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Henriquez completes United move

Chilean striker Angelo Henriquez has joined Manchester United

Chilean striker Angelo Henriquez has joined Manchester United

Manchester United have completed the signing of Angelo Henriquez and the Chile Under-23 striker has now joined from Universidad de Chile for an undisclosed fee.

The 18-year-old underwent a medical with the Red Devils last month and was granted a work permit.

"Angelo has made a tremendous impact on the game in his short career so far," manager Sir Alex Ferguson told manutd.com. "His pace is a great asset and he reads the game really well for someone of such a young age."

He added: "We have a proud record of developing young talent and Angelo fits the profile of a United player - skilful, attacking and someone who plays the game with real flair."

The player admits he is honoured to be moving to Old Trafford.

"I am thrilled to be joining the biggest club in the world. Manchester United is a great team and has a great manager," he said.

"To be able to be part of that is a huge honour and I can't wait to get started.

"I hope I can be part of many successful years with United."

05/09/2012 18:53
welcome to one of the biggest clubs in the world and by far the biggest in england!
05/09/2012 19:07
Welcome Angelo, the future's looking good it's looking even better now!

You came to the right club to shape you into world class!
if you base the size of a club on turnover and fan base then utd are the biggest, they have the most fans in the world and the highest turnover, so all you divs saying they aren't, get educated on the game!
05/09/2012 19:54

tucco liverpool could make it out the relegation zone but theres no guantees!

Reardon....what rules have they broke then?    In recent years, City, Chelski, Liverpool and Arsenal have all gained work permits for players they have bought.  Sounds like your probably bitter cos your team lost out in this way.   You a tranny?
His names Hernandez Henton. He's a striker.....something you dont see many of at Liverpool these days lol.
Williams...long ball team?  Lol.....you idiot.
Eie herd......nothing changes....still a moron eh? Get a life.

06/09/2012 14:08

good henriquez, i wish best compadre.


05/09/2012 19:03
o.t on 3rd nov mate! then i think we plat there in march or april next yr!
06/09/2012 16:49
@Reger!! Whats the weather like in Santiago de Chile??
06/09/2012 16:47

Come on EIE HERD!!! Im waiting!! Love it!!

06/09/2012 16:43

EIE Herd. You are a man right? If so MAN UP and tell us your name I dont see why you have to use that name when you're obviously not part of it. At least give me your knickname you used whilst being part of it. So until you do reveal your name you will be simply ignored from now on as I consider you to be a boy and I really dont want to get abusive with a litlle boy who has one hand on the mouse and the other in his trousers.

06/09/2012 15:45
Nice feed back Dave, hopefully he continues in the same vein he was playing for Universidad de Chile who I think are one of the top two teams in their league.
Eie herd you total tos ser, why do you think anyone would lie about being in Chile, hardly a glamorous destination you plank. You obviously judge other people by your own lying standards. You have never even seen a business class seat let alone had a flight in one. Go away loser BTW tos ser where is Santiagoi de chile? I am actually in a real place not one you made up.
He is on the news here now. WOW He looks like a younger faster version of Christiano Ronaldo, another unknown who SAF plucked from obscurity and the rest, as they say, is history.
I am in Santiago de Chile right now. This young player has been approached by many other teams, so I am told by the locals, but he has had a loose contract, which is apparently common here, with Manchester United since he was 14 years old. He is very highly rated in the Latin American world, and that is some accolade.
06/09/2012 16:50


@ Lee, surely a team that is the most successful i.e trophies won ( which is the object of the game, not money ) is deemed the biggest and best in the world. Besides, how much did Uniteds shares on the stock market drop recently ? How much have the Glaziers got your team in debt ? hmmmm

06/09/2012 17:08
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