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Hargreaves trains with QPR

Injury-plagued midfielder Owen Hargreaves is hoping to earn a contract with QPR

Injury-plagued midfielder Owen Hargreaves is hoping to earn a contract with QPR

Owen Hargreaves is training with QPR following his release from Manchester City at the end of last season.

Hargreaves, who has 42 caps for England, joined the Rs squad for his first session on Saturday, the London club confirmed.

The 31-year-old moved to Manchester United from Bayern Munich for a fee believed to be around £17million in 2007 but he has been plagued by injuries over the last four seasons.

Hoops boss Mark Hughes told www.qpr.co.uk: "Owen is training with the group. There is no obligation for either party.

"He is keen to retain his fitness and we are more than happy to help him by allowing him to train with us and use our facility at Harlington."

Hargreaves' struggles in the last few years prompted him to contemplate retirement after leaving City but by training with QPR, it seems he is determined to continue his playing career.

It appeared he had won his fitness battle when he made a goalscoring Blues debut in a Carling Cup encounter against Birmingham in September.

However, Hargreaves made just three more appearances for City and was not seen again after being introduced as a late substitute in the FA Cup third-round defeat to United at the Etihad Stadium in January.

And only last month he said: "I don't want to chase something. If I get the right fit I will go for it.

"But I am not forced to do anything and if I can't get back to the level I used to, I don't want to play."

28/07/2012 20:02
Tragic story, this guy could have been one of the best mid-fielders in Europe, he had drive, technique and a winners mentality. At 31 and after 4years of injury he knows in his heart he will never be his old self, but if he can squeeze one or two seasons out of his ravaged legs he can retire with fewer regrets. Let's at least wish him that.
28/07/2012 16:31
good luck Owen....hope you can make some progress and even play for QPR eventually.... be nice to see you back....

28/07/2012 19:54
Who are all these saddo's looking for lurve on a football comments page?

MSN, can't you do something about it?
28/07/2012 16:14
Some really sad comments on this issue. Think before you make them please. This guy like his namesake the other Owen hate hate hate being in the position they find themselves. Ok they can fall back on other things but that does not take away their desire to perform in the field they chose as kids, young adults. They worked hard then and just want to continue that dream. As we all do.
If QPR, can get a couple of decent games out of Hargreaves then this signing could be a very good one. However, do not expect miracles from Hargreaves, I was shocked to see how slow this once great player had become, Father Time, gets everyone in the end.
28/07/2012 13:45
He'll keep the QPR trainer busy if nothing else!!
28/07/2012 14:51
QPR best get their medical box up to date.
I have never been one of Owens biggest fans however I remember a few years ago{{probaly quite a few} When he was probably Englands best player for seveal games I dont suppose he will will have a glowing end to his career but for his sake I hope he does OK i AM SURE he will have enough money.
I thought playing with QPR was the same as Retiring.
28/07/2012 13:03
Pack it in pal,you`ll never do it anymore,go an drive ya car.
28/07/2012 15:45
All the magic sponges in the world can't save your career, you will not play at the same level again if you can play at all. Just give it up.
28/07/2012 15:46
That wont last long..............another MR SICKNOTE.
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