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Hodgson takes Euro positives

Roy Hodgson hopes his England youngsters can follow the example of Germany's recent progress

Roy Hodgson hopes his England youngsters can follow the example of Germany's recent progress

Roy Hodgson is using Germany's example as proof England fans should not feel too negative about the future of the national side.

Yet again in Kiev on Sunday, England crashed out at the quarter-final stage of a major competition on penalties. The fact they were comprehensively outplayed by Italy underlines how much work Hodgson has in front of him. However, he recalled the difficulties Germany were in prior to the 2006 World Cup, and how much progress they have made since then.

"Germany went into that tournament unfancied, with a new coach, a lot of new players we didn't know much about and older ones who had failed in previous tournaments," said Hodgson. "We have seen how well they have kicked on since 2006 and have to take heart from that."

Hodgson's optimism is fuelled by the emergence of a promising crop of young players.

Danny Welbeck, Andy Carroll, Jordan Henderson and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all gained valuable experience in Poland and Ukraine, Phil Jones and Martin Kelly will also benefit from being around the squad.

Hodgson hinted Kyle Walker and Chris Smalling would have been involved had they not suffered late season injuries, while Jack Wilshere would surely have made the squad too had he not failed to make an appearance all season.

"There is good reason for optimism," he said. "We have some players coming through who are doing quite well at Under-21 level and I will be interested to see how they do in the Olympics.

"If it had not been for injuries to people like Smalling and Walker there would have been even more young players with us here.

"We have to believe. We have to see the positives where we can and try and ignore the fact that yes, it is another failure on paper because we have not got past the quarter-final stage.

"I don't believe there is as much negativity as perhaps there was. But the only way we can build upon what we have done here is by qualifying for Brazil and, when that tournament comes around, trying to better our previous record."

25/06/2012 17:41
the difference being that Germany had really good players to build with!!!!!
25/06/2012 16:57

I have just posted this earlier in reaction to  Rooneys bad critics.. It is relative here!

I wish that MSN would restrict these comments to the matter in hand. . Far too many tweets posted!

Pardon! Back to the main isse, Rooney is cited here for  critique, yes I will agree that he was simply too slow..There is always the consideration that the defence was found to be more presice,   than the  premier league?  For me Rooney himself  is a talented player, unfortunately like comments below he  suffers from one problem.  Yes he does need time to spend his money.   Just a pity  that more effort at the present time should be personal fitness.  I am in no doubt as to his mental and physical strenght, it shows in his determination . Please Wayne just lose a couple of stone... With your  Body Mass Index much  improved  you will beat everything , and all England will benifit.  Do not let us forget ROY  and the rest of the BOYS, a staunch sffort from every player. A good  result after only a months preparation. . When Pearce can release a few more young players, Roy knows them by first names,  England will then be on a par with  Germany. Remeber the  old Arch Enemy that is destined to be the Champions this year. After a year in charge Roy 's Boy's will  then  be in the same league..   

25/06/2012 21:49
Why is rooney always signed out, is he the only one on the pitch ? if he has to keep going backwards to get a foot on the ball what does that say, nowbody is getting the ball to him so yes he gets knackered who wouldnt, so in my opinion he is not the only one to blame, try looking what the others are doing , loosing the ball giving it away LOOK BEFORE YOU CALL HIM
25/06/2012 17:41

Better still, Rooney just get lost! I think he belives his own hype. He's not the 17 /18 year old running and trying and doing his utmost As for skill.... well as the last two games he played emphisiased, he is medioca to say the least. Stick to club games and the boys around you wayneee, where you don't have to think for your selve. P.s. If the barrel of lard doesn't shed shed loads of fat, I fear even his club days will soon be over. League two perhaps. 5 years or more when you last had a half decent game, but never against any decent teams ... likewise in the premier.

 Good to see Roy talking about these new names. they should have been in, or involved. Had 7 old tried and tested that played their' hearts out. The ole boys excelled themselves and did their' best ever for England.

 But possibly out side of Ashly Cole, all can, and should be replaced now. Let's be honest they have never acheived and have had years together to prove it.

25/06/2012 20:56
since mr rooney had his hair done he can't head a ball
25/06/2012 23:09
sack Hodgson now before is to late should of beat Italy is a joke boring defencive football not the England way.
25/06/2012 20:55
it's all down hill from here mr hodgeson sir!!!!!
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