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Hodgson for England: what the web is saying

Roy Hodgson's emergence as the front-runner in a one-horse race to lead England at Euro 2012 caught everyone on the hop last night. An underwhelmed Fleet Street is mulling over its choice of knife if not exactly sharpening it yet.

Ok, it's not people's choice and motormouth Harry Redknapp, but at least the West Brom manager is English and unquestionably has the experience to do the job. More importantly, he wants it.

Roy Hodgson (© Mike Egerton-EMPICS Sport)

This morning's Daily Telegraph reminds its readers of what Hodgson has said previously: "I regard the job as the pinnacle of English football. I was very close to Bob Robson, especially towards the end of his life, and he always told me his proudest moment was managing England. I'm patriotic. I don't go down to the Southampton docks and wave the flag when they go off to the Falklands War, but England has been good to me. I'm proud to be English."

No one knows the pressure of the England job better than Graham Taylor. And the former Watford and Aston Villa manager also knows the FA inside out.

Hodgson fits the bill as the FA develop their national football centre at Burton, according to the man once villified as England's 'turnip': "What they're probably looking for is a man who will be willing to go into Burton pretty much every day and stay in a tracksuit, and see the young boys at youth level, see the under-21s and his first team when they are there. They haven't said that, that's just me assuming, but I don't think they will see that Harry will fit that bill."

Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson, on last night's Match of the Day 2, hinted that Hodgson, rather than a great manager for great teams, is one for an unfancied England side: "People are saying they will struggle a bit out there [at Euro 2012], but that might suit Roy. He might make them difficult to beat and nick a couple of results."

Next to Lawro on the MOTD sofa, Stoke City boss Tony Pulis said: "Roy has got a lot of experience. He ticks all the boxes, he's managed at international level, done a great job everywhere he's been. He's a good coach and he'll fit the system".

Harry Redknapp (© Nigel French-EMPICS Sport)

Former England striker Dion Dublin saw another good reason for the Hodgson choice: "To get Harry from Spurs would cost an absolute fortune." However... "I think it's getting players on side, getting players playing for you - Harry is the best manager doing that. Roy has got to come in and try and copy that."

On Twitter, Phil Neville can't believe there's only one man for the job:
"Surely Roy Hodgson can't be the only name on the 'list'??" looks that way!"

In a world of black and white, Stan Collymore found shades of grey, mixing faint praise for Hodgson with his fears:
"I'd be happy ish to have Roy manage England. Just worried that fans,press will turn quickly..."

More from players, including West Brom's Steven Reid, standing up for his boss.
"Obviously those in the press who have hammered Hodgson have never met or worked with the man.."

Former Spurs and Wimbledon defender, Chris Perry sees benefits if Roy's the boy:
"I can see why players were looking forward to HR, but think RH while not as flamboyant, is far better tactically for England"

And from the West Ham corner, a supportive club chairman David Gold makes no mention of 'Arry:
"I'm delighted that the FA are considering Englishman Roy Hodgson, a football man with dignity and integrity. I hope they appoint him."

Incredulous stand-up John Bishop was choking on his cornflakes...
"Are the FA mad- no offence to Roy Hodgson but how can you ignore Harry Rednapp!! Unbelievable !!!!"

Nathan Knight says 'enough already' about Woy:
"Ok we get it Roy Hodgson can't say his 'Rs' please stop with the awful jokes"

The Daily Mash fears for Roy in the Impossible Job:
"Hodgson hits rock bottom"

Is the Telegraph's football scholar Henry Winter tweeting about himself here?
"Roy Hodgson is a broadsheet man in a tabloid world"

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30/04/2012 15:23

so who would you go for, with proven top-drawer success?


Redknapp does not have it!

The "coach must be English rubbish" has to go. Half the players in rugby and soccer are not English so why all the fuss about having an English coach. Truth is the best English managers, rugby and soccer, never want the job. The best foreign managers are put off. The England job Rugby and football will always be a caretakers job. In truth no one wants the job. Until we get players that want to win on the world stage,it does not matter who the manager is. 
02/05/2012 18:23

lets be honest here people, all the moaners crying because gud'old arry didnt get the job, if you could take both hodgson and redknapps c.v's cover up the names on the cv's and then choose your manager, old arry would definately lose out. the only thing is redknapp is popular with the media, and as we all know, they can make or break the england manager.

p.s. to mr dave richards of the f.a.  look at sheffield wednesday now they have directors who actually give one about the club, and are not just solely bothered about kissing the f.a.'s backside to get a job with the f.a. and single handedly crippling the life out of one of the most popular clubs in england you self righhteous smug ******

02/05/2012 15:19

My uncle talked about Roy Hodgson as possible England Manager whilst media was speculating about Harry Redknapp.  In truth my uncle was right.  Looking at Hodgsons record as an international manager, it is pretty good.  He has managed a few international sides and taking them quite far into the tournament.  That must be good for us, experienced and an english manager and he is been in the premiership, plus has a history with international sides.  We can't ask for much more.


Euro 2012 will be tough and I can only expect that he and England will give their best,  Lets drop the negativity and press rubbish, just lets see what he can do.  Four year contract, no big pay outs and he wants it, can't ask for more than that.

01/05/2012 19:19

I can see Roy being savaged by the tabloids.


30/04/2012 18:20
who ever gets the job,its a thankless task,no win situation,the players just are not good enough on the pitch,on paper world class, l think the FA want a yes man,harry isnt that.
03/05/2012 16:59

The papers wont give him a chance,they already had picked who they wanted.so look forward to a lot of nasty press against him.

To many groups believing they have the answers to the England problem.more so the media.

Yes give him a chance,and dont prempt anything that he might do,and if he makes a decision that dont suit you,dont attack him,see what happens before you comment,OH THATS AIMED AT THE MEDIA.



03/05/2012 13:21
give the guy a chance.i think he will do ok
30/04/2012 14:15
Well if Glen Hoddle says it ok it must be after all he's someone we all trust with important decisions..... especially as he's backed up by spiritualists etc.<much better than looking for a manager with proven top drawer success.
01/05/2012 16:33
totally agree with w,s. average players who just can't perform against top teams. Feel sorry for RH he is going to get slaughtered by the press, and the big time charlie's won't respect him in the England dressing room
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