13/05/2012 19:08 | By Mike Robinson, contributor, MSN Sport
How the final day of the Premier League unfolded

An incident-by-incident review of the cruciial games at Manchester City, Sunderland and Stoke

How the final day of the Premier League unfolded (© Mike Egerton-EMPICS Sport)
  • How the final day of the Premier League unfolded (© Mike Egerton-EMPICS Sport)
  • Stoke strike first (© PA Wire-AP Photo)
  • Rooney puts United in front (© AP Photo-PA Wire)
  • Zabaleta breaks the deadlock (© AP Photo-PA Wire)
  • Bolton restore parity (© AP Photo-PA Wire)
  • Bolton escape the bottom three (© AP Photo-PA Wire)
  • Cisse strikes (© AP Photo-PA Wire)
  • Barton sees red.... (© AP Photo-PA Wire)
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MSN Sport tracks how the league was won and Bolton were relegated with our moment by moment picture gallery at the end of the most spectacular day in Premier League history.

14/05/2012 00:18


*****WELL DONE CITY***** Fully deserved and fought for.

Why does it get spoilt once again by a comment by Alex Fungus??????

He said CITY (yes the prem winners manure fans) that City had to play against 10 men, and needed 5mins extra time.........A VERY SHORT MEMORY MR FUNGUS....How many times have cheatchester won games with extra time on extra time?????? and at times against 10 men?????


I support LFC so no point us going there "Manure fans" we won something YOU DIDNT, NOT A SAUSAGE........YES NOTHING ha ha ha ha ha ha

14/05/2012 01:01
Well done City! Makes a refreshing change to see the title go elsewhere! Rooney's face was something to behold!!!
14/05/2012 00:46

Haaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa. Alex Ferguson your face and Rooney`s Priceless at the end of your game against Sunderland. Blue Moon over Manchester tonight Alex


14/05/2012 08:31

Congratulations to Manchester City. No sour grapes and I am a die hard Red. They played the better football all season and did the double over us.


 If we had have scraped through and won the Title, it would have flattered a very ordinary United Team. Not the play you off the Park Reds of the last decade. The way we lost it and the dis-appiontment of losing on goal difference must show that we need more quality and strength in the midfield and a go-to striker with some pedigree. I am not worried about next season. We got 89 points by being at best average this season.


Come on you Reds. 2012-13.

That Animal " Joey Barton " is classed as a professional footballer, any other occupation he'd be doing time.
14/05/2012 01:05
14/05/2012 07:03

What a great way to spend the afternoon in the pub, drama alLthe way from the top of the league to the bottom, results going one way then another, FANTASTIC!!!!!!

14/05/2012 00:56
44 years of pain and hurt......2-1 down 2 mins to go, we win 3-2, typical CiTY......dont you just love it

14/05/2012 01:58
i am not a city or united fan but i hear united fans talking about chelsea and city buying the title could some of them tell me why united are 8 or 9 100 million in debt wouldnt have been spent buying players would it 
14/05/2012 06:38
Manchester City - Premier League £400m. Look on Manu Faces - Priceless !
John Edward, they may of won on goal difference as you put it, but it was also an 8 point lead that united threw away, plus 2 extra goals in half time, so well done city. 

shame WBA couldn't stick a 3rd in for spurs, and unlucky Newcastle. 

Commiserations to United, though its nice to see the title go to a completely different club than the usual 7 that have dominated it for the last 40 or so years. 

But i will say one thing, this has been one awesome season for the premier league, who would of thought at the start of the season we would have to wait to the very last day to find out the fate of the top 5 teams. 

Now where is my bayern Munich shirt.
14/05/2012 08:58
Man City are absolutely rubbish!! Just joking!  Congrats to City, great way to win the title and it's good to see a different team's name on the honours list. In Barton's defence Tevez did lash out first so for continuity should have been sent off too. Ref and lino got that one wrong, however, Barton is still a headcase and he won't change which is why QPR need to get shot of him quickly. He's not been very good this season anyway, as for a captain and a leader, I'll let you all make your own minds up.
14/05/2012 09:17
Well Done.I am a Chelsea supporter from Chelsea SW10. My heart was in my mouth for the last few minutes. I have been surprised how badly Manchester United are at" losing". They are going to have to get used to not winning anything in any one season.
14/05/2012 09:07
WELL DONE BOYS, it was a FANTASTIC GAME,,, it well  and truley had me hooked shouting and cheering in my living room,, next to me was my fiance cheering on the reds..

14/05/2012 09:31
it was the goals in extra time great stuff made my day done city
14/05/2012 02:41
My god....Aston....are you the most miserable football fan on theor what....Im a liverpool fan but what an amazing advert for the premier league yesterday was......take some happy pills.....thats what supporting brentford must do for you!!!

@liam david


Get a dictionary and look up the word 'MAGNANIMOUS'

It's under M if you have never used a dictionary before.


Credit were it is due and a proper football fan ( whilst incredibly disappointed if you are a Utd fan) well say Congratulations.


What has made Utd special over the years (and I am not a Utd. fan) was that ability to never give up. Man City showed that quality yesterday when they needed TWO GOALS IN INJURY TIME.

Not a City fan either but what they did yesterday showed unbelievable character, (again something that Utd have done for many years). If you are a Utd fan - as disappointed as you are - you must give city credit.

14/05/2012 08:02

what a fantastic day for manchester football, i could not get a tic for the game even though my daughter works for city, i watched it in a pub with 200 other reds and blues, no problems just

 loads of banta a great sceptical for English football and manchester

you will always get the stupid comments from the other fans but who cares??? you have to start some were and our history was re written yesterday, and i am 100% sure that next year will be as good as this amassing season

first joke on my phone within 10 seconds of the game ending? how do you get a champagne cork back in the bottle? dont know as a united fan!!!!

city till i die mank till i die.....

14/05/2012 08:51
@dave kelly
I remember saying something along those lines to man-u fans years back, and it has certainly
 come back to bite me. well done City, what a great way to win. maybe one day we will able to contest, but not for a few years yet. in the mean time stick it to 'em!!!!
14/05/2012 10:49

To all you sad people out there being nagative about City, you all need to accept that the premier league has a new champion. I am a Chelsea fan, and myself and most football fans in England are bored of seing United running out of space in their trophy cabinet. The league is called the English Premier League and not United's League so everyone is entitled to win it. It's a good feeling to know that United ain't gonna be dominating the league anymore. It could be Arsenal next season.

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