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Hodgson ready to pick Terry

John Terry, pictured, will be considered for selection by England manager Roy Hodgson

John Terry, pictured, will be considered for selection by England manager Roy Hodgson

Roy Hodgson has confirmed he would pick John Terry for England's World Cup qualifying double-header against Moldova and Ukraine, despite the defender's international future remaining in limbo.

The Football Association have yet to announce a date for Terry's independent disciplinary hearing over charges he used a racist slur against Anton Ferdinand, an allegation he denies and was cleared of by a court last month. Chelsea captain Terry was rested, along with several other senior players, for last week's friendly win over Italy.

But Hodgson revealed he would recall the defender - if fit - when he names his squad for the September 7 away game in Moldova on Thursday and the home clash against Ukraine four days later. He said: "As far as I know, I can select him at the moment, and I will be selecting him."

He continued: "I don't really have any comment about the rest of it. Time will take it's toll. I just know I can select him."

That may change if Terry's hearing is held in the next week but Hodgson had "no idea" whether any announcement on the case would come before he names his squad on Thursday, adding: "I'll pick him and then we'll wait and see what happens."

Hodgson all but confirmed the other players from England's European Championship squad who were rested against Italy would be recalled. That includes Wayne Rooney, who he watched in Manchester United's opening Barclays Premier League defeat at Everton and felt "looked very fit".

Rooney could be the only striker in Hodgson's squad guaranteed a regular starting spot for his club now United have signed Robin van Persie and Tottenham Emmanuel Adebayor.

Danny Welbeck, Andy Carroll, Jermain Defoe and Daniel Sturridge could all find their game time limited, and Hodgson said: "Whether they play is up to their club coaches and up to them to a certain extent as well.

"If players don't play regularly, they sometimes make it difficult for the club coach. The transfer window has not closed yet. Who knows if those players will still be with the club at the end of the transfer window?

"The bottom line is I shall choose from the players who can do the job. If they are not playing for their club team that will be a disadvantage but it won't necessarily preclude them from playing."

25/08/2012 08:40
I dont understand all the negatives. One of our best during the euros and a superb defender. Im no Chelski fan, far from it ,but credit where credit is deserved.
25/08/2012 11:13
someone please tell me the value of sticking with the old guard, there to slow now,what will they be like when the world cup proper starts,i feel terry is a liability,hes to disruptive to the whole squad,they should have a good look ( ALL FOOTBALLERS) at our olympic squad,i didnt see any prima donnas there,just wholehearted sports people,wake up FA and clean our game up,stop all the diving,mouthing off at officials,get rid of the cheats,and make it affordable for joe public to support there team,am i living in dream land,i think so.
25/08/2012 07:41
same old same old ,  nothing changes,.. from the FA down England are ****e ...no argument ,
Good for Hodgson, John Terry is no racist because Terry has played with blacks all of his career and Ferdinand is the only person to accuse J T of being a racist. Didier Drogba is a personal friend of J T, and there are many other blacks that will testify that J T is no racist. Maybe the Ferdinand brothers have a problem with dishing out abuse, certainly Rio does, calling Ashley Cole a choc ice.
25/08/2012 13:14

And why not pick him for sqaud?? he was found not guilty.....not sure about first team doh..

there are better defenders out there...

25/08/2012 12:01
Mr Smith, your A. obviously a Untd fan and B. you know nothing about the game of football if you think Ferdinand is better than Terry. Year in year out JT is the most consistent central defender in the league. Despite his shortcomings off the pitch and his lack of tact on it sometimes his record speaks for itself, that's why England manager after England manager have picked him and if it wasn't for his a fore mentioned  indiscretions he would have remained the Captain of his country for years and years.

25/08/2012 16:45
If Terry called Ferdinand a **** then it doesn't mean a thing. Lewis Day calls his wife a **** before, during and after intercourse. She likes it that way, as I can testify. Abuse is part of the domination game. There is no equality and role playing is an important part of doing it with Queens Soldiers wife.
25/08/2012 14:22

Terry we all know is a complete tw4t but he has also been the best England Captain for a number of years. The Fa need to sort themselves out and either charge him or leave him be as this waiting is not helping but i honestly think that Terry should not be called up until the case with the Fa is closed.

Fa hold the hearing before Thursday so Hodgson and Terry can move on and look towards the world cup.


25/08/2012 08:22
Anton Ferdinand is better, hahahahahahahahahahahah! One England Captain.
25/08/2012 07:30
retire him now, too slow and disruptive - anton ferdinand is better lol
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