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Gunners close in on Cazorla deal

Santi Cazorla is in London finalising his move to Arsenal

Santi Cazorla is in London finalising his move to Arsenal

Santi Cazorla is poised to become an Arsenal player early next week.

The Spain midfielder is in London finalising his move and Press Association Sport understands he will be part of the Gunners squad which travels to Germany for a training camp next week if, as expected, the deal is formally completed by then.

Arsenal will take on Cologne next Sunday in a friendly arranged as part of the deal which brought Lukas Podolski to the Emirates Stadium.

The club have not yet been able to formally announce the signing of Cazorla owing to complications caused by the financial plight of his current club Malaga, but the Spanish side's problems are not expected to jeopardise the completion of the deal.

The recruitment of Cazorla would be the third major piece of transfer business completed by Arsenal in the close season, with Podolski and Montpellier forward Olivier Giroud also coming in.

They have also been heavily linked with Real Madrid midfielder Nuri Sahin, with Real boss Jose Mourinho saying the player can leave the Bernabeu.

Cazorla was part of Spain's victorious Euro 2012 squad, but only featured for 16 minutes during the tournament in Poland and Ukraine.

He was Malaga's flagship signing of last summer but the club are experiencing severe financial difficulties and look set to offload a number of big names before the new Primera Division campaign begins.

Meanwhile, Arsenal striker Benik Afobe has joined Bolton on a season-long loan deal. The 19-year-old England youth international is set for a second spell playing in the npower Championship, having ended the last campaign on loan at Reading and helping them win promotion to the Barclays Premier League.

A short statement on www.arsenal.com confirmed the news, adding: "Everyone at the club wishes Benik well for his time with Bolton." Afobe follows Jack Wilshere and Ryo Miyaichi in going on loan from the north London club to Bolton.

Three seemingly great new signings, a couple on the horizan, and Ramsy and soon Wiltshire back etc. Arsenal will undoubtedly be a force to reckon with soon. And too think that the club stay solvent, debt free in real terms, indeed most seasons make money. What a set up.
im a man u fan but i have a lot of respect for arsenal, they are the 2nd biggest club in england and they play gr8 football, with the new signings wenger is making they will no doubt challenge the sugar daddy clubs of city and chelsea and be a threat to my beloved utd lol.
05/08/2012 18:45

Lewis Day


First of all, you clearly know quite little about football. Santi Cazorla has never played for Real Madrid. At least try to check your facts are correct before mouthing off.


As for City, yes they have bought many of our players in recent seasons. However, out of all of those players that they've bought from us, Nasri is the only one who was a big loss to Arsenal. Adebayor was a one season wonder and a disturbance in the dressing room, so we did well to offload him. Clichy was always a defensive liability for us, and Toure was past it. How does selling those players to City make us their feeder club?


Whatever happens next season, I'm quite comfortable in my mind that we will be finishing above you next season, so I doubt you will need to pay much attention to our league position. Nice to see you're optimistic though, even if that optimism is fuelled by delusion. 

05/08/2012 19:05
Lewis day you dont just smell, you absolutley reak of jealousy towards other currently far superior teams including Arsenal. Liverpool are on a shocking slippery slope with no sign of improvement whatsoever so i guess your just taking comfort by typically living in the past as all desperate pool fans are doing right now & trying to mock other teams to try in your strange little world to make liverpool seem better than the mid-table average side they actually now are! Get over yourself fella, your beloved team are nothing but a load of old has-beens & you are a laughing stock to all non liverpool football loving fans on here. Whilst other teams are showing huge ambition for the season ahead by adding big name signings etc your side have secured the services of an ex swansea manager...hmmm ambition indeed lol!! Jealousy is an ugly trait Lewis & is making you look very silly indeed lol!!
06/08/2012 05:38

Nice to see the anti-Arsenal/Wenger haters and plastic fans are on an Arsenal story and still obsessed by all things Arsenal with their usual pre-season gibberish!

Haven't you lot learnt yet???

Every year we are written off 'no top 4 finish', 'no CL', 'mid-table team', 'relegated', etc, etc, etc, YAWN zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


When will you lot learn?

Arsenal have consistently been one of the top 4 sides in the EPL, one of the top 10 sides in Europe. Ranked 4th after Utd, Real & Barca as the richest merchandise revenue creating clubs. The richest deft-free self-financing club in the world. Increased merchandising at the club and fan base by 1000% as well as making Arsenal FC a houshold name around the world by playing entertaining passing footie. All done on a p1ssant budget during a period of transition where the priority has been to repay the new stadium debt instead of investing money in the squad.

Take a good look at Arsenal's new signings, we did not have to break transfer fee records or pay extortionate wages like many a club need to do just to be successful.

Moaned at for not spending money then when we do moaned at again!



Do grow up please and keep your misguided prejudices to yourself!

Now I personally don't know if Arsenal will win the EPL or win a trophy but they seem to be reinforcing the squad quite well and look much stronger on paper than they did last year so I'm expecting to see a much better performance this coming season and any trophy that comes will be icing on the cake but a top 4 finish and CL qualification is expected.

05/08/2012 17:43
Lewis Day

You appear to be somewhat bitter over the fact that Cazorla is going to Arsenal. Why exactly is this? It's not like Liverpool were ever in contention of signing him, is it? Nobody can deny that Santi is a player of great quality. Put it this way, you don't get 45 caps for Spain by being a poor player (especially when you're a midfielder, playing in arguably the greatest midfield that international football has ever seen).

Not only that, we've managed to pick him up for £16 million - an absolute bargain. Meanwhile, Liverpool are reportedly offering the same amount for Joe Allen. See the difference? Arsenal are signing top quality players for modest transfer fees, whilst Liverpool are signing average British players for extortionate sums of money (Carroll, Henderson, Downing, Adam spring to mind, with Allen to follow).

Stop pretending that you're still a good team, and go read some Liverpool fan blogs, instead of subjecting us to your bitter crap.
05/08/2012 18:22
And to all arsenal fans not all liverpool supporters are like this it's a damn shame we have downies like my son dissing a great club

our's have become a joke 35m on carrol and such.

05/08/2012 18:10
It seems my son has made a grave mistake in he's so called "spanish knowledge" cazorla has never been to real madrid he started at villereal then moved to malaga last season

i am deeply ashamed of my son he is a disgrace to our country and should be forced to suck on my saggy vagi na

05/08/2012 14:16
@ross please excuse my inbred son you see he may come across as biased but really he is a plastic chelsea fan that supported them through the ra era

i am deeply ashamed of my son for he comes onto arsenal articles to spread negativity this is due to him finding out he has two fathers
06/08/2012 09:35
AW did miss the boat not signing Mata as he would have suited our style pefectly. However, I am (finally) heartened that he is actually spending some of (our) money on some experienced players, it's long long overdue. If they had shown a bit more ambition over the last few years we may have kept a few of our promising players. He still needs to sign another keeper (definitely 1 of AW's blindspots, thank God Seaman was there when he joined) and a mean centre half and maybe another striker although I wouldn't be sorry to see Theo get a channce there at some point, he will get on the end of chances but has to have a bit more composure when he has time to think. I woud gladly take 4th & the FA Cup, that would be great & is probably realistic. We will not finish above Man City or Utd & I just can't see Chelsea being so sloppy in the PL next year with new sigings & a manager they want to play for. Our real threats are Spurs & probably Liverpool if they add a cutting edge to their play. C'mon, AW & Gazidis, now you habe lerant to sign your names, write some more cheques if you want to actually make 60,000 fans happy.        
06/08/2012 02:02
I don't mind if people hate Arsenal - I hate plenty of teams.

What I do mind is people like BORO BEAR who chat so much breeze the weather changes.

Mid-table side?  The simple fact that we have earned champs league footy 15 YEARS IN A ROW means you could not be more wrong.  If anything we're one of if not the most consistent side in the prem in the last 15 years.  FYO Boro Bear, Midtable is about 8th-13th in the table.  

Slow clap? Yeahhhh
05/08/2012 18:15

It's a great shame knowing my son is a scouse as they are the cancer of our county

05/08/2012 17:20
It seems i have got under the skin of my inbred son he was a mistake and should of been the c um i drank

my son appears to be a dirty bin-dipper scouse now which is intresting to say the least i wonder when he'll ever get a job
05/08/2012 21:35

looks like another good signing with carzola looks a real good player and for about 16 mil probs about right wenger is definitly doing ok in the trasfer market this season bringing in podolski who is a reguar in the german national team and giroud if wasnt for benzema he would have been france's leading striker so i think arsenal are heading in the right direction a top four finish is definitly on the cards forthem to finish 1st i think he would seriously need to add another 2 top players to his squad but theres still time left so you never know 

05/08/2012 12:33
a bit like you karl lloyd, acctualy your just a t0sser
Victor Moses, is just an ordinary player, who sometimes shows flashes of brilliance, he is not good enough to play for Arsenal, or Chelsea. Why would Wenger, want Moses when he has many better strikers at the club ?
05/08/2012 20:52
What a **** Lewis Day is !!!! Where do these Muppets come from!
05/08/2012 18:10
It seems my son has made a grave mistake in he's so called "spanish knowledge" cazorla has never been to real madrid he started at villereal then moved to malaga last season

i am deeply ashamed of my son he is a disgrace to our country and should be forced to suck on my saggy vagi na

05/08/2012 14:57
Ross Coley I seriously doubt Lewis has the intelligence to research anything at all. Stupidity would be well above his current intelligence level! He's still waiting for his IQ to rise into single figures.
06/08/2012 08:14
its a bit l8 could of had mata the season before, hazard on the cheap b4 we got gervinho but now wenger realises hes gonna spend 20 mill on a 28 year old good thing bein an arsenal fan but i would of wanted mata last season
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