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Hodgson guarded over line-up

Roy Hodgson has not revealed Wednesday's starting line-up to the players yet

Roy Hodgson has not revealed Wednesday's starting line-up to the players yet

England boss Roy Hodgson is keeping his cards close to his chest over his starting XI for the friendly clash against Italy on Wednesday..

Speculation is rife over who will line up in goal in the absence of Joe Hart, who pulled out of the encounter in Berne. Birmingham keeper Jack Butland is in contention with Norwich's John Ruddy for the vacant spot.

When asked who would start in goal, Hodgson told a press conference: "I can't say that because I haven't actually spoken to the players. I haven't even given them an indication of who is playing unless they try to read my mind during the training sessions and see how people line up there."

He went on: "As far as Jack and John, they're pretty much neck and neck for a place in the team and I'm still to decide whether I just choose one or whether possibly we have enough substitutes to enable me to give each of them a game.

"And that wouldn't be wrong and if we didn't have the restrictions on substitutes I could tell you now.

"But I have to be a little more careful when you can only use six.

"I'm quite anxious we give quite a lot of the players the chance to get on the field and play but we're only allowed six substitutes so in actual fact 19 players is still more than enough.

"We'll still have more substitutes than we're allowed."

14/08/2012 21:16
Doesn't matter what team he picks, the same problems are still there, until they are confronted, England will be as predictable as ever!!
14/08/2012 23:55
Until the day comes when a professional footballer feels proud to wear the England shirt, I believe we should give up the national team and stick to league football. you only need to look at the Olympics to see the kind of involvement the players need. I say cut their wages by 90% and see who the real players are. The more you give a player the less he puts into the game, after all he can not afford for his hair to fall out of place or a crease to appear in his shorts.
15/08/2012 00:27
Whats hodgson guarding,theres nowt to guard thats why weve never won nowt since 66,and we wont ever again,lets not kid ourselves.Best bet for the fans is keep yeh money dont go anymore,there crap  and stealing your money off you.Go and buy a few more beers instead,better value and more enjoyment.Its 46 years trying to play football and not winning anything,its not gonna happen again,regretfully but truths shouldnt hurt anyone.
14/08/2012 23:03

the players who have withdrawn already with injuries, like where?

The season hasn't yet begun................. they need a wake up call and take note of the athletes who worked with injuries and were proud to do so, the footballers in this nation are a bunch of underskilled, overpaid nancies who seem to spend more time in the courtrooms than playing football


 They are a disgrace to the sport!

14/08/2012 21:55
Thats because he doesn't know himself
15/08/2012 00:11
they say we are 3rd best in the world so whats the problem ok we are still CRAP
14/08/2012 23:05
He has picked a really understrength team here wonder what qualities he is looking for, from how it is he possibly looking for players that keep possession and cross well. Expect Italy to play through the middle just as they did in the euros can't see who is has in mind to stop those passing.
15/08/2012 07:33
Playing for England is no longer an honour for the players.
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