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Lindegaard proud to play for United

Anders Lindegaard is 'glad and proud' to sign a new United deal

Anders Lindegaard is 'glad and proud' to sign a new United deal

Anders Lindegaard says there is nowhere he would rather be than Manchester United, after signing a new four-year contract.

A Red Devils fan as a kid, Lindegaard knew he was arriving as back-up to Edwin van der Sar when he signed from Norwegian outfit Aalesunds 18 months ago. The 28-year-old famously introduced himself by declaring he was not at Old Trafford "to pick my nose".

And, until an ankle injury ended his season in January, he had been as good as his word, ousting £17million man David de Gea with a string of solid mid-season displays, and said: "I'm very pleased to have signed a new contract. I'm glad and proud that the manager has shown the confidence he has in me by giving me a new deal."

"There is nowhere in the world I would rather be than right here. The competition for places is tough, as it should be in a club like this. It only makes us better as individuals and, more importantly, stronger as a team.

"It's what I have dreamt of all my life and nothing makes me more proud than wearing the Manchester United badge."

Lindegaard will be will be part of the United squad that heads to Norway for Sunday's friendly with Valerenga.

De Gea will also be present after Spain's surprisingly early Olympic demise.

And manager Sir Alex Ferguson admits it presents him with a welcome headache ahead of the new campaign.

"There is healthy competition in the goalkeeping department which is always good for the team, albeit a headache for me," the Scot said.

"I am delighted he has signed a new contract and also delighted to see that he has clearly returned from the summer break in good shape after the disappointment of suffering an injury last season."

04/08/2012 10:45
The most successful British manager in history and the best you lo can come up with is to call him names , how peurile childish and immature . All borne out of jealousy of course :)
04/08/2012 16:21



I bet YOU don't actually SUPPORT Ciy , you just come on here and pretend you do . Also calling SAF nasty names isn't BANTER - It's DISGUSTING .

Lozza Loz......an old soak with nothing more to say than copy others.  Sad old slapper.

I've been to OT more times than you've been been gangbanged.......well, maybe not. Dont just insult Liverpool......will happily insult Bitters as well.

04/08/2012 15:02

Kebab: Why can't you just say something sensible for a change? You're obviously not stupid but your posts make for grim reading. One attack after another on Utd and SAF no matter what the subject matter.


Grow up man and join in properly. I reckon you've probably got views worth listening to.


De Gea and Lindegaard is not a bad goalkeeping duo. Joe Hart is better than either of them but if he was to get injured I don't think City have adequate back-up. 

05/08/2012 19:51
OOOOOooooooo - little ste has changed his tone - he was threatening me earlier ........ are'nt you going to threaten me anymore ?? mmmmmmmmmmm !!

05/08/2012 16:55
04/08/2012 18:57
Once again the football talk has been hijacked by children who have bypassed their parents lockouts on the computer. These kids could pick a fight in an empty room. On every football story, no matter what club, the same negative-mongers top the charts for 'worst posts'. They really are the worst kind of computer virus. Same 'brave' insults, same bad jokes, boring, boring, boring.
04/08/2012 16:20
At 28 Lindegaard is in his prime as a keeper, I think Ferguson should be playing him as first choice. De Gea is good but lacks a bit of 'authority', which I'm sure will come as he gets older. Like Sir Alex says, what a great dilemma to have, two quality keepers. Maybe he will break the mould and be the first top flight manager to rotate his keepers, who knows. Either way, nice problem to have.
05/08/2012 22:54
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05/08/2012 21:46
Losing the premiership on the last day on the last match of the season to your biggest rivals - IN FERGIE TIME ON GOAL DIFFERENCE, an 8 point lead - lost, winning nothing all season, the glazers stripping you for all they can, a senile joke of a manager, re signing chopper scholes, buying a no hoper from asia to improve shirt sales, keeping a welsh oap on for another season, not being able to sell a £30 million pound flop of a striker, having players knock you back to play for a BETTER team


new nickname for little ste99 - 10 watts - irony probably wasted on him !!

05/08/2012 20:08
Decided not to "banter" with half breeds. Its not banter........its just name calling at a 6yr olds level that some people come on here........and they seem to be mostly Bitters for some strange reason. 
Anus licking?  Bacon chops?  Old Trough Ford?  Manure?  Grow a backbone and a pair of balls.
Someone like the kebab eater cannot "get" to me or any other red. People like him, Lorra Loz and the shamed Manchester Mike are just not worth bantering with, cos its not banter. Childish muppets.

05/08/2012 12:20
poor old slumford ,banters just not your bag ,is it son ,stick to  anus  licking ,that's always been the hughes forte ,so stick to your strong hereditary traits lol
05/08/2012 20:05
never threatened u, gave u an option! i said instead of making comments to people either say them directly to our faces or stop hiding behind a computer thinking u are hard little boy! massive difference!but your not that bright! 
05/08/2012 09:00
My opinion is that Lindeguard is the better of the two keepers,he seems to have more stature about him! Its very difficult forv SAF as he has given a fair amount of money for DEGEAH but l hope he plays Lindeguard this season!
the kebab salesman.....who, lets face it,  actually looks likes he eats more than he sells.....constantly and consistently has nothing...NOTHING....at all to say except to insult SAF. What a sad little excuse for a man. His children and wife must wear paper bags over their heads when they go out. Ignore the idiot.........he's a nothing and we all know it.
04/08/2012 16:08


its only banter ,and being a city fan ,and with all the fallout from old trough these days ,with rooney ,giggs and ferdinand ,plus the army of plastics that (follow ,not support )united ,the opportunities are to many to resist ,

05/08/2012 21:35

you lot knocking me on here tonight just remember, your on a utd board just showing your obsession for us! and why your jealous!  man utd ave ruined your life and im loving it!


no matter what u reply with u know as much as i do how true it is!


anyway a new nickname for u loz!  20 watts!  prob too thick to work that out arent u!

05/08/2012 21:32

loz u cant even come up with your own original comments!  u stick to posting what others say and nicking their comments! no originality from u whatsoever! anyway loz enjoy signing on tomorrow! u and your ickkle boyfriend kebab! night night!


ps sad sad man iving yourself thumbs up, thought id mention that considering uve knocked me enough fo it! even though uve no proof!

05/08/2012 20:17
anyway  im off,
dont have much time for wimps! and JEALOUS fans like u two!  just remember forms tempary class is forever! and u will never be as good as utd not until uve won more which wont happen in your lifetime!!!


loz n kebab i doubt u would have the guts to say anything to our faces! so u stick to your computers where u can hide and think your hard!

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