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Hoops and Blues record stalemate

John Terry, left, and Anton Ferdinand prior to the clash between QPR and Chelsea

John Terry, left, and Anton Ferdinand prior to the clash between QPR and Chelsea

In the end it was almost all about the handshake as Chelsea and QPR produced a dire goalless draw in the west London derby.

Both sides failed to ensure John Terry and Ashley Cole's reunion with Anton Ferdinand would not remain the main talking point of the game as the Blues dropped their first points of the Barclays Premier League season.

Better finishing from Eden Hazard, Park Ji-Sung and Bobby Zamora might have changed that - as might different verdicts on two penalty calls. Otherwise, the two clubs simply appeared unable to move the agenda on from what happened at Loftus Road almost a year ago, something that saw Terry cleared in court of racially abusing Ferdinand but blanked by his fellow defender.

Terry, who denies the Football Association charge he still faces over last year's altercation, almost silenced them inside two minutes when he just failed to get telling contact on a corner.

Hazard had no such excuses two minutes after that when he fired Ramires' cross straight at Julio Cesar.

Zamora then fired too close to Petr Cech and both sides had already seen soft penalty appeals rejected but Chelsea had two that might have been given.

First, Terry went down after being leant on in the box by Ryan Nelsen. Then after Ryan Bertrand was booked for going through the back of Shaun Wright-Phillips, the QPR winger was fortunate to get away with a clumsy challenge on Hazard.

Terry's attempts at showboating in the Rangers half really turned up the volume and the home side responded, captain Park wasting a glorious chance to nod them in front from Esteban Granero's cross.

Then with three minutes remaining, Hazard should have won it when he blazed over completely unmarked.

15/09/2012 19:48
Now we can see who the racists are, Anton led by his more intelligent (sic) brother show a hatred of white people that even means they have abused Cole because he would not condemn Terry. While the FA are going outside the law to charge Terry, they do not charge Ferdinand for his "choc-ice" remark although it is quite clearly racist, not against blacks but against whites. Even the England manager saw this before the Euros, he recognised that Rio would have been a disruptive influence in the dressing room and left him out.
15/09/2012 17:44
The FA brought this shambles about with their politically correct nonsense. If they want players to act like effeminate homosexuals, you will end up with dire and boring games. The players were too scared to tackle each other in case it was seen as 'racist'.
15/09/2012 19:59
CHOC ICE! /LIQUORICE ALLSORTS, Only the person its aimed at feels the hurt Whatever is said, and their reaction either to  forgive  or to show its wrong,  time heals but not when everyone else gets on the band wagon. Dont forget it was someone from the crowd who reported it then confirmed by video evidence,   not  Anton!   and the greedy solicitors who advise Anton would tell him not to look to friendly before the private case comes up.
16/09/2012 00:12
For any one who saw the game. Wouldn't you agree the highlight was  Ferdinand parading around the ground,shirtless limping  head down applauding the crowd like a phony wounded hero. It epitomized what he and his soppy brother are. Egotistical creeps who are trying to promote their name like the Khadashians (Spelling?) I have absolutely nothing but disdain for these two.They have caused a lot of unrest in football for their own gain.
15/09/2012 20:13
Once again the old race card is being shown....lost case, get on with your life.....if you can't handle life ...get out of the game ....the race card works both ways.....only certain people use it when it is really necessary ...in your case it is not.
15/09/2012 18:19
booooo you shud of shuk his hand booooooooooo
15/09/2012 23:14

as far as I can see both players are bringing the game into direpute,about time the managers sat the players down and told them this is unacceptable behavior...


16/09/2012 12:27
LESS THAN ONE WEEK , that's all it took from seeing the stellar efforts of the paralympians and the ethos of human endeavor ,to the pathetic behaviour of these overpaid pampered  bloody idiots,they should hang their heads in shame but they wont  because somebody will massage the over inflated egos of  these self indulgent childish babies as they roll around the floor pretending to be injured,or incapable of acting like responsible grown men in front of the masses.
They make me sick.
16/09/2012 10:37
If I choose to re-post using 'the hatchet' metaphor, then that's my choice, is it not? In regards to Ashley Cole, I noticed that when Anton refused him, he spat over his own shoulder. Funny that, maybe he just had something in his throat and needed to clear it at that precise moment.
16/09/2012 06:39
Nuff respek to you Anton, the only hatchet that needed burying is right in the back of terrys head.
15/09/2012 17:53
100%.....now gone ....game on..well done anton and qpr..
15/09/2012 18:55
well done Anton, dont let no one tell you whos hand to shake, and well done rangers
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