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Hodgson will change team for Rooney

Roy Hodgson (© pictured)

Roy Hodgson (pictured) will return Wayne Rooney to the England side on Tuesday

Roy Hodgson hailed his strikers for their goalscoring efforts in England's thrilling 3-2 win over Sweden on Friday night - but confirmed Wayne Rooney will return for the qualification decider with co-hosts Ukraine on Tuesday.

Hodgson's bold decision to select Andy Carroll paid off when the Liverpool man put England ahead with a first-half header. Danny Welbeck secured a famous win when he flicked home a cross from Theo Walcott - who also scored the equaliser - 12 minutes from time.

But Hodgson said: "I welcome those kind of selection problems, I was really pleased with the performance of the front players. But Wayne Rooney is a special player and, frankly, it will be hard to leave him out. I'm afraid you expect him to get back into the team when the suspension is served."

The statement merely underlined what a massive role Rooney is being afforded in the Hodgson era.

He must have gone through every emotion in the stands on Friday night though, as England established a winning position, tossed away the initiative with some chronic defending, and finally claimed a vital three points thanks to Hodgson's match-changing introduction of Walcott.

"Theo's contribution was enormous," said Hodgson.

"To come on as a sub, score and set up the winner means he'll be very happy."

Two goals at the start of the second half from Olof Mellberg turned the game on its head, as well as earning the former Aston Villa defender a man-of-the-match award he did not want.

"It doesn't mean a lot," he said.

"It feels a little bit strange to win something when you lose a match and go out of a tournament."

16/06/2012 09:52
England deserve a pat on the back to say the least.Yes,there was some poor defending and some tired looking legs in midfield,but the result was 3-2 England...well done.All this talk about Rooney starting the next game is a slap in the face for the lads that worked hard last night and deserve to be in the team for the next game.I thought Andy Carroll had a great game.His work rate is first class and he proved he is a goal scorer.He dropped back to help cover in midfield and defended inside the 18 yard box.So well done him.Theo Walcott made a difference when he came on and Welbeck scored the winner.Rooney should start on the bench and think himself fortunate to be in the squad.Perhaps he could learn a thing or two from The Ox,who is not only a great player but is level headed and in my opinion will be a better player for England.
16/06/2012 07:36
Milner has to go! Useless,slow and reminds me of Gareth Barry!
16/06/2012 09:40
Hopefully Roy goes 4-4-1-1 with Rooney just behind welbeck or Carol . Putting rooney up top on his own wouldn't be the best way to go.

While I am a massive Rooney fan I am little worried at changing the current team for 1 player when we are doing just fine. at least in the attacking sense, Our problems are in defense where, sorry to say, Terry is showing his age. 
16/06/2012 08:45

roy as got it right so far so who am i to disageree with what choice he makes. Lets give the team credit, we know they are not the best team there, but the character they showed last night after losing the lead and going behind was fantastic. Under Capello we would have lost 4-1 so well done to all the team and staff.

we probably cant win it but lets enjoy the victories, by christ we dont half make it known when we lose!



16/06/2012 08:50
Play him for the second half on Tuesday. Stay loyal to the players who've done a job or else you're rewarding Rooney's petulance by letting him think he's bigger than the team!
16/06/2012 08:18
can the BBC please get rid of Mark Lawrenson he is the most negative commentator of all time.
16/06/2012 12:01

Don't change the team, don't bring on Rooney, we haven't needed him to score a goal for  us yet.  He didn't play against Belgium in the friendly and as far as I can see, we're doing ok without him.


If you need to, bring him on late second half but don't start with him.


A team is not just 1 person, it's 11 players and we are doing just fine with him in the stands.

16/06/2012 09:44

Well England showed guts yesterday, but their lamentable performance makes you wonder why England player cannot do the simple basics of passing the football..their are playing with way to much fear, they panic when in possession,  like the football's a hot potato ready to explode.... Hodgson need's to get these player's back to basics on the training ground with hourly drills of simple two yard passing... England player's must learn to treat the football like it's the love of their life's, with patient's and care, cause at the moment they can't get rid of it quick enough!! nevertheless well done England you showed heart, spirit, good job!!!!

When are people going to realise what happens in all these games .......... after 60 mins teams are tired and the game gets stretched.......... that's the time to bring on Rooney and Walcott........  So many winning goals are scored in the last 20 mins.........when players are tired in this tournament. If I was Roy I would be more worried about the defence.
16/06/2012 10:11
If it aint broke Roy don't fix it, the team have done well without Rooney so far, leave well alone!
16/06/2012 09:55
If England is ever to compete with countries such as Spain and Germany, there will be a need to align natural talent with raw intelligence. Young lads in Germany and Spain are chosen first for their innate intelligence then as they mature it is applied by their coaches. In Britain, clubs look for the big, physical brute first; the dominant playground scrapper and hope the intelligence is there. Often it isn't. In the case of Rooney, his past international performances in tournaments particularly plus the way he has behaved in the past do not fill me with confidence that he can compete at the highest level with intelligent,rounded,balanced players.
16/06/2012 09:23
Why fix something that isn't broken .............Keep Rooney on the bench !
16/06/2012 09:38
this is the same mistake as in the past, putting Rooney ahead of those who have worked hard to get us where we are so far. Rooney has always disappointed, let him work his way back, bring him on as a sub.
16/06/2012 12:18
Drop that numb nuts **** Milner, play Welbeck on the right, young on the left, Gerrard and Parker sitting and Rooney in the hole behind Carrol.
16/06/2012 10:47

Just hope Wayne has a cracker otherwise itll be everyone saying we wouldve been better off without him such is the fickle nature of football form.

16/06/2012 14:04
Better choose a good team, cause if we finish in 2nd place and Spain will surely win their group, then Englans next match is against Spain.  'nuf said.
This tournament has shown that the fittest players get very tired after 70 Mins........ Starting with Rooney is a mistake , he hasn't played matches for at least 3 weeks and won't last, he'll get tired and frustrated............ let him come off the bench and add that killer punch when we need it. 
16/06/2012 12:22

Our defence at times was lacking in skill and awareness they need to be conscious of All that is going on around them , We lost the ball too much we could not keep it for long especially in their half. I thought the ref overlooked blatant fouls of barging and shoving our players off their feet. What matters is we won and must learn from the defensive mistakes and learn to keep the ball.

16/06/2012 08:13
personally i think glen johnson had one of his best games in a england shirt last night wasnt as good at going forward like normal and seemed to pay more attention to his defensive duties 2 sloppy goals given away need to be a bit more alert against the better teams but if rooney comes back in he needs to produce the goods i know he is a quality player but some of his recent england games have been a bit lack lustre where as welbeck looks hungry for it  dont know but its a nice problem to have as roy says
16/06/2012 12:06
Why would you not take the Top English scoring payer in the Premier League? Because he has had his chances and failed miserably at International level. Club football achievement is only worth so much. You could list loads of great club footballers who just didn't cut it at the higher level - apart from one super goal John Barnes was a classic example.
Rooney hasn't been world class for years and his international record proves it. He was absolutely awful against Belgium.
So far trying newer players hasn't backfired so why resort to the old guard who have failed so miserably before?  If we lose here but have tried a more youthful team we will be better placed the next competition. Keep picking the same old non entities and we learn nothing and win nothing.
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