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Gunners win takes its toll on Bould

Steve Bould, pictured, described Lukas Podolski as one of the best finishers he has seen

Steve Bould, pictured, described Lukas Podolski as one of the best finishers he has seen

Assistant boss Steve Bould admitted he had "a bit of a headache" after stepping into the Arsenal dugout for Tuesday's Champions League opener in Montpellier which saw the Gunners battle back to win 2-1.

Manager Arsene Wenger was serving the first of his three-game touchline UEFA ban - and would have been fuming from the stands after Younes Belhanda slotted home a penalty when captain Thomas Vermaelen fouled him. But two quick goals from Lukas Podolski and Gervinho ensured the Gunners made a winning start in Europe.

Bould said afterwards: "I am not sure I enjoyed it. I have got a headache and a half. It is tough, a different pressure than I have been used to taking the Under-18s - but we won and we had a great result."

Bould felt it was another encouraging display from the squad.

"It was difficult. I thought we were excellent in the first half - we kept the ball and kept the crowd quiet," he said. "We looked a little bit tired in the second half, because it was very humid and the crowd got behind them. It is quite an intimidating place to come and play so we are glad to get the result.

"We have had a decent start to the season and we have kept the run going so it's important all round, for the whole season. We have got great team spirit and I think that was evident. Everybody is digging in and things are looking okay."

Podolski netted his third goal in as many games, with a neat finish after quick passing on the edge of the penalty area.

Bould said: "Podolski has made a real impact. I have to say I've not seen many finishers as good as him - ever, right foot, left foot, they always go in at 100 miles per hour in training. He is a good trainer, a good boy and has really added something this year."

Montpellier coach Rene Girard felt his team could take some positives out of their Champions League debut. He said: "I have some regrets but also some satisfaction. Maybe we were a bit too shy in the first half, then looked more determined. We had a few chances to equalise, but at this level when you make some mistakes, you will pay for it.

"We can be proud, because apart from these two minutes we managed to play well against this top European team like Arsenal, so there can also be some positives from this performance."

19/09/2012 07:48

Good win for Arsenal, maybe Podolski will score more than RVP!!!

19/09/2012 07:52
Hope so and he probably won't want every player to pass the ball to him so he can score the goals like RVP did.   They are playing a lot better and seem a lot happier now he has gone.
19/09/2012 08:14

Great comeback after conceding early, good finish from both strikers & nice to see Gervinho regaining confidence & form.  Although under the cosh for most of the 2nd half they didn't cave in & Steve Bould has definitely added a more steely resolve to the defense, all in all a good away win.



19/09/2012 09:24
not a classic performance but an away win in what could have been a tricky match, two great goals ans a hard worked defence held out when last year would have caved in, all in all good result.
19/09/2012 10:12
Great win the performance was not all that in the second half but an away win in europe say know more . The thing that i don't understand is why did we have to wait untill steve bould  was promoted to first team coach before  anybody got the defence working as a unit and so much better all round to last season

Great comback.

I hope the gunners do well this year. I look forward to seeing what they can do

19/09/2012 10:22

Christopher, I was one of those who wasn't 100% sure of Podolski that he was a bit of petulant prima donna but never doubted his ability to score goals. He's a player that needs service and with Arsenal's ability to create chances, he'll be an excellent finisher. i can see him being one of the contenders this season for the golden boot! He's seems to have settled in nicely.

Nice to see Gervinho scoring now as well, Arsenal only need Giroud to get over his confidence issue but I can see him getting there eventually.

Nice to see both Mertesecker has upped his game and Diaby finally living up to his potential.

All in all a good team performance, Steve Bould take a bow!

I said it before Pat Rice was an excellent assistant coach and great Arsenal servant but way too mild mannered for me. Wenger is too similar and needed someone with a bit of the 'hairdryer effect' on occasion, I think Bouldy is that man at last!!!

19/09/2012 09:41
I agree with the posts below, well done lads!!! COYG's
19/09/2012 09:37
Arsenal will have no trouble. Same as City, United and the blues.
19/09/2012 09:39
I remember there was an endless list of smart arses on here in the summer saying Podolski wouldn't score and was rubbish. I am the only one on here who knows what he is talking about.
19/09/2012 17:38
Well done Arsenal. I can see all EPL clubs making it to the final stages which will  undoubtfully ****   platini off. England can dominate europe again and good luck to all.
19/09/2012 17:32

as said not a great performance

but a wins a win


19/09/2012 17:13

Full backs, Gibbs and Jenkinson looking much improved on last season. Looking more like the A.Cole and Lauren days with how much they are getting forward. Keep it up guys! Well up for city at the weekend.

19/09/2012 22:19
seem like some people love keep an eye here, as soon as they see an article bout arsenal, they get a hard on and comment, what traumatise you malcolm?? still no over the invincible are? something you dear united will NEVER achieve or you still got Thiery Henry Poster on yr ceiling?did your mom leave home to go set camp by the arsenal stadium? did you gf or your bf dump you for an arsenal fan???dont worry you`ll get over it someday.

On a more serious note, teach your strikers to take penalties and keep buying refss lol
19/09/2012 18:57
this is a roll for Arsenal a win against an intertoto cup winning side of 1999 the same year another well known club did the Treble..and beating prem newcomers saints...watch out world
19/09/2012 11:37
The fact that it has taken bould just a short while to improve the arse defence is another clear indication of just how bad a coach/manager wenger is--sack him. 
19/09/2012 11:33
Another false dawn ... 8 years ago, this kind of performance and result would have, and  rightly so, cemented the great suspicions (expectations even!) of pre-season, however, there is a lot in terms of team function that is familiar to the last five years. I have to say that at the end of the season, we'll not be in any different situation / position than we were at the end of the last. And for the first time in a long while, I did not enjoy watching this comeback. Clearly Wenger has seen his better days and should resign now before doing more damage to Arsenal FC. The club is bigger than any manager ....
Wenger OUT!

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