

Smith's group have since failed with a £6million offer and rejected the opportunity to join Green's consortium, before agreeing to step aside. Former Sheffield United chief executive Green is now keen to look to the future. He said: "I fully recognise there is a huge job to be done to rebuild the trust between the fans and the club which has been badly broken."

Green continued: "I will do everything I can to help rebuild Rangers and the most important challenges we face at the moment are about our future and what league we play in. I can assure fans that I will work tirelessly in the interests of the club to secure its future."

Malcolm Murray, chairman of The Rangers Football Club, said: "The consortium is wholly committed to rebuilding Rangers and their investment is regarded as a strategic long-term project.

"As I have said previously I am not in this for personal gain and what is of paramount importance is the club regains stability both in financial and footballing terms. Since the announcement last week by the Walter Smith consortium, our position as a board has been clear in that we would welcome constructive dialogue with all those involved.

"The Green consortium said last Thursday evening that it was not looking for a sale and that is the view of the investors. We can however say to supporters that the assurances the Walter Smith consortium are looking for regarding financial probity and high standards of corporate governance will be met.

"Following the announcement on behalf of the Walter Smith consortium, the board would urge all Rangers fans to now get behind the club."

Two-times manager Smith was willing to step aside after receiving "verbal assurances" from the new regime. He said in a statement: "We are withdrawing completely from the process to enable Charles Green and his consortium to move forward.

"We very much hope the verbal assurances they provided to us - and the public statements made - are adhered to and that the club will therefore be financed and managed with appropriate governance and can go forward in a sustainable manner. We wish the new Rangers Football Club every good fortune."


the scottish football association  should be ashamed the way they have   handeled rangers situation

they should of made it clear from the start cheating will not be tolerated in the SPL and the only punishment will be expultion from the league . not waiting for others to handle the problem s that rangers have made for themselves. 

13/10/2012 16:30
this man is a joke, all he ever rambles on about is man utd this man utd that,he has to understand that rangers will never be successful as long as there is a celtic,southampton and swansea little clubs, villa useless,all three clubs would hammer that shower of ****e
20/06/2012 12:09

Withour Rangers, the Sky TV money the SPL recieves as a whole will drop to below 25% of the current deal (if any Sky come in at all).

Simple choice, accept Rangers into the league or lose the bulk of the revenue available to the clubs. While I agree it's not necessarily right, bear in mind this situation has arisen from White not paying tax's, the big tax case is in dispute and I think it's fair to say Rangers tax lawers (one of the biggest 3 financial expertise companies in the world) know more about the tax law than the rest of us.

This nonsense about historic cheating is pie in the sky until that case is heard.

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