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Levy expects Villas-Boas success

Andre Villas-Boas will prove a wise appointment at Spurs, according to Daniel Levy

Andre Villas-Boas will prove a wise appointment at Spurs, according to Daniel Levy

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy believes Andre Villas-Boas is the perfect man to take the north London side forward.

The former Chelsea manager was named successor to Harry Redknapp on Tuesday, penning a three-year contract to become head coach at White Hart Lane. Villas-Boas has been charged with ensuring Tottenham qualify for the Champions League next season and Levy believes the Portuguese is ready for the task.

"I am delighted that Andre has agreed to become our new head coach," he told the club's official website, www.tottenhamhotspur.com. "He has an outstanding reputation for his technical knowledge of the game and for creating well-organised teams capable of playing football in an attractive and attacking style."

Levy added: "Andre shares our long-term ambitions and ethos of developing players and nurturing young talent, and he will be able to do so now at a new world-class training centre. We are constantly looking to move the club forward.

"It is important that we now look to develop the potential within the squads at all levels, whilst strengthening the first-team in the summer in key positions with players who will become part of the future success of the club."

Villas-Boas will be hoping to rebuild his reputation at Spurs after an ill-fated spell at Chelsea, which ended in dismissal eight months into a three-year contract.

The 34-year-old has brought two of his former Blues staff with him - first-team fitness coach Jose Mario Rocha and head of opposition scouting Daniel Sousa - and is relishing the opportunity to rebuild his once burgeoning reputation.

"Tottenham Hotspur is a great club with a strong tradition and fantastic support, both at home and throughout the world," Villas-Boas said. "I feel privileged to be its coach. For me, this is one of the most exciting coaching positions in the Premier League.

"I have had several discussions with the chairman and the board and I share their vision for the future progress of the club.

"This is a squad any coach would love to work with and together I believe we can bring success in the seasons ahead."

Its a good rule to judge the potential of a man by the managers he's worked with, They're often the main indicators in his own management style. AVB's were Bobby Robson [who was his mentor and guide  from his teenage] and Jose Mourhino. Wisdom and Charisma by the bucket load.

Add to that his own deep understanding of the technicalities of creative play and a quality squad and you may have a winning formula. In his first season, in eight months he took a team at the bottom of the Primera Liga up to mid table, by playing creative expansive football that was attractive enough  to get him the Porto job. and in his first [and only] season at Porto, playing the same creative way, they won the Cup, League and Europa Cup. and only conceded 13 goals.

It may all go horribly wrong, but you can understand Levy's reasons for recruiting him. And if it works we could all be in for a treat of  open attacking football.
04/07/2012 11:44



Excellent appraisal - he achieved an unprecedented 4 trophies in his only season at Porto, they were unbeaten and he became the youngest ever manager to lift a european trophy. His farcical tenure at Chelsea said more about the club than the manager.


It will be interesting to see how he develops Spurs, backed by a supportive chairman and without the divisive egos he had to contend with in the Chelsea dressing room. The players he has inherited should be responsive to his technique-biased style of play and, with a few key additions, Spurs could be real title challengers within a season or two.

04/07/2012 15:58
I think with AVB, Spurs will be pushing for titles in a year  or two, although those titles will be the championship titles. As a toon fan, I am delighted Spurs have gotten AVB, helps Newcastle no end in the race for fourth.
04/07/2012 14:42

Hi Andy mate, 100% agree. Striker is most important. Hopefully your lot will let us have him for a reasonable transfrer fee (£12mill) then we can give him a nice signing on fee which he can give to his charities. If we don't sign him then we need to sign 2 strikers very quickly. In a ideal world I would love Ade to come back along with Damiao from Brazil, then we can bring up our 17yr old Ivory Coast striker as our 4th choice behind JD. Next on the list is get rid of Modric. Gylfi is a good singing but see him as more of a squad player, but a very good one. You don't need Ade, stop being greedy, he he


Predictions for next season - back to back titles for you I think???

Andy, AVB is fluent in English. He was taught it by his grandmother, who is English. She came from  Cheadle, near Stockport and emigrated to Portugal after she got married.

Who knows, if salford steve is to be believed she must have been a Man City fan, in which case she didn't just have a part in the creation of a talented young manager, she would also have been a woman of impeccable taste
04/07/2012 16:17
Best move of the close season, that's for sure. Will do great / wonders for Spurs. I think his honesty, and levy's, will work great together overall. OK they will have some argie bargies I guess. But think that at last twopeople will be, and are on the same wave length. I bet that AVBOAS and Levy have agreed regards any player power up front. They will know who is boss. No tittle tattle in bosses ear and spending more time in the office with grievances than on the training  pitch. Yes the future certainly looks and augers well for the future.... And I'm not a Spurs fan lol
04/07/2012 17:04
04/07/2012 13:07
I hear that they've already done a deal for Sigurdsson, that's good business.
I expect xmas back in portugal.WITH NO JOB.
04/07/2012 13:05

Hi Luke, I agree - I think his only real shortcoming is . his lack of fluency in english, which gives the appearance of being abrupt and charmless in media interviews. It's difficult to be charismatic when you are mentally translating and struggling for words, but that should change with experience. Moutinho is a big fan, so maybe he'll choose Spurs over Utd.


Other than replacing Modric, I think they need to get a proven goalscorer and tie up the deal for Vertonghen. Seems to be a lot of speculation about Dzagoev - potential replacement for VdV?

04/07/2012 12:50
S'up Andy - I do love you positve views on Spurs situation. They cheer me up. He could be great, we wil lhave to wait and see. I don't think people talk about his time at Academia, when they were bottom and finshed 11th. I just hope he stops the side line squatting and is a bit more charming to the media, not Harry charming, just not so short as he was when he was at Chelsea, if he is, he will only make his job harder. Not worried about the players responding to him, that should be fine
04/07/2012 13:52

Wat up to the SPURS clan, I was very very upset at the loss of 'ARRY, down in the dumps for dayz, then I stepped back and thought of all that had gone wrong last season and in are Champions Leauge season and came up with this calmer, in 2010 I think 'ARRY had his first average season which was covered over with the fact that we got so far in the CL, now hold on, the squad we aquired upto that year was (in my view) the best in the PL, but ol 'ARRY never really used it, he flogged the 14 players into the ground.

             Now I am not a manager (although don't test me in Championship Manager) but you have to give players a rest (and thats before the end of season) its a fact, and again this season, the same 14 players praticlly for the hole season, some of the silly games we lost we maywell have won or got a draw for some of them maybe.

               Look 'ARRY was great, the football was great, the players are great and as always and for ever TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR ARE GREAT, maybe it was time to change things around and to start a new era off such hi's (and lo's) is better than starting when the clubs in upraw and wontting to go indifferant direction, we are still together and going in the one direction and AVB may well prove the few wrong!!!Peace

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