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Gunners braced for Walcott exit

Theo Walcott has reportedly failed to agree a new contract with Arsenal

Theo Walcott has reportedly failed to agree a new contract with Arsenal

Arsenal are bracing themselves to lose yet another big-name player after failing to convince Theo Walcott to sign a new contract.

Press Association Sport understands Walcott has turned down a deal worth around £4million a year and could be sold before the transfer window closes on Friday.

Walcott reportedly wants to continue negotiations over what is said to be a £75,000-a-week, five-year contract tabled to replace the one that expires next summer.

It is understood the 23-year-old wants a better deal - nearer £100,000-a-week according to reports - and should he and Arsenal fail to reach an agreement in the next 48 hours, it could signal the end of his six-and-a-half-year stay in north London.

Walcott has been valued between £12million and £15million and has already been linked with Liverpool this summer.

Reports suggest Barclays Premier League champions Manchester City are also interested in adding the England winger to their ever-increasing ex-Gunners contingent after seeing a bid for Swansea's Scott Sinclair rejected.

Walcott's loss would be viewed by many as another huge blow to Arsenal, who lost captain Robin van Persie to Manchester United earlier this month.

Alex Song quickly followed by joining Barcelona, who signed Cesc Fabregas from the Gunners last summer, which also saw Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri move to City.

Walcott was one of Van Persie's main providers last season as the Dutchman notched 37 goals, with Walcott himself scoring 11.

Walcott, who joined the Gunners from Southampton as a 16-year-old in 2006, started their home game with Sunderland on the opening day of the season but was left on the bench for Sunday's match at Stoke, eventually coming on after 72 minutes in what was their second straight goalless draw.

29/08/2012 13:37
You know, some of you Arsenal "fans" really make me sick turning on their club in this way. How any of you can say a word against Wenger is way above my level of understanding. When are you fools going to wake up and see it is not Wenger destroyibng the club, it is the board. Who here honestly believes Wenger would sell his best players if he had any choice whatsoever in the matter? Nobody could produce anything like the success Wenger has over the years with such terrible financial constraints. Over the last 15 years Wenger has brought more success to this club than we ever had before. We have consistantly finished near the top and challenged for silverware almost every year Arsene has been in charge. Who else could do that while having to often sell the clubs best players? Now, if you look at Arsenal's squad of last year, you will see that other than Van Persie it was a fairly average side with one or two exceptions. There is absolutely no other manager that would have finished 3rd with that squad no matter who they are. In fact, I highly doubt Arsenal's squad would have been within a million miles of the top two over the last five years with anyone other than Wenger. You idiots call yourselves Arsenal fans, yet all you do is blame the one man who has done and is still doing more for our club than any other manager ever could. Nobody, not even the great Mourinho, could produce a title-challenging team year in-year out on the shoestring budget Arsenal have. If your going to blame someone for christ sake blame the fools at the top who force Wenger to sell and give him pennies to find a replacement. Don't blame the man who is giving 100% every day to hold this club together, especially when he is doing a much better job of it than any other manager in world football could.
29/08/2012 18:43
Another greedy so & so , his not that good anyway! he should get a real job earning basic pay and having to support a family.

when are these clubs going to say enough is enough !!
29/08/2012 17:45

I am sure that Wlcott thinks he deserves more money, as all "top footballers" seem to think they do.  However, someone somewhere as to call a halt to the bus ticket numbers they are paid in wages.  It`s the boys & girls that pay at the gate every week that pay these insane wages.


The country is in deep deep sh*t yet these guys still think they should live a life that could not even be dreamed of by the people who pay their wages.  Their wages should be a maximum of £20,000 a week taxed at at least 50-60 per cent, this should happen throughout the football world so they cannot move to another country to ply their trade.


As it is now what they do to earn their living is totally disproportionate to what they do for society, they don`t put their life on the line like our police officers, they don`t save lives as our doctors and nurses do, they don`t teach our children, they don`t always set a good example to our children.


I know they are not moral guardians however , I think they do have some responsibility to the younger generation.  This goverment has now form next April given these guys a big tax cut, so the

guys at the top like Rooney will get something like an extra £800,000 per year based on his earning from football and outside activities, according to his earnings in the Sunday Times rich list, I know it is not his fault.  However this is one guy, one footballer, when you think of all the guys in the premier league, then how much money has been taken from the poor to give these guys even more money.


Also not all of them I know, but a lot of them would be working on building sites or factory work earning normal low wages in most cases, as employers don`t like paying workers good wages.


Someone somewhere has to call a halt.

29/08/2012 15:34
unreal isnt it? greedy cnuts . hope they sit in front of their tellys this week and watch those blokes and birds in the olympics,then go and ask one of them if they think hes getting a rough deal
29/08/2012 19:07
A classic example of someone who, for too long, has had too many people telling him he's better than he really is. If I were an Arsenal fan I wouldn't lose too much sleep if he goes. He's no Fabregas or RVP that's for sure.
29/08/2012 18:16
greedy bastard,,he aint all that anyway, who do these pricks think they are,lets see him lay a brick or put a roof on,all he can do is kick a ball and run,and he don,t do that well
29/08/2012 15:52

GREED once again rears it's ugly head with Premiership Footballers.

No one is worth the money these ars**** are demanding.

They are morally repugnant and should be subject to 'capping' before they completely ruin the game.

Their beahviour on and off the field is a direct result of their wealth making them think they are above the law and superior beings amongst us.


If I was Osborne I'd tax them all at 95% which would bring them down and peg their activities in society.





29/08/2012 15:46
Clearly, 75,000 a week won't cover his weekly food shop at Aldi.
29/08/2012 16:00
i would be blinding if every fan in the country made a pact an said, "today im not going to go to a match" and let the greedy cnuts play in an empty stadium and stop taking us for mugs
29/08/2012 15:23

FIFA need to cap wages, players demands are just getting ridiculous, no-one on this earth is worth the sort of money footballers demand. Theo is just another player who has fallen into the greed trap created over the past 20 years.

29/08/2012 18:50
He wants more than £100,000 a WEEK! How does he contribute to society, please someone tell me, Doctors, teachers, shopkeepers etc etc do more for society than footballers but yet dont get millions every year. It cant go on, not just because it is increbidly unfair and wrong but eventually it will drive clubs into bankrupcy just like Rangers and will become no longer finacially viable
29/08/2012 13:16

Wrong headline - how about:





29/08/2012 17:48

no end product with walcott not got much better last 2 years another money grabbing player . **** of to man city and play in the reserves


29/08/2012 18:31
Walcott please go the sooner the better useless knob head how on earth he thinks he is worth more than £50 a week is beyond me
29/08/2012 18:24
Walcott, if you dont want to sign, go. Dont string it along as we can use your money to buy someone to replace you.
£75 grand a week for a "winger" that cant cross, pass or shoot properly ? Bargain!

Only in England! 
29/08/2012 17:41
@ philip grant

The report says that he wants more than the £75,000 a week he's been offered.
The great majority of people would feel that they had a great amount of  money
in their bank accounts if they made that type of money for a few weeks,never mind
a few years.

29/08/2012 17:40
If you don't like what is happening, cancel your sky sports/espn subscriptions, don't pay inflated entrance ticket prices and go and watch a local amateur team. Ok, maybe they don't have the same skill levels, but they have commitment and passion, and don't take the p*** with massive wage demands.  It is an embarrassment to compare our GB olympic athletes, to these under achieving, over paid wasters.
29/08/2012 17:27

I hope the greedy bugga leaves and ends up on less, these PL players think they are gods gift, they need to look at the wages the fans get who pay their over-inflated wages.

 He wants £100,000( and he isn't that good) for  a weeks wage, when his fans mostly have to work 5 yrs to get that................. nothing but a greedy jerk, and that goes for  the other players that think they are worthy of it, and let's face it, no player is worth the wages they get these days, they hold their clubs to ransom with their demands and no thought of the ppl that pay to watch them.

 Time to stop these prima donna's to come back down to earth and pay them a wage that's fitting to  the sport, and   maximum of  say 25 k a week, we would love to get that and live quite well too,  they get paid when hurt , we don't  paid if sick, we don't................ get real and get a life!!!!!!!


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